German chronicle No. 6075. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Competition students.

A poster on the labor front.

There is a competition for the laying of bricks at speed,laying slate,cleaning chimneys


Strength through joy./KDF/.

Of the CDP is sent on the steamer.

Floating on the river


Meeting with cruiser.

Sailor throws overboard a life preserver,let down the boat into the water,swim.



The festival in Bayreuth.

The city hosts the Wagner festival.pnrm. the city.

The sculpture on the swastika - a fist clutching a serpent.

The house of Wagner,of the room.

Busts,paintings,piano Wagner.

Drive up the fascist ranks.

The Fuhrer in the Tux in the window

Historic meeting of Hitler and Mussolini in Venice.

Mussolini's military expect the Fuhrer.

The plane flies, goes Hitler.

The Nazi anthem.

A guard of honor.

Hitler sits in a boat floating on the canal.

Palaces on the banks


The departure of the Chancellor 13 Jul 1934.

Cars driving through the crowd,past the Brandenburg gate.

Hitler car,göring,Goebbels


The masses listened to the führer on the radio



The shooting of Hindenburg,he walks through the alley,run up to him children,kiss him.

The Hindenburg in the office,scans files,documents,signing papers.

It Hindenburg

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