Working today. (1935)

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Director: Leonard Fyurst/Leonard Furst/

Operators: K.L.Ruppelj,G.Genrih,I.G.Aljbreht

Reel №1


Workers in various industries:Shoe factories,pharmaceutical factories, etc.

The organization "Strength through joy" organized the advanced workers for a cruise ship to Lisbon and Madeira.

Sailors scrubbing the deck,the ship goes to sea.

Relax on the deck.

Older workers puffed tube.

Youth's up to the game, throwing rings on the rod, sack races, tug-of-war.

Passengers swimming in the sea, playing ball.

Trumpeter honks the horn, calling for lunch,the workers eat in the dining room of the ship.

After lunch once again rest on the deck, men sitting,lying down,sunbathing.

The captain announces the arrival in Lisbon


Vacationers working in the city,try the local food from a street vendor.

Local police.

The pause of the open tram,the Germans go around the city,looking at buildings,people.

Through the city chase a herd of cows.

Street vendors.

The city in the greenery of palms,a Palace.

Girl,the old woman sells postcards with the views of the city.

The Germans on the tour in the castle,go along the coast

Key words

Germany, work, vacation, industry, sea, transportation, water, beach, fun, youth Germany, working, recreation, tour, transportation, urban, domestic animals, plants, Gos.uchrezhdeniya, women trafficking, the police, the fortress

Reel №2


The sea at night, sail boats in the foreground the flags on the mast of the ship, flying seagulls.

The ship goes further on the mast, the Nazi flag.

Passengers in the library,reading, writing letters home.

Consider a large Atlas.

Arrival at Madeira, crossing to the shore in a large boat.

The Germans carry on a little train around the plantation.

Local transportation: ride of the Germans in large low trucks, pull them by the rope.

German photographs of the city from above.

The German holds out treats to local children who grab it.

A local resident examines the boots of the Germans.

Work for cacti. pnrm. on the ground.

The sea in the evening, the silhouettes of ships.

In the restaurant of the ship the orchestra is playing, passengers dancing, drinking beer behind the bar


In the evening on the deck the sailors played on accordion.

The night sky, the old men looking at the sea.

In the morning the ship goes way back.

Office space of a ship cabin.

A signalman with flags welcomes going out to meet a warship.

Passengers greet him.

The face of the German workers

Key words

Germany, workers, sea, transportation, photos, tour, population, women, children, plants, orchestra, recreation, entertainment Germany, relaxation, sea, music, musical instruments, Navy, State.symbols