The youth of the world. (1936)

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Director: Karl Yunghane,d-r Gerbert Briger/Carl Junghans,Herdert Briger/

Operators: Ertlj,fon Yavorski,Nojberg.Frenc,Tesh,Venng

Reel №1


A documentary about 1U Olympic winter games in Germany,Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 1936.

Flags of different countries.

Winter scenery,icicles hanging from the roofs.pnrm. on Garmish-Partenkirchen,painted houses.

Top view of the snowy forest,running deer.

Cross the road.

Snow on the mountains and the clouds


The Olympic stadium, the opening of the Olympics, go team with the flags of their countries.

On the podium, Hitler, Goebbels.

The German team, a flag with a swastika.

The Olympic flag.

Stands with spectators, the cheers.

Hitler opens the Olympic games.

The oath of the Olympians against the background of the Olympic flame.

It's snowing.

Hitler bypasses the teams exchanged rukopisi.

The audience greeted the leader.

Marching formation of soldiers.

The soldiers beat in gun


Biathlon competitions.

Start skiers with rifles on their shoulders,running along a mountain road.

Drink water on the go.

Shooting at targets.

The finish line,the flag of the country of the winner.

Ski racing is an 18 km away.

The skiers speeding along the slopes.

Skier falls on the finish line,raising his

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Reel №2


Ski competition on the 50 km points race, individual participants.

The flag of the winning country, rocked the champion.

Bobsleigh, sled race across the ice chute.

The flag of the winner-SShA.Avarii during competition


Figure skating, figure skating for men, for women.

Ochitska ice scraper.

Hockey, moments of the game.

In the heat of battle the gate falling on the player, it is selected from under them.

Flag of England, spectators clap

Key words

Germany, Olympics, sports, State.symbolism, accident Germany, Olympics, sports, State.the symbolism, the population

Reel №3


Ski relay 4x10.Skiers of different ways to climb the hill.

Relay fall.

The spectators along the way cheer for the athletes.

The finish line,the winner bear arms.

Figure pair skating,winning a German couple.

Competition skating,falling.

The winner.

Slalom shooting skiing.

Rapid,the fall

Key words

Germany, Olympics, sports, population

Reel №4


Slalom, skiers race through the mountains.

Shooting rapid, the fall.

The winner is a German, raised the flag of the fascist face of the champion.


Parallel screening of the flight of birds.

Falling on the trampoline.

Hitler inspects with binoculars on the podium Goering.

Jumping skiers.

The Olympic rings.

Evening fireworks.

Soldiers holding lit torches.

Jumping race a few skiers in a row.

Olympic flame goes out in the bowl

Key words

Germany, Olympics, sport, mountain, Hitler, Goering, fireworks, State.the symbolism, the Nazis