Our bread (1937)

Footage №67843, 1 part, black-white
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Camera operators:Ervin Blik-Vagner

Reel №1


Propaganda film, calling save grain stocks in Germany in connection with the preparation for war.

Ploughing on a horse.

On the table are gingerbread, pretzels, bread rolls.

Girl eating a roll.

Woman welcomes newlyweds with bread and salt.

Mother cuts the bread, gives children.

The hay on the road.


Plowed field.

A woman pulls out a basket of bread, gives men, they eat sitting on zemle.

PNRM. the city from above the traffic.

Work on the construction.

The traffic controller of movement


Short episodes of farm work: sowing, Eared field.

Plowing plow.

Peasants with scythes.

Statistics prewar Germany / until 1914 / and after the Treaty of Versailles.

Flooding in the village, submerged land.

Driving the population density, which is increased from 124 to 134 people per square km


Unemployment in Germany.

Unemployed in the queue at the labor exchange.

Woman looking into empty purse.

Sit working with his hands down.

New Empire, raised the flag with a swastika.

Working hand in the work.

The construction of houses.

Work machines.

With stocks coming off the ship.

Excavator earth moves in the trolley.

Construction of the railway, canal, highway


Hitler takes the parade of the Wehrmacht.

Go tanks.

on the new road machines.

Smoke from pipe factories.

The harvest in the fields and with the help of harvesters.

Farmers at work.

Excerpts from the various laws 1936-37 period, prohibit the use of irrational bread


Man crumbles bread.

The child throws bread on the bench.

Woman throws the remnants of bread in the trash.

Wrestling with the loss and waste of bread.

The woman scolds the girl's discarded bread.

Sliced ​​loaf going into a loaf.

The boy picks up a piece of thrown.

The girl goes with bread from the store.

The mother gives the children the bread.

The girl presses to a breast loaf of bread

Key words

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