Jockey. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Viljfrid Basse /Wilfried Basse/

Operators: Aljfred Botas,Voljfgang Kipenhejer

Reel №1


Jockey is going to work, pulls on the boots, puts on his jacket.

Stable boy cleans a horse in a stall, put on the blanket, saddle.

Included jockey sits on a horse.

From konbshni leave jockeys on horseback, riding produce.

Prancing through the alley, jump over the fence on the track.

The owner of the horse stables examines.

The cat jumps on the host, fit the other cats he feeds them


Jockey leading the horse by the reins, galloping across the paddock.

Bathing horses in the pond.

Training horses swimming in the river.

The horse is tied to the boat and forced to swim.

One of the horses resists, it is not in the water.

Her calm and forced to swim across the river.

Transportation of horses for training outside the city in special wagons.

Horses withdrawn from the van, jockeys sit on them

Key words

Germany, domestic animals, children Germany, domestic animals, river

Reel №2


Training of horses in the races.

The owner is looking through binoculars.

They come three jockey, let the horses gallop.

The return, the horses are washed, fed, put a warm blanket, remove the seat and loaded into a van


Poster of the races on boshoy prize.

Jockey training before the match.

Comes in a sweat, removes clothes weighed.

To discard excess vesaparitsya in the sauna.

Start of the race on the racetrack.

Jockeys sit on horses.

The spectators in the stands, among them military.

The moments of the race.

Placards with the results.

Jockey on a horse

Key words

Germany, domestic animals Germany, hobbies, race track