Metro journal (1940)

Footage №67860, 1 part, duration: 0:07:50, black-white

Reel №1

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Alarm in case of fire, the man presses the alarm button.

Firefighters run out of houses to the depot.

Out of the depot.

The fire in the house.


Women in the classroom on driving trams.

The teacher in the scheme explains the principle of operation of the motor.

Theoretical and practical classes.

Female bus conductor helps to bring the stroller on the tram.


Nazi youth in the camp, the morning rise, ruler, hoist the flag.


Children's choir performs works by Mozart at the hospital for the wounded German soldiers.


German youth in agricultural work.

Girls help in the hay.

Planting potatoes, and plowing.

After work ukladyvaya the tools: pitchforks, rakes.

Remove clothing, wash.

In the evening young people dancing to the accordion.


Winter mountains, deer in the snow.

The boys on the slopes, reach the base, carrying hay for the deer in the bird feeder.

Watching from afar with binoculars for deer.


Young sailors on the teachings, they run to the boats, rowing in a boat of 10 people.


Training of the Hitler youth in a military camp for further struggle on the Eastern front.

The military-tactical training in the woods.

Guys in uniform camouflaged with branches, go on the attack, fighting with the "enemy."

Shooting training machine guns and rifles.


Ballroom dancing girls in long white dresses in a clearing.

Showing Soviet street.

Children from poor neighborhoods.

A boy with a cigarette in his mouth.

Dirty faces.

A boy with a fishing rod in the river.

Poor family with young children.

Boy sleeping naked on the messy bed.

Three girls in torn dresses in front of the camera.

The boy gestures asks the German soldier to give something to eat, he gives bread.


Groups of Hitler youth marching through the streets with flags.

Buglers play.

People look at guys.


Propaganda games scene about the courtesy to elders.

The boy on the bus reading an exciting book and does not notice included women with a child.

Young Hitlerite turns to him and asks to give way.

The girl picks up the old thing that had fallen, the children help the old woman carry groceries, descend the stairs a wheelchair,the older boy conceded to street phone.

Key words

Germany, fire, fire protection
Germany, female, teaching, urban transport
Holland, young people, the Nazis, the rest of the State.symbols
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Germany, mountain, natural phenomena, animals, youth
Germany, Navy, teaching, youth, transport, water
Germany, Hitler youth, teaching, timber, weapons
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Germany, young people, the Hitler youth, State.symbols
Germany, young people, the Hitler youth, children, transportation, advocacy

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