Young Europe No. 7. (1940 - 1949)

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Reel №1


The high Tatras, a camp for young people.

Military exercises of the Slovak youth prepared for war on the Eastern front.

Building, raising the flag.

Exercise with ski poles in hands.

Cadets running in the snow, making their way on all fours.


True to the calls of Marshal Antonescu, the Romanian young people working to win.

Youth in military factories.

Teenagers for the machines, the manufacture of shells.


Young people caring for the graves of fallen soldiers of the German Legion "Condor".

Girls decorate the plate with flowers.


The guys are preparing a meeting of their parents in the camp for youth in Bemine.

Room cleaning, window washing.

The haircut girls their hair at the mirror.

Train arrives with parents, passengers show each other photos of children, exchange experiences.

Children joyfully greeted the parents.

Lunch in the dining room.

Parents show the boys new clothes and toys brought with them.


Meeting of otpustilo from the Eastern front.

Soldiers with the girls at the tables, drinking tea with cake.

She sings under the accordion ditties, all join in the chorus, dancing.

The soldier gives the girl a note with the address of APO.


Military exercises of the Hitler youth.

The young Marines, and scouts must be thoroughly trained people.

They get acquainted with different types of combat activities.

The rocket launcher shoots.

The young man throws a smoke bomb.

The guys running with an inflatable boat to the river, crossing to the other side.

On the sleeves armband with a swastika.

Now this is a game, but then they will have to fight with a real enemy.

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Reel №2


Major German army background Katz visiting children.

He was 25 years old when he received the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves.

During his leave, he comes to youth sports competitions.

Tug of war, major help one of the teams.

Children surround a major, he tells them about his exploits on the eastern front.

Guys ask questions.


The guys from the "Hitler Youth" in the military exercise in the mountains, slalom skiing.


Young people at an arms factory in Germany.

The melting shop, steelworkers are working.

Weaving mill.

The guys in the mine, in the construction of the railway.

Boy pulls out of the chimney sweep tube brush.

Young people in agricultural work.

Girls are engaged with the children in the kindergarten.

Girls at the sewing machine.

Work in the hospital.

The girl behind the drawing board.

Boy behind a lathe.

Girls learn to type.

A variety of youth employment.

New locomotives, tanks, seaplane takes off, flying a cargo plane in the sea is a ship.


Advocacy scene: in the inhabitants apartment comes a young family on the distribution, but they do not want to start up.

Comes youngest son, a member of the "Hitler Youth", and offers parents imagine yourself in the place of the family.

As a result, those kindly invite tenants.

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