Foreign news No. 6788. (1930 - 1939)

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The air attack on the American shore.

Top view of the aircraft carrier on deck are aircraft.

From aboard the aircraft carrier squadron takes off,flying wedge.

In a sea squadron.

Smoke trail behind the vessel

USA. President Roosevelt pays a visit to Westpoint at the graduation ceremony of the cadet corps.

The parade of cadets before the President

USA.The strike and riots of unemployed,clashes with police

USA.A kind of test materials.

Is the engine,the driver jumped down an go,the engine is faced with the oncoming explosion


The rejection of Marxism.

Rally in front of Parliament,Minister of...

Samuel speaks to the people



France."Great" day in Geneva.

The Russians come into the League of Nations.

The French Minister Barthou at the entrance.

Russian Commissar Litvinov at the microphone.

Austrian Chancellor Schuschnigg,Swedish Minister Sandes,President De Valera,Benes


Mussolini on the construction./it.language/.

Workers throw stones into trucks,clean up the ruins.

Mussolini with foreign journalists,says of the restoration.

The new Park of Trajan.

The rally,workers welcomed the Duce


The king and Queen at the opening of the world exhibition in Brussels.

Check out the carriage with the couple, and children.

Arrival to the exhibition building,sculpture.

Exit the building,travel down the street of George 6th with the family


The maneuvers of the French army at Reims.

Go troops,horse carts,motorcycles,artillery.

The scheme of maneuver on the map.

Soldiers to wash,shave,play cards,eat,the Barber cuts the soldier read the letter.

Crossing the river on boats and over the bridge.

There is a tank.

On the road bike rides,towards the machine.

The President,Ministers and officials on maneuvers

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