Young Europe No. 6 (1943)

Documentary №67886, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:06, black-white

Reel №1

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Spain. 7th anniversary of the coming to power of Franco.

Spanish youth on military drill classes.

Bugler plays, running guys.

Squad marching through the woods.


Young people gather rose petals for recycling.

The youth of the fascist organization "Brannik" demolition debris, in the police service.

Patrol on the streets of the city.

Patrols on motorcycles and horses


Youth to work: the guys clearing rubble in areas affected by the bombing.

Girls sorted on the basis of vegetable cabbage soup is cooked for charity dinners.

The distribution of soup to the residents


The Hamburg young people, awarded military orders in Berlin.

They reichsparteitag Muller, who himself was a champion in running at the stadium.

Hitler youth Werner KAHL was awarded the Iron Cross with swords, 12-year-old Kurt Herske rescued from the fire by 8 children, he the aforesaid knight of the Iron cross with swords.

Margaret Zettel saved all the children from the burning House of the baby.

In the hour of youth proves that can behave like soldiers.


Girls-gymnasts, members of the "Hitler youth", the exercises in the air with hoops after work.


The girls at the table doing needlework, cutting out, drawing.

On the field the glider landed, the girls ran to him, meeting famous aviatrix Hannah Reisch, führer awarded the Iron Cross 1st degree.

Her present model of her plainer, demonstrate toys and crafts made with your own hands.


Music school for the Hitler youth, classes at the school.

Frontline soldiers on leave give demonstration lessons.


The headlines, September 1943.

The race on the Big prize for children on samokatnaya four-wheeled trucks.

Commentator-boy, operators behind the cameras.

Moments of racing.

The winner, wearing a wreath.

During the competition, is collecting donations.


In Ulm young people from the "Hitler youth" go home and collect phonograph records and the residents for a gift to submariners.

Grand Admiral Doenitz, learning that the boys raised more than three thousand records, invites them to the base in the Atlantic.

The guys say the captain records.

They are on tour in the boat.

The radio operator puts the plate, it's on the radio.

Gross-Admiral Doenitz and the head of the Reich youth Axman on the training ship "Horst Wessel" make review of the young sailors.

Key words

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Reel №2

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Youth helps front.

Poster: the soldier on a background of a banner with a swastika.

Several scenes in the workplace and in everyday life.

The guys are working in a munitions factory, welding, work on the lathe.

The girls sew on typewriters.

The children collect trash.

Buying vegetables at the market.

Young with bags postmen, conductors transport.

Girls with children.

Trains, Ships with young people heading to the village to help with the harvest.

Youth on the rail, in the police, the fire brigade.

Guys extinguish a fire, dismantled rubble.

Concert of young artists for the wounded.

Girl playing the violin, singing children's choir.

The guys on the sports activities.

Sport climbing in the mountains, riding a bike, rowing oars in odke, fly gliders.

Military exercises Youth: children from anti-aircraft guns.

Visiting children famous pilots Werner Baumbach and Karl-Joachim Marseyl.

Parade of young sailors, tankers, infantrymen.

Story with banners.

It sounds song.

Key words

Germany, young people, soldiers, Gos.simvolika, industry, arts, market, post office, children, railroad, police, fire, live, wounded, music, musical instruments, sport, mountain, ballooning, exercises, weapons, air force, personalities, parade, World War 2

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