Czechoslovakia, the Year Of Trials. (1969)

Documentary №6789, 7 parts, duration: 1:09:15, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Koloshin A.
Screenwriters:Koloshin A., Medvedev I.
Camera operators:Artseulov O., Istomin A.
Anouncers:Khlebnikov A.


The film about the events in Czechoslovakia in 1968, about the supression of the external and internal conterrevolution.

Temporary description:

Meetings, rallies, the speeches of the opposition, calling for the dissolution of the Communist Party, to change the political, the economic development of Czechoslovakia. Speakers: I. Smorkovsky, P. Kogut, A. Lim, J. Prochazka, L. Jolly, A. Schick and others. Meeting the leaders of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union in Cierna nad Tisza. Present: Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin, Mikhail Suslov, NV Podgorny, Alexander Dubcek, Cernik. Meeting of representatives of member countries of the Warsaw Pact: Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, USSR, Czechoslovakia in Bratislava. Bratislava Declaration signed: T. Zhivkov, J. Kadar, Walter Ulbricht, W. Gomulka, Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin, Alexander Dubcek. Allied tanks in Wenceslas Square in Prague. Anti-Soviet demonstrations in Prague, in London, in Germany. The ceremonial meeting in honor of the Republic; supports President L. Svoboda. The ceremonial meeting in Prague, dedicated to the 99-th anniversary of VI Lenin, advocated L. Strougal; present: L. Svoboda, H. Husak. Newsreel 2nd World War: the liberation of Czechoslovakia from the Nazis by the Soviet Army.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Film about the events in Czechoslovakia in 1968, the suppression of external and internal counterrevolution.

The main content - Czechoslovakia.

People sing the anthem, the panorama of singing and members of the government.

Discussions in the various clubs, institutions, the workplace on the situation in the country - he spoke (sinhr. in Czech).

Youth demonstration in the streets of Prague.

Monuments Prague, boys and girls sit on the streets, on the stairs.

Men drink beer.

West Berlin - demorkatsionnaya line, soldiers and army tanks in West Germany.


Czechoslovakia - Passers-by on the streets of Prague, the children play in the streets and in the park.

The bar plays an organ-grinder, visitors drink beer.

Conductor of control, an orchestra, play a violinist, cellist.

General plans of Prague, the tower of the cathedral, town hall clock at city hall, monuments, ancient buildings, the Charles Bridge.

At a meeting of the Slavic House in Prague serves Ya Prochazka propagandist anti-socialist, anti-Soviet views (sinhr.).

Cheering in the hall.

Stands O. Chic - revisionist, a theoretical reorientation of Czechoslovakia to close ties with the capitalist West (background speech in Czech).

Newspaper of the Union of Writers Literary sheets "with antikommunistichskoy article.

Interview members of the editorial board - I. Klima, L. merrily go, A. Lima (sinhr.).

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The main content - Laying the delegation of writers wreaths at the grave of the first Czechoslovak president Masaryk in the 118th godovschi well since his birth.

Newsreel 1918. - A military band played, people welcome Masaryk.

Masaryk sits in the cab.

Photo Masaryk.

Hungary - At a rally in Budapest in favor of the first President of the Communist Party of Hungary B. Kuhn.

Bombs fall, shot gun, lie the bodies of a woman near the victim.

Masaryk award general.

Current Sensing - Writers Masaryk's grave, a tombstone.

Newspapers Literary sheets with antikommnisticheskim manifesto "Two Thousand Words", calling for the elimination of the socialist system in Czechoslovakia.

The author of the manifesto writer Vaculik speaking at the regional conference in Prague. , Chairperson of the Union of Writers Goldshtyuker (sinhr.).

People buy and read "Literary sheets. "Building, which housed the counterrevolutionary organization" Club 231. "Newspaper with the materials, exposing the head of the club O. Rambousek - an American spy.

Newsreel 1945. - Are arrested kolobratsionistov, staff collaborating with the Nazis during the occupation.

Current Sensing - newspaper with photographs of the head anticommute munisticheskogo "Club nonparty activists I. Svitak.

Internazionale View I. Svitak, published in German magazine Der Spiegel." Young people on the street listening to the reactionary speech writer P. Kohout (Czech background speech).

At a meeting of the National Assembly stands É .

Smrkovsky (sinhr.).

Shoots cameraman.

Listen to the hall.

The newspapers' literary pages "," Free Speech "," Mlada front. "Interview A. Lima (Czech background speech).

Speaker J. Prochazka (Czech background speech).

The newspaper "Pravda" with the text of the letter heads of the Warsaw Pact countries to the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.

Czechoslovak journalists on the streets, in cafes are interviewed by the tourists on the situation in Czechoslovakia.

Tourists from West Germany in the campsite.

Verification of documents at the checkpoint in Czechoslovakia.

Machines with tourists passing through the checkpoint.

Pictures - Border guards Germany rewriting number of vehicles crossing the border Shih Germany and Czechoslovakia.

Boundary Czechoslovakia and Germany.

Czechoslovakian border guards removed with barbed wire. a bunch of revenge-seekers in Germany. speakers.

Gathered aplodi UM.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The main content - German magazine "Der Spiegel" and the American magazine "Fortune" with articles about "the Prague experiment Skog democratic socialism." 1968. - Coat of arms of Czechoslovakia.

Station "Chierna over-Thyssen.

Coming em train.

Pass arrived at the meeting of the leaders of the CPSU and the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, Brezhnev, Kosygin, and NV Podgorny, MA Sus fishing, Alexander Dubcek, L. Svoboda, A. Chernik and others at the table negotiations sit Brezhnev, Alexander Dubcek, AN Kosygin, Mikhail Suslov, O. Cernik, NV Podgorny, L. Svoboda, J. Smrkovsky.

The newspaper "Pravda" with the letter factory workers "Auto-Prague.

They stand the people's militia units.

On the wall hangs a "Mandate leaders to meet in Cierna.

On the streets of Prague is the collection of signatures under the text refer to the Bureau of the Communist Party, organized by the reactionaries.

The inscription (on the language of Czech) on the wall "We want neutrality".

Building in Bratislava, where the meeting of representatives of member countries of the Warsaw Pact.

They stand participants of the meeting: AN Kosygin, W. Gomulka, Walter Ulbricht, MA Suslov, PE Shelest, Ya Ka donated, T. Zhivkov, Yu Cyrankiewicz, NV Podgorny, L .

Brezhnev, L. FREE, yes, Alexander Dubcek and other Bratislava Declaration signed by J. Kadar, Walter Ulbricht, W. Gomulka, Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin, L. Svoboda, A. Dubcek .

Newsreel 1948. - Demonstration in support of the Government Gottwald.

President Benes of Czechoslovakia in the study.

New president K. Gottwald speaks at a rally.

People applauded.

Hungary - Events 1956. - Armed men on the streets, protesters held in defense of the socialist system.

The dead and hanged counterrevolutionaries Communists.

Photo - lying dead man with a portrait of Lenin in his mouth.

Current Sensing - The French newspaper Le Figaro and the American magazine "Fortune" with articles about the West's intentions.

Germany against Czechoslovakia and the actions of the Soviet government.

The streets of Prague passing tanks allied forces of the Warsaw Treaty, imposed on the territory of Czechoslovakia on August 21, 1968. to assist in the fight against the counterrevolution.

The tanks on Wenceslas Square, the soldiers with machine guns on tanks.

Antisocialist performances on the streets of Prague.

Soviet soldiers inspect a store of weapons counterrevolutionaries.

Wounded Soviet soldiers, the wounded lay on stretchers.

Passing through the streets of Soviet tanks, vehicles with soldiers, young people threatens them with their fists, shouting curses.

A young man tries to throw under the tracks of the tank.

Anti-Soviet intervention youth.

The image on the TV screen: Allied tanks in the streets of Prague, commentators advocate.

With machine scatter counter-revolutionary leaflets, people read the leaflets.

Soviet soldiers extinguish ignited the tank.

People in a burning tank.

A fire and explosion on the street.

The wounded young man loaded into an ambulance.

Lights bombed-out bus.

Wall House Museum nationalism ceiling elements, from which Soviet soldiers fired.

Soviet soldiers and officers on the street talking with young people.

Germany - Speech by Foreign Minister Willy Brandt (sinhr.).

The maneuvers of NATO troops "Black Lion", conducted in the border region Czechoslovakia.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The main content - maneuvers of NATO troops "Black Lion" in the FRG in the Czechoslovak border.

By Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Germany Willy Brandt (sinhr.).

United Kingdom - anti-Soviet demonstration of the Soviet pavilion at a trade exhibition in London.

Police disperse anti-US demonstration participants in London.

West Berlin - the night with torches are members antisovets Koi demonstrations.

Demonstration of young people in West Berlin against U.S. aggression in Vietnam.

Police disperse protesters with water from brandsboytov.

Germany - Anti-fascist rally.

Dispersal and the arrest of demonstrators, protesters scuffle with police.

The anti-Soviet demonstration outside the Soviet Embassy in Germany.

Demonstrators burned a Soviet flag, watch the police.

At a rally in Frankfurt stands escaped from Czechoslovakia to Germany journalist (sinhr.).

Czechoslovakia - Broken road signs, posters, Vietnam U.S. aggression, Czechoslovakia - Soviet aggression, "Go home.

Anti-Soviet posters and inscriptions on the walls of buildings and windows.

The girl on the street talking to the Soviet soldier.

The cemetery of the victims of the Nazis.

The obelisk on the site of the Terezín ghetto.

Newsreel 1938. - Anti-fascist demonstration in Prague.

Photo - serves K. Gottwald.

Photo - A. Hitler and Mussolini sign the agreement.

Joining the Nazi troops in Prague.

People welcome the German soldiers.

The car rides Hitler.

Person prisoner behind bars.

Fires and destruction of Lidice, are soldiers. 1945. - Newsreel of the Prague uprising - the people dismantled the street, shooting from windows, surrendering German soldiers, people szhut Nazi flags, fires in the city.

Soviet tanks on the streets of Prague.

Current Sensing - Wounded Soviet tanker Morozov in the hospital (the members of his crew died as a result of provocation).

Remains of crashed Czechoslovak aircraft.

Zh sheet in the hospital conducts interviews with wounded Soviet soldiers who suffered saving Passengers (sinhr.).

Anti-Soviet statements Czechoslovak youth.

The building of City Hall in Prague, the clock with figures of 12 apostles.

Customers at the bar, at tables in the outdoor cafe.

Lovers in the park, passersby on the streets.

People at the ticket office.

On the stage, accompanied by jazz singer appears Ye Pilarova.

At night the streets of Prague, tram rides.

A scene from the ballet.

The meeting of the local National Committee for Village Pheri tions in the neighborhood of Prague.

Chairman of the Committee spoke about the hostile relations of the Institute of peasants to the Soviet troops (Czech background speech).

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The main content - The building of the local people's choice, postrdav neck from the explosion.

Soviet officer Morozov tells of sabotage (sinhr.).

Visitors to the Museum of National Arts.

Exhibits of the Crown, cape, sword and jewels.

The museum building on Grachanah near Prague.

Anti-socialist youth rally in front of the first National Assembly.

The ceremonial meeting in the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle, devoted to schennoe Republic Day.

Those present applauded, supported President L. Svoboda (sinhr.).

In the garden of Prague Castle are L. Svoboda, A. Dubcek, O. Cernik.

In the garden of government members and representatives of the Czech Republic Youth plant trees.

Photos - Youth destroys the monument to Soviet soldiers in Karlovy Vary.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in Olshansk cemetery in Prague.

On the Day of the Republic of the inhabitants of Prague at the monument to lay flowers and light candles.

Eternal Fire.

Friendship Meeting at the building of the Soviet Embassy.

Soviet ambassador in Czechoslovakia Chervonenko talking with the residents of Prague.

At the rally, he spoke (sinhr. talks about friendship with the Soviet people).

Participants sing the "Internationale".

The French newspaper Le Figaro article about the failure of the counterrevolution in Czechoslovakia.

TV interview O. Sik, who fled from Czechoslovakia to Switzerland.

Statement journalist L. Jolly, who fled to West Germany.

Articles L. champion logo in German newspapers.

A bunch of neo-Nazis in Germany.

The meeting of the Bundestag.

Newsreel 1938. - Nazi rally in the Sudetenland. on the podium A. Hitler, Geynleyn.

Contemporary photography - Images from an American newsreel Fox 20th Century ", made for display in Germany: the borders of Czechoslovakia, the border guards with dogs, barbed wire and watchtower, soldiers in tanks (background commentary in German).

The signing of the Prague agreement between Czechoslovakia and the USSR on the temporary stay of Soviet troops on Czechoslovak territory.

The agreement signed by Kosygin and O. Cernik.

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The main content - Soldiers of the armies of the Warsaw Pact, leaving the territory of Czechoslovakia, bid farewell to his comrades, exchanged addresses.

Parade soldiers, passing military vehicles, is part of the tanks on the platforms, flash wheels of the train.

The generals of the Soviet Army SS Martirosyan and Petrenko visiting Kiev-Belotserkovsky tank regiment of the Czechoslovak Army.

Awarding the Order of the regiment.

Awards Czechoslovak officers and soldiers.

Parade units of the regiment.

On the balcony of the house hangs a poster "Without the Soviet Union forever." Shoots cinematographer.

Living in Prague go to the meeting on the 51st anniversary of the Great October Revolution.

Rally of workers in Prague in the hall "Alfalfa".

Deputy favor.

Chairmanship tal head of department of the Union of Soviet-Czechoslovak Friendship W. David (sinhr.).

Listeners and cheering in the hall.

Supports the general SS Martirosyan hsiang.

Newsreel 1945. - Living in Prague, met Soviet soldiers. S. Martirosyan among Prague dwellers.

On the street passing the tanks are soldiers.

Soviet soldiers with children in their arms.

By car rides Marshal Konev.

Pass fighters of the Czechoslovak Corps generals L. Svoboda. L. Svoboda sredivoennyh.

Passing the tanks of the Czechoslovak army. K. Gotvaldt speaks at a rally in Wenceslas Square (sinhr.).

Current Sensing - Those present at the meeting in the hall "Alfalfa" applauding.

One speaker said that on the street a crowd of young people with the intent to disrupt the rally (sinhr.).

A crowd of young people in front, passing a police car.

Interview one of the organizers of the rally in Lucerne "Moravek (tells about the threats provocateurs - Sync.).

Room in the National Assembly building.

The party leaders in the hall on Hradčany. L. Svoboda scans documents. O. Cernik speaking at a government meeting.

Reporting - a fountain, a woman talking on a payphone, people in stores, on the street, in an underground passage.

Funeral Ya Palach student, committed suicide.

Machines and people on the streets, people sit in the tram.

Germany - Arrival in Frankfurt American soldiers and equipment to participate in NATO maneuvers "Black Lion".

The image on the TV screen - broadcast from Stockholm's hockey match between the USSR and Czechoslovakia.

Reel №7

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The main content - Images on the TV screen - a piece of hockey match teams Czechoslovakia and the USSR. The demonstration in Prague, in connection with the victory of the hockey team Czechoslovakia.

Reactivity youth with burning newspapers in the hands of the Wenceslas Square.

Police V. Maroushek, V. Titlbah and O. Meyer talk about the pogrom in the agency of Aeroflot and Intourist (sinhr.).

Frenzied youth on the night streets.

Photo - people from buildings agencies, smashed space agencies, crushed premises Soviet commandant in Ust nad Labem, burnt-out cars.

Czechoslovak newspaper articles about the actions of the reaction.

People on the night streets, passing cars.

Light from the window of the building.

Broadcast on television by the First Secretary of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia Gustav Husak (sinhr.).

Prague (taken from an airplane).

The building of the Museum of Lenin (in this building in 1914. The Prague conference was held RSDLP).

Memorials Nye plaque, a monument to Vladimir Lenin in the building.

Solemn meeting in Prague's Palace of Congresses, dedicated to 99th anniversary of Lenin's birth.

The report advocates a member of the Central Committee AL Strougal.

Listeners and cheering in the hall. L. Svoboda, H. Husak and O. Cernik among listeners.

Visit L. Svoboda, H. Husak, OA Cernik and other groups sovets FIR troops temporarily stationed on the territory of Czechoslovakia. L. Svoboda speaks at a rally in part, listen to the military.

Monument to the Czechoslovak corps of Dukla Pass.

Soldiers with the banner at the monument.

Eternal flame.

Panorama of Dukla Pass.

People ride on the boat, people on the streets, women with prams, are students.

The audience in the concert hall, an orchestra and singing artists.

Policeman, pedestrians crossing the street.

Passing tram.

Zavods Kie pipes, the workers in enterprises operate electric welders, steelworkers at the blast furnace, pouring steel.

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