We're going to Germany. (1942)

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Director: G.A.Daljstrom

Operators: V.F.Lyudtke

Reel №1


Centerbr 1941.

German soldiers are on Ukrainian soil.

Speaker for exemption from the Bolshevik government.

Cavalry, vehicles with soldiers, motorcyclists.

The inhabitants greeted the Germans with flowers


Poster: Germany calls for you.

A man reads a leaflet to villagers, calling for work in Germany.

Volunteers are going to work.

Girl Galina Kucherenko says goodbye to his mother.

Go on carts on the station.

Commission for the recruitment of workers to Germany in Kiev.

Volunteers fill out questionnaires, undergo a medical examination.

Departing handing out hot food, bread, sausage.

Meeting of friends.

Departing going on the square, is a roll call and announcement of rules of conduct in the way.

Packed Lunches, a bottle of vodka.

On the tram ride to the station


Sit in the cars, an orchestra.

The train rails.

Young people sing songs.

A stop along the way, collect water.

Distribution of hot food, medical assistance to the needy

On the border of the new medical examination, disinfection of clothing.

Interlock the carriages, the train goes across the border.

Night in the train, sleeping

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Reel №2


The train passes through a tunnel. pnrm. on the ground.

Despite 4 years of war, unnoticed, fields of wheat.

Come to the place.

Representatives of factories and plants to meet the new workers.

Go to the factory in the bus.

Travel through the city centre, beautiful old streets and good roads.


A workshop for the manufacture of wire.

Master and disciples.

The students in the classroom.

Girls at the bench.

Metallurgical plant.

Weaving factory


Girls and guys after work, wash.

First salary.

Working dining room.

Products and necessary things you can buy in the store.


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Reel №3


Farm works Galina Kucherenko.

Galina gets a letter from home.

News, in the village of harvesting, from Germany came a new car, but it is not enough.

Women Ted hay, threshed.

Wedding in the village in the old ways, Church, wedding, guests dancing in the street


Female Dorm.

The postman comes.

The men's hut, young men relax, read draw.

Basil's going to send the money to my mother


The playbill for the concert the forces of Eastern workers October 29, 1942.

Hall, speaking Ukrainian choir in the background of a portrait of Hitler - the liberator.


Construction of the plant.

Ukrainian and Russian workers work, and then to return home knowledgeable people and work for the good of the Motherland, liberated from Bolshevism

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