Sachsenhausen (1940-1949)

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Reel №1

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A fence with barbed wire surrounds the former death camp Sachsenhausen


There is a train.


Alexanderplatz,tourists in the city.

On the river steamer sails.



TV tower,observation deck.

The cars in the Parking lot.

Flags of different countries


A German soldier enters the room,a portrait of Hitler.

Hitler in white socks raises his hands in a Nazi salute.


Hitler takes the salute of the Wehrmacht.

The swastika,the banners with rods.

Hitler's motorcade on the street,an enthusiastic crowd.

Hitler on the balcony,next to Goering.

Introp,common pot,eat soup on the square


Staged scenes peeping,Nauchnaya,arrests.

Bacon at the bar.

From the Windows of the house leans out the man screaming,but it dragged back,the body being dragged across the floor.

At night the car with the Nazis,come into the house.

Barking dog

GDR.The start current on the wire on the fence of the camp.

On the gate is an inscription:Work makes you free.

Feet arrested.

News:Polish cavalry against tanks.


Are tanks.


Victory in the war,the hoisting of a flag over the Reichstag.

Soviet tankers.

Map of Europe,lists of camps smerti:Sachsenhausen,Terezin,Buchenwald,Mauthausen,Dachau,Ravensbruck,Bergen-Belsen,Lublin,Stutthof,Maidanek,Aushwitz

GDR.The Portrait Of Joseph Goebbels.

Goebbels on the front,looks through the scope of a rifle.

Of the 200,000 prisoners passed through the camp.

The passport and documents of the victims employment history.

Worker of archive

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Reel №2

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GDR.The plan of the camp.

Camp on the ground.

The barracks.

An employee of the Museum of the camp is along the barracks.

Bars on the Windows.

Passes through the General corridor.

Door camera,peephole.

Camera,chain, and shackles,which were chained by the legs.

Open the hatch in the yard,it goes down.

Barracks,full of plank beds along the walls.

Personnel chronicle,women on the benches.

Photos:Nude very exhausted she is lying on the bunk.

Pictures of malnourished people.

After the liberation in the yard were found the corpses of prisoners

GDR. Nailed on the wall hook.

The guide shows how tortured, holding up associated rear arms up on the hook.


GDR.Go prisoners /staging/.



On the post mark.

Go to the barracks.

The medical office.

On the shelves of bottles,flasks,test tubes.


Torture medical instruments.

Photo:dead bodies.


Lists 1941 to destruction

pnrm. the camp.


The gas cylinders.

A crematorium.

Mountains of shoes, hair cut off in barrels.

Clothing, different things, pots, spoons, buttons, cards.

Mountain of bones

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Reel №3

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GDR. A Soviet officer sitting at the table, interrogating arrested by the police.

That shows the camp.

Many rope loops for hanging.

The guide shows how the legs secured in the stocks, then hung up.

On the wall traces of bullets.

Photo: German officers and soldiers shooting prisoners.

Comes with a policeman in the barracks, he demonstrates how umershvlyali gas.

Closes the camera people, the gas was coming from a pipe in the ceiling.

It describes how people looked

Key words

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Reel №4

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Dental bridges and dentures.

Medical syringes.

Gold crown in a drawer.

The policeman said.

In the office desk to measure growth, rear slit, which were shot in the head.

Stoves, dampers.

Stretcher, thrust into a furnace in which a man.

Bone ash.

Documents Germans and policemen, Kapo, who worked in the camp, they are also in the courtroom.


Key words

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