The first world war. (1934)

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Reel №1

Caption: 1895. Germany, Berlin.

Area parade of soldiers, the crowd of passers-by.

German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.

A guard of honor from the German guards regiment in formation in front of the building with columns.

Caption: 1903. Children in sailor costumes: the Prince of Wales, George, Prince albert and Princess Mary do exercises with rifles.

Caption: 1907. Emperor Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna accepted the greetings of officials.

Moscow, 1913, the Highest output from the Dormition Cathedral of the Kremlin.

Kostroma, 1913 the Output of Their Majesties of the Holy Trinity Cathedral of the Ipatiev monastery.

Caption: 1910. Germany, island of Usedom, 1913 Emperor Wilhelm II and Empress August Victoria, accompanied by courtiers visited a children's home in Ahlbeck /Ahlbeck/.

Emperor Wilhelm II watching the girls performing a dance with pitchers.

Emperor Wilhelm II at the drinking fountain, talking with a man in a cap next to ladies in white aprons.

Emperor Wilhelm II posing for the newsreel in the group of pupils of children's home, girls in uniform, collars dresses - anchors.

War factory. pnrm: the production of large gun barrels.

The production of shells.

The USA. The American President stands before the public with.

Caption: 1911. UK.

The coronation of George V. carriage Rides king and Queen, accompanied by the guard of honor.


The visit of king George V. king George V sits in an open carriage, followed by the Emperor Wilhelm II (in the form of British field Marshal).

The visit of Emperor Nicholas II in Germany.

Along the building of the German guards in an open carriage passing by Emperor Nicholas II and Emperor Wilhelm II. In an open carriage sat the Empress Augusta Victoria and the Queen Mary, the crew departs to escort the generals in dress uniform.


Emperor Franz Joseph I in the support of persons of retinue walks down the line of officers saluting.

Emperor Franz Joseph I takes place, accompanied by the persons of the Suite, salutes, receives flowers from a woman.

Emperor Franz Joseph I sits in the crew.

Villa Wertholz, October 21, 1911 Wedding of Archduke Karl and Princess Zita of Bourbon-Parma.

On the balcony are members of the Austro-Hungarian Imperial family: Emperor Franz Joseph I, is talking with Archduke Charles and his wife Zita.

Emperor Franz Joseph I, is talking with Archduke Charles, in the background - the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the Austro-Hungarian Archduchess.

Emperor Franz Joseph I was talking with a lady sends a bouquet of flowers to the Archduke Franz-Ferdinand. pnrm: the Archduke is talking with the Archduchess, Archduke Franz Ferdinand laughs.

Pass girls in white dresses.

Archduke Charles, Princess Zita surrounded by relatives.

Emperor Franz Joseph I, Archduke Franz Ferdinand with the ladies.

The Balkan war of 1912-13.

Parade soldiers of the Bulgarian army, the militia.

Bulgarian king Ferdinand I in the window of the train car.

Turkish prisoners under escort of Serbian soldiers. pnrm: Turkish prisoners of war.

Bulgarian generals looking at maps.

Are Turkish prisoners of war.

From the gates of the fortress overlook the Serbian militia, rifles at the ready.

Montenegrin king Nicholas takes military attache: Austro-Hungarian, Italian.

Italian king Victor Emmanuel III and his wife, is accompanied by officials of the entourage, generals and admirals.


Are men in the cylinders.

The USA. President Woodrow Wilson takes the oath of office, delivers a speech.

Military parade, soldiers parade in dress uniform, Marines.

Germany, Leipzig, October 18, 1913 Jubilee celebrations on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the victory in the battle of the Nations near Leipzig.

Emperor Wilhelm II shakes hands with German generals in full uniform.

Down the line on the stone embankment, pass the German generals in full uniform.

Past the tent pass Emperor Wilhelm II, king of Saxony Friedrich-August III, king of Bavaria, king Wurtembergische and the German generals, in the stands, the audience.

Among those officials and military personnel are the Emperor Wilhelm II, accompanied by generals in full uniform.

The building with the inscription on the facade MDCCCLXIII (1863.) go Emperor Wilhelm II, the Bavarian king Ludwig III , courtiers, generals in dress uniform. panorama of warships, flags of the German Navy.

Emperor Wilhelm II in Admiral's uniform comes out of the carriage, assisted by the court, then comes the Empress Augusta Victoria, the courtiers salute.

German warship at the pier.

German warship building team on Board.

German battle cruiser "Gneisenau".

Men playing the violin, dancing.

German destroyers in the sea, held in the Wakefield ranks.

The view of the German squadron, shot on Board the German warship.

The members of the German Imperial family in the centre: the crown Prince Frederick William.

Caption: 1914. Berlin.

Parade of German guards.

Down the line of guards pass Emperor Wilhelm II, General von Emikh.

Emperor Wilhelm II talks with General von AMICOM in front of the entrance, are the generals, officials said.

Emperor Wilhelm II received the greetings of officials.


Horseback rides Archduke Franz Ferdinand, accompanied by the military.

Passing the Austro-Hungarian cavalry, horse artillery - gun team.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand, sitting on horseback, talking with the ladies.


Pass the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, crown Prince Friedrich-Wilhelm.

Emperor Wilhelm II talks with Archduke Franz-Ferdinand, on the ground are hunting trophies: ibex, deer.

Key words

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Reel №2

Shots/f: from the car are officers salute standing at the entrance to the administrative building of the Archduke Franz-Ferdinand and his wife.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife on the steps of the Cathedral talking to representatives of local authorities, went, accompanied by aides-de-camp, sit in the car, drive off.

Chronicle: the newspaper "Le Petit Parisien" with photos of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife and the Archduke Charles with his wife, reports the Sarajevo murder.

The newspaper "new York Tims" panorama: photo: the arrest the Principle.

Photo: the uniform of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, bloodstained.

The funeral.

Funeral procession: the officers of the Austro-Hungarian Navy carry the coffin with the body of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

The newspaper "Le Petit Parisien": article on the Sarajevo murder.

On the square in an open carriage passing the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph, the audience cheers.

The newspaper "Dernier": the Austro-Serbian conflict.

The newspaper "Le Petit journal" reported on the German invasion of Belgium.

Germany, Berlin, 1 August 1914 the Declaration of war.

The crowd in the square before the Palace.

Through the crowd in the car passing the crown Prince Frederick William (in hussar uniform with the symbols of a death's head on the cap). pnrm. the audience in the square, heads in hats.

On the street along the shop Windows pass parade of German guards, a military band, rides the Emperor Wilhelm II, accompanied by crown Prince Frederick William, generals, followed by the crew of the Empress Augusta-Victoria, they welcomed the public.

The street parade German soldiers are men, the rider with a gesture directs the movement.

The parade held by German guards.

The newspaper "L Intransigeant", article about the mobilization in Russia.

Sevastopol, April 18, 1915.

Kulikovo field.

Emperor Nicholas II, in Cossack uniform (Circassian), accompanied by military and officials of the Suite conducts a review of the 1st and 2nd Kuban Plastun brigade.

Emperor Nicholas II, commander of the Imperial headquarters General of cavalry V. B. Fredericks, commander of His Imperial Majesty's Own Convoy Suite major-General A. N. Grabbe talking.

Emperor Nicholas II takes the parade of the Kuban corps.

From the car drove out Emperor Wilhelm II, helps to get out of the car Wurtembergische king Wilhelm II. NDP: are the formation German soldiers.

Emperor Wilhelm II with field Marshal's baton in the hand is accompanied by the persons of the retinue, generals.

The German soldiers removed the helmet in greeting.

France, 1916, the crown Prince Frederick William, accompanied by the General officers goes down the line of German soldiers.

Germany, 1930s.

Field Marshal Alexander Mackensen in hussar uniform salutes the cheering of his audience.

France, 1916 parade of German soldiers.

Emperor Wilhelm II and crown Prince Friedrich-Wilhelm stand at the doors of the headquarters, past the parade of German soldiers.

On the streets of the city are German soldiers, they are greeted by the townspeople.

The mobilization order of 1914 On the streets of the city are French soldiers, they are greeted by the townspeople.

General J. Joffre in full uniform, in the group of military and civilians.

Parade are French soldiers, the soldiers of the colonial troops.

The appeal of the German command to the people of Luxembourg.

Emperor Wilhelm II, accompanied by the generals of a parade of soldiers of the German landsturm.

The streets of the city parade by German soldiers.

A collage of newspaper clippings with headlines about the war.

The newspaper "Berliner Tageblatt" to join the war on Britain.

Propaganda poster an appeal of the Minister of war Lord Kitchener: "More people until you win."

UK, London, 1914 Mobilization.

Parade team of reservists.

On the street parade British soldiers, a military band, men in civilian clothes.

King George V on horseback, accompanied by the Prince of Wales and General takes the salute, salutes passing troops.

Parade of British soldiers.

The Ottoman Empire.

The first Balkan war, 1912.

The headquarters of the Bulgarian troops.

Standing on the porch of Bulgarian officers.

Standing in the porch a car sit in the captured Turkish General Yaver Pasha, a Bulgarian General, the car drives off.


Through the arch, decorated with flags of the Ottoman Empire, are Turkish soldiers.

Illustration: a German soldier fires his gun into the woman's heart, symbolizing Belgium.

Belgium, liège, 1914 In the street along destroyed houses are soldiers of the German landsturm. pnrm. destroyed the city.

On a country road passing vehicles, are refugees.

The streets are soldiers of the German landsturm and the townspeople.

Serbia, 1914, the Prince Regent Alexander watching with binoculars, standing next to the General Mišić.

The Serbian generals to discuss a plan of military action over the map.

Greece, the Salonika front, 1916 French battery positions.

Mountain landscape, explosions. 1914 the Serbian generals in the trenches watching with binoculars.

Landscape, explosions.

The Prince Regent Alexander, the Serbian receives a report of an officer, followed by General Mišić.

British field camp. panorama: British soldiers at rest.

British soldiers dismantled the tents.

British soldiers perform marching exercises.

Parade of British soldiers, the soldiers of the Australian and new Zealand corps (ANZAC).

From the doors of the building overlook: generals P. von Hindenburg, Erich von Ludendorff, commander of the 8th German army Lieutenant Colonel Max Hoffmann, staff officers, Austro-Hungarian military representative, pose for the newsreels.

Emperor Wilhelm II visited the theater of war: a parade.

Parade of German soldiers.

Emperor Wilhelm II in the group of generals and officers, flying the Imperial standard.

Is Emperor Wilhelm II, accompanied by generals, Admiral.

French soldiers in the trenches. panorama: a General view of the French positions, the French soldiers are firing rifles.

Leaflet appeal of the military Governor of Paris, General Gallieni to the army and the city's residents from September 3, 1914 Paris.

Mobilization of Parisian taxis to the Marne.

The passage of vehicles through the city.

British heavy guns, British artillery gun charge.

General of the forks of the battlefield, the explosion.

British heavy battery in position, the guns.

Shots of guns.

Battery ANZAC, shots, artillery gun charge.

On the road are German prisoners of war.

The pow camp.

German POWs behind barbed wire, eating bread.

The distribution of hot meals to German prisoners of war.

German prisoner of war /close-up/ glasses eating bread.

German prisoners of war under the supervision of French soldiers-nurses take a shower.

A doctor examines a German prisoner of war, stripped to the waist.

German prisoners of war cut their comrades walks past a French soldier with a red cross band on the shoulder.

German prisoners sitting on the ground, inspect linen, rest. pnrm: German prisoners of war sleeping on the ground.


King George V, accompanied by a retinue of persons, among them General Lord Kitchener, awarding the soldier the Australian-new Zealand corps.

General J. Joffre, accompanied by war Minister Mileena rewards officers and soldiers of the French colonial troops.

From the car drove out of R. Poincare and salutes after leaving king George V. a car Pulls up, a French officer opens the door.

Key words

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Reel №3

France, [1914 ]king George V on the front.

Is George V, accompanied by General J. Joffre.

George V, President of the French Republic, R. Poincare, General Joffre J. watch the parade of the French troops.

Jump the French cavalry.


King George V's review of the cadets of the marine corps, passes along the ranks.

George V talking with the cadets of Junior classes.

Queen Mary, accompanied by the ladies of the Suite conducts a review of the sanitary squad car, goes down the line of women drivers of sanitary vehicles.

France, August 1915 Train station.

On the platform walk General J. Joffre, speaks with French General.

The visit of the British war Minister field Marshal Lord Kitchener City of France.

Are field Marshal Lord Kitchener, the French war Minister Millerand A., General J. Joffre, the military Governor of Paris, General J.-S. Gallieni, the French and British officers.

Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, the French war Minister Millerand, General Joffre J. are along the guard of honor.

Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, the war Minister Millerand, General J. Joffre at the front, are in the trenches.

Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, General J. Joffre, the French and the British officer in the trenches, Kitchener looking through binoculars.

Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, the war Minister Millerand A., General J. Joffre, the military Governor of Paris, General J. S. Gallieni and their attendants are on the field.

France, winter, British positions.

British soldiers load a mortar shots.

British soldiers are in the trenches, on the go wear masks.

British soldiers in gas masks are in the trenches.

The types of positions covered with a camouflage net, barbed wire.


British soldiers are in the trenches, a soldier throws a snowball at his friend.

British soldiers are in the trenches, in the hands of rifles with fixed bayonets.

Shot disguised nets guns.

The British soldiers fleeing the attack, smoke.

British gun artillery with guns, shot.


A snow-covered field fleeing soldiers with rifles, fall dead.

Parade of the Romanian troops, officers saluting passing parade of soldiers.

Austria-Hungary,, 1917, Emperor Charles I and his wife Zita of Bourbon-Parma, accompanied by a retinue of persons receiving congratulations from pupils of educational institutions.

Solemn meeting of Emperor Charles I and his wife, ladies waving their handkerchiefs.

Girls in white dresses presented bouquets to the Emperor and the Empress.

Emperor Charles I accepts the report of the generals, shaking hands.

Italian front.

Emperor Charles conducts a review of the Austro-Hungarian mountain Riflemen.

Emperor Charles I, accompanied by generals talking to mountain shot.

Is a column of Italian prisoners of war. panorama: Italian prisoners of war.

Paul, 1917, the Austro-Hungarian naval base.

Emperor Charles I and his entourage aboard a military ship, passes through the deck, salutes, shakes hands with a naval officer.

The flag of the Navy of great Britain.

British squadron at sea.

Close-up of king George V in Admiral's uniform.

Close-up of a British Admiral of the fleet sir Rosslyn, Wemyss.

Close-up of a British Admiral of the fleet John Jellicoe Resort.

Close-up of a British Admiral of the fleet David Beatty.

Close-up of a British Admiral of the fleet sir Frederick Charles Doveton, Sturdy.

British squadron at sea.

The destroyer sails under the Italian flag, smoke.

The waves behind a passing vehicle.

Sailors dropping mines from the ship.

A warship at sea, the guns shelling the coast.

The blasts, the smoke from the fire, the destruction of buildings.

Military ships at sea, volleys of onboard tools.

Close-up: charging marine guns.

The shot guns.

Explosion, demolition of the building. pnrm. destroyed building (Durazzo?).

French military ship enters the port.

French warships at sea.

The sailors on Board the French ship.

On the surface of the water appears the periscope of a German submarine.

The captain of the French warship yells into the mouthpiece, run up a sailor with a telescope, a sailor with binoculars.

French sailors are firing onboard guns.

French sailors from the deck dropping depth charges.

The French squadron at sea.

French naval officer, sailors for the devices.

Supply of shells, the sailors put the shells on the truck.

A warship at sea, the guns.

French sailors load a gun (view inside).

Board the warship, guns.

French sailors load a gun.

Shots of guns.

French sailors roll back truck with shells.

The black sea, the shelling of the Anatolian coast of Turkey, on the shore of the burning building.

Shots on-Board tools. pnrm: the Anatolian shore.

Military ships at sea.

Key words

War World, France, Great Britain, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, monarchs, ground troops, artillery, cavalry, road transport, medicine, personality, prisoners of war, the navy

Reel №4

The ships of the British and German fleets at sea.

Sailors load a gun.

Volleys of onboard tools, sea battle.

Explosions on the surface of the water.

The ship goes under the water.

The destroyer dropped torpedoes.

Shots of naval guns.

Explosions on the surface of the water.

Reset depth bombs on Board the destroyer.

A large explosion on the surface of the water.

British squadron at sea.


The shells hit warships.

A military ship goes under the water.

King George V visits military ship, climbs the ladder, accompanied by Admiral de Robek and the Prince of Wales.

George V, Admiral David Beatty on the deck of a warship, the sailors salute. panorama: British sailors on the deck of a warship.

George V awards the admirals orders on the tapes.

The sailors on the deck of a warship salute his cap.

Floats Italian torpedo boat, the torpedo shot.

June 10, 1918, Various angles of immersion of the Austro-Hungarian battleship "St.


The sailors on the deck.

The sailors jump into the water.

Battleship "St.

Stephen" turned upside down. pnrm: the sailors on the deck of the Austro-Hungarian warship watching over the sunken battleship.


The Belgian king albert I with his wife Queen Elizabeth visited the aircraft, and shakes hands with the French pilots.

The Belgian king albert I award French pilot ACE Charles Nungesser.

King albert I in flight suit standing near the airplane, wearing headdress, standing next to French General and a French officer.

King albert I sits in the cockpit of the airplane on the place of the observer.

France, (before 1914).

Spanish king Alfonso XIII and the accompanying persons visiting the airplane.

German pilots: in the center of Manfred von Rihtgoffen.

The airplane builds up speed across the field, takes off.

An airplane flies.

Bon Mezon, July 5, 1917.

French General Franchet d Esper rewards pilot J. Hinemaru.

Pilot J. Gineer explains the device of the aeroplane to the French General F. d Esper.

American soldiers.

Italy, airfield San Pelagio, August 9, 1918 In the airplane cabin sitting Gabrielle d'annunzio and the Italian pilot Natale Palli.

Is G. d'annunzio, accompanied by Italian pilots, officers.

French soldiers raise the balloon into the sky.

The pilot fires his machine gun.

View the flying of the airplane from the basket of the balloon.

French soldiers load an anti aircraft gun on the car platform.

Italian soldiers landed a drogue chute pull the ropes.

Italian soldiers in the trenches firing machine guns at air targets.

An airplane flies.

The pilot fires his machine gun.

Italian soldiers landed a drogue chute pulling the strings.

French anti-aircraft gun on the car platform.

An airplane flies.

French soldiers stand near a crashed German airplane "Albatross".

Sisters of mercy of visiting the dead pilot out of the cockpit.

An airplane flies.

The burning balloon falling down.

An airplane flies.

Close-up of the discharge of bombs.

Explosions on the ground.

Italian squadron "Serenissima", the pilots of the airplanes.

Key words

the First world war, Germany, great Britain, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Italy, monarchs, land forces, artillery, medicine, personnel, aircraft, Aeronautics, Navy, awards

Reel №5

Flying airplanes.

Airplanes of the American squadron on the airfield, flies a plane.

The burning balloon in the sky, falls down, flies the airplane.

An airplane flies over the balloon.

An explosion and fire of a bulb of an aerostat.

From the basket of the balloon jumps with a parachute the aeronaut.

Flaming balloon.

The airship "Schwaben" flying over the city.

General view of the city from the top, flies the airship.

Silhouette masts of a warship, smoke, flies the airship.

German sailors watching from the shore the flight of the airship.

Anti-aircraft defense.


Shine the rays of a spotlight, illuminate the airplanes in the sky, volleys of anti-aircraft guns, the American gunners are shooting at airplanes.

Flashes of explosions.

Flaming a balloon, a puff of smoke.

In a train car talking animatedly Emperor Wilhelm II and the Bavarian king Ludwig III. Passenger ship sails away from the pier, sailors remove mooring lines. 1917 the German submarine "U-35" on the surface.

The firing of onboard guns of the carrier.

The transport ship sinking.

Felling German submarine "U-35", Lieutenant loter-Arnold de Laperle - sea wolf Kriegsmarine - the group of German submarine officers expunged from the register "Lloyd's" names of the sunken ships.

Close-up of hand holding a pencil, crosses out the names of the sunken ships.

The crew of the submarine "U-35" takes on Board the crew of a sunken cargo vessel.

Submarine in the sea, waves breaking on Board.

Submarine "U-35" in the surface shells of the guns onboard the transport ship.

A transport ship is rapidly sinking into the water.

Sailors in life jackets in the boat to fit the submarine "U-35".

The attack transport ship of the onboard guns.

Explosions on the surface of the water near the side of a cargo ship.

The cabin of the submarine "U-35", submarine officer watching through binoculars.

Transport ships at sea, fires on Board.

Submarine "U-35" on the surface, divers watch sailing ship from the wheelhouse.

From the submarine "U-35" the boat sails away, sails for Board sailing vessel.

Sailing ship tilts and sinks slowly into the water.

Submarine on the surface in the sea, waves breaking on Board.

Submarine officer is watching through the periscope.

Dive the submarine.

Sailor-submariner loads the torpedo into the torpedo tube, close lid.

Submarine officer gives the command "fire" on the intercom.

Sailors, submariners in the engine room powered by a torpedo.

The trace of the torpedo in the water.

View of the torpedo hit and the explosion of the transport ship through the eyepiece of the periscope.

The transport vessel is immersed in the water.

British transport ship at anchor.

The flag of the Navy of great Britain on the mast of the ship.

Team British transport ship on Board posing for the newsreel, waving hands, hats.

Dive the submarine.

The deck of a British transport vessel, the team deploys aboard disguised cannon.

Seamen-gunners suggest gun.

The explosion on the surface of the water.

Command carrier closes the sash compartment on the deck, hiding the gun.

Swims German submarine.

Team transport ship opens the valve compartment expands cannon.

German submarine on the surface, the team on Board.

To the Board a suitable boat, a naval officer goes aboard a submarine captain takes a sheet of paper, transferred the British sailors on Board the German submarine.

View the sinking of a cargo ship from aboard the German submarine "U-35".

Hit by a torpedo from the German submarine "U-35" in the side of a transport vessel, the water column from the blast.

The ship is under water.

The newspaper "Le maten" about the diplomatic relations of the USA with Germany.

The white house, the President of the USA Woodrow Wilson in office.

Key words

War World, the USA, Germany, Great Britain, monarchs, government, army, artillery, medicine, personality, aviation, navy, aeronautics

Reel №6

The white house, the President of the USA Woodrow Wilson in office.

Woodrow Wilson working at his Desk.

Resolution of Congress of the USA to join the war.

Close-up: General John Pershing.

General J. Pershing is on the deck of a ship, posing for the newsreel.

France, 1917 D. General Pershing, accompanied by the French generals and officers visited the Invalides, runs along the guard of honor French veterans.

Close-up of the Minister of marine of the USA Joseph Daniels.

In the office, on Board the ship stands in front of the American officers.

Close-up of the assistant as Minister of the Navy Franklin Roosevelt posing for the newsreel.

American Admiral William Sims.

American squadron at sea. pnrm: the deck of a warship, flying the stars and stripes, the sailors on the deck of the ship.

British Admiral David Beatty visits the ship of the American Navy.

Admiral D. Beatty shakes hands with American seamen.

Admiral D. Beatty on deck made a speech to the team.

King George V, accompanied by the Prince of Wales ascends to the deck of the American warship, the sailors saluted, the officers give a report, shake hands.

George V, the Prince of Wales in military uniform, Admiral D. Bitti, us Admiral: Hugh Rodman, William Sims, pose for newsreels.

King George V, Prince of Wales shaking hands with the American admirals, naval officers.

USA, new York, 1917 On the street pass parade of American soldiers on the sidewalk - the public.

American soldiers in field equipment are on the ladder.

American soldiers are on the ladder to Board the transportation vessel.

American soldiers aboard the transport ship. pnrm: cargo ship at sea.

The newspaper "Le Petit Parisien" dated April 4, 1917: "the USA in the war with Germany.

The us Congress approved the military law".

The American officer is blindfolded to President Woodrow Wilson, the President takes out a glass urn a lottery ticket.

American transport vessel with soldiers on Board, the soldiers waving their hands. panorama: American transport ships in the sea, the sides painted with camouflage paint.

On Board flying the stars and stripes.

Women on Board a transport vessel, a naval officer helps a woman to wear a survival suit.

Women in uniform aboard the carrier.

U.S. soldiers stand in line for lunch.

American soldiers in lifejackets eat at the tables.

American soldier playing with a puppy.

The officer watching through binoculars.

The American transport ship in the sea under the protection of the destroyer.

Floats the destroyer.

The periscope of the submarine above the water surface.

American sailors on the deck of the ship firing the weapon.

Explosions on the surface of the water.

Reset depth bombs on Board the destroyer.

Explosions on the surface of the water.

Floats the destroyer, the raging waves, smoke pipes.


American soldiers descend the ladder from the side of a cargo ship.

Parade of American soldiers.

The French greet the arriving American soldiers, American soldiers parade through the streets of the city, the women throw flowers at his feet soldiers.

On the street parade American soldiers bear the star-spangled banner.

UK, London, Buckingham Palace, 1917 king George V with his wife, field Marshal French welcomed the passing parade of American soldiers.

At the gates of the Palace is the British Prime Minister Lloyd George, the lady in the black dress trying to open the umbrella.

Moscow, 1918 Landscape: view of the Kremlin from the Moscow river.

Mogilev, 4 October 1916, headquarters of the Supreme headquarters.

Church parade on the occasion of their Own EIV Convoy.

Of the doors of the Palace of the Supreme Commander overlook: the Emperor Nicholas II, Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich, Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich, Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia; Nicholas II receiving the report of the commander of the Escort Suite of major-General count A. N. Grabbe.

On the square before the Palace pass parade of the Cossacks of the Convoy through the area with guns blazing is F. M. Kireev. pnrm: the Emperor Nicholas II talking with the Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich, behind them are the Grand Dukes, Grand Duchesses, staff officer.

At the entrance to the Palace are the Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich (in Circassian), the Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, Grand Duchesses.

Down the line Cossacks of the Convoy is the Protopresbyter of the army and Navy o

George (Savelski), sprinkles Cossacks, the Emperor Nicholas II, Tsesarevich Alexei Nikolaevich, the Convoy commander major-General count A. N. Grabbe, Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich, Grand Duke Georgii Mikhailovich, the generals.

Emperor Nicholas II greets translation in the Convoy captains, third from the left centurion N. Galushkin, fourth from left centurion A. Gramotin, the fifth the centurion left P. Ergashev, with the Emperor are an heir to the throne, the Convoy commander major-General count A. N. Grabbe.

Emperor Nicholas II, Tsarevich, the Grand Duchesses in the group of Cossacks Own EIV Escort posing for filming, pnrm. from left to right: E. D. Shkuropatski, F. M. Kireev, M. I. Svidin, M. A. Skvortsov, A. N. Grabbe, J. A. Wind, G. A. Rasp, A. K. Shvedov, S. G., Lavrov, V. E. Zborovsky, N. In.

Galushkin, A. A. Gramotin, P. G. Ergashev; Cossacks salute.

The Caucasian front, winter of 1916 On a mountain road parade of the Kuban Cossacks.

Russian soldiers escorting Turkish prisoners of war.

The Polish-Soviet war 1920 Polish soldiers eat bread, laughing.

In the town square - the Polish soldiers.


The tram out wounded soldiers.

A wagon train on the railway platform are demobilized soldiers with things (perhaps the return of POWs), sit in the car.

The man in the peaked cap with a red star checks the documents getting into a car soldiers.

The Polish-Soviet war 1920 Polish soldiers in camp.

The Russian Republic, March 1917 Kerensky in the group of pupils of educational establishments poses for newsreel.

All take off hats.

Shots/f: night on the streets of fleeing soldiers with rifles, run up passers-by, soldiers wheeled cannon.

Chronicles: Petrograd, 1917 Demonstration, are soldiers with banners and slogans.

The funeral of the victims of the revolution, is the funeral procession carrying coffins.

The street parade of men in civilian clothes with rifles on their shoulders.

Moscow, Red square, 1920.


Parade of the red army in Budyonny caps.

Petrograd the winter of 1917, On the bridge passing sleigh, Laden with planks.

Go down the street passers-by are trams.


In the town square sitting at the tables the children eat lunch.

Children in line for hot lunch.

A woman in a white apron gives kids the bread.


Moscow, Red square, the Tsar bell. V. I. Lenin in the office sitting in a chair, gesturing.

France, 1918 Arrival of king George V with his wife.

King George V comes down the ramp to the Wharf, and the British officers salute.

King George V, the attendants visited the field hospital, talking to wounded.

King George V with his wife arrived welcome the Belgian king albert I with wife.

The Belgian king albert I with wife, accompanied by the Belgian generals, pnrm: king George V awards the Belgian officers.

Along the coast are king George V, king of Belgium albert I, the children of the Belgian king, and the British officers.

The English king salutes, sits in the car.

King George V, field Marshal Douglas Haig, runs up the girl hands flowers to the king.

French President R. Poincare shakes hands with king George V, they are suitable Marshal J. Joffre and girl with a bouquet of flowers.

Marshal J. Joffre, President R. Poincare, king George V, Marshal F. Foch, field Marshal D. Haig talk, pose for newsreels.

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Reel №7

Herbert Hoover in the group of officials sitting at the table drinking tea.

Romania, 1918 Cardinal Mercier talks to a man in the cylinder.

The Romanian king Ferdinand I on horseback takes the salute.

Parade of Romanian soldiers in helmets.

Romanian Queen Marie with her daughter in the group of courtiers.

Greece, Thessaloniki, 1918, British General, Greek officers watching the passing parade of Greek soldiers.

A group of Greek officials: officials, officers of the army and Navy, clergy member, President E. Venizelos shakes hands with British General.

Palestine, Jerusalem, 1918 On a city street among crowds in an open car passing men in fezzes., British officers, by standing in the ranks of British soldiers are men in fezzes., children.

In front are British officers in colonial helmets, the Jews.

Belgium, Spa, 1918, headquarters of the German army. P. von Hindenburg, Erich von Ludendorff in the office bent over the Desk, studying a map of hostilities.

Emperor Wilhelm II, field Marshal P. von Hindenburg, out of the doors and down the stairs.

Standing car Emperor Wilhelm II shakes hands with field Marshal P. von Hindenburg.

Emperor Wilhelm II talks with E. von Ludendorff, a gesture of the hand helps him get into the car.

Field Marshal P. von Ludendorff talks with wounded German soldiers sitting in wheelchairs.

Field Marshal P. von Hindenburg passes along standing with banners German veterans talking to veterans.

The chief Apartment of the German army.

Emperor Wilhelm II talks with field Marshal P. von Hindenburg, there is a General I. background Heeringen.

Door (MPN: Prival hotel) out of Emperor Wilhelm II, field Marshal P. von Hindenburg, the German generals.

France, 1917 headquarters of the allied forces.

American General J. Pershing shakes hands with Marshal F. Fosam.

Marshal F. Foch, the French generals.

Marshal J. Joffre talks with General J. Pershing.

Italian king Victor Emmanuel III, accompanied by French and Italian officers pass down the line of French Alpine shooters.

November 1918 a Group of British army commanders and chiefs of staff, in the center of the field Marshal D. Haig.

British field Marshal D. Haig award of a French officer.

Out of the doors A. General pétain, a French General.

Prime Minister of the French Republic Jacques Clemenceau welcomes the man in civilian clothes, the military.

The representative of the government of the USA goes down the line the French soldiers who salutes.

The representative of the government of the USA on positions, watching with binoculars.

American General talks to the lady.

Close-up of American General officers.

Us General to speak.


Headquarters Of Crown Prince Frederick William.

At the door of the headquarters of Emperor Wilhelm II receives a report of a German officer, standing next to crown Prince Frederick William.

The chief Apartment of the German army.

Field Marshal P. von Hindenburg, General E. von Ludendorff pose for newsreels.

On a country road parade of German soldiers, a military band.

On the side of the road there is a field Marshal P. von Hindenburg takes the salute.

On a country road in field equipment are German soldiers, the convoy.

British soldiers dismantled shovels debris along the road.

On the road passing the British horse carts.

Passing of British cavalry.

British soldiers are in the progress of the message of the trench.

British soldiers are in the trenches.

Parade French soldiers.

Rides horse artillery.

Drove a French convoy, soldiers.

American General J. Pershing speaks to American troops. pnrm.: American soldiers - a lot of helmets.

Close-up of American General Pershing, D. speech.

The rider holds a banner (the NDP "42"), are the formation of the American soldiers. (Perhaps a review of the 42 divisions).

On a country road parade of American soldiers.

Along the stone wall, U.S. soldiers.

The fields is a column of American soldiers.

The streets of the ruined city are American soldiers on the side of the road are American and French officers.

On the way among the ruins of passing horse carts.

Italian front.

Against a mountain landscape are Italian soldiers.

The tractor carries a heavy gun.

Going through the field chain by American soldiers.

American battery positions, the guns.

The gun in position, the American gunners at the guns, passing the rider who leads the reins of a horse.

The explosion in the field of smoke.

By the side of the road lie the corpses of horses, the inverted cart.

The field of battle, explosions, fleeing the attack by American soldiers.

On the background of the forest landscape are fleeing the attack the German soldiers.

Ammunition, American soldiers carry shells.

Out of the bushes scribbling machine gun.

Run to attack the German soldiers.

American soldiers are firing from a machine gun.

Drop dead German soldiers.

German soldiers fleeing the attack, drop dead.

On the ground lay the corpses of German soldiers.

Run to attack American soldiers fall dead.

German soldiers firing machine gun.

American gunners at the guns, the shot.

An American officer watching through binoculars, a soldier makes a record of the observations in a notebook.

German soldiers in fortified with sandbags position, are firing from a machine gun.

French soldiers are fleeing the attack.

French soldiers - medics lift the stretcher, lying on a stretcher wounded.

Ammunition, American soldiers carry shells.

Run to attack the German soldiers.

A German soldier in a helmet (back) looks out from the bushes.

American gunners wipe rags by a shell.

The battlefield explosion.

Slipping into the trench dead German soldiers.

The battlefield explosion.

On the rails lies the corpse of a German soldier.

Battlefield explosions.

Fleeing the attack by American soldiers.

American soldiers run out from the shelter.

Run to attack the French soldiers.

French soldiers out of the trench, fleeing the attack.

In a panic, fleeing German soldiers, on the neck of the masks.

In the course of the communication trench held by German prisoners of war.

Are German prisoners of war.

The trenches are raised by the hands of German prisoners of war.

French soldiers watching the passing German prisoners of war.

French soldiers - medics carry stretchers with the wounded, are wounded soldiers.

Trenches full of corpses.

Lying on the ground (prone) the corpse of a German soldier.

French soldiers-medics carry stretchers with the wounded.

French soldiers-medics loaded the stretchers with the wounded to the ambulance.

Is wounded in the head by German soldiers.

Past the ambulances are French medics carry stretchers with the wounded, the wounded are French soldiers.

On the ground in the mud lies the corpse of a French soldier.

On the ground lay the corpses of soldiers.

The battlefield, volleys of flame, black smoke.

On the streets of the city are French soldiers, lead by the hand the wounded with bandages on the eyes, passes a French soldier wipes his face with a handkerchief. panorama: forest, on the ground lies the corpse of a German soldier.

Passing the French tank "Schneider".

French artillery gun charge.

The guns.

On the ground lay the corpses of German soldiers. pnrm. the corpses of German soldiers, French soldiers with pickaxes digging the grave.

Gunners load a gun.

The guns.

Explosions on the battlefield.

Italian front.

Italian soldiers set the machine gun on the parapet of the trench.

Italian soldiers-medics lifted the stretcher wounded.

The wounded, bandaged soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian army.

Italian soldiers carry the cloak-tents of the wounded.


French heavy gun on a railway platform.


The French battery in position, the guns.

A French officer looks out of the trench with binoculars.

Passing gun harness, fly spray.

Heavy gun on a railway platform, a volley of guns.


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Reel №8

American soldiers in the trenches are poised to attack.

American soldiers are fleeing the attack, go down into the funnel in front of barbed wire.

The battlefield, explosion.

American soldiers lay in the funnel near the explosion.

American soldiers get out of the funnel, overcome the wire fence, fleeing the attack through the smoke, nurses unfold the stretcher.

German prisoners of war carry a stretcher with wounded American soldier, American soldiers standing by the roadside.

German prisoners of war put the stretcher with the wounded to the ground, PNRM .: lying on the ground wounded American soldiers, soldier-medic carries the water.

German prisoners of war carry stretchers with the wounded.

German prisoner of war medic (Red Cross emblem on the sleeve), bandaging the wounded.

German prisoners of war are under the hand of the wounded man, they are accompanied by an American soldier with a rifle on his shoulder.

German prisoners of war carry a stretcher with wounded American soldier standing around American soldiers.

The American gunners charge the gun shots.

The field of battle, explosions, US soldiers are fleeing the attack.

American soldiers in the trenches, ready to attack.

American artillery from the guns, shot.

American soldiers get out of the trench, fleeing the attack.

American soldiers are fleeing the attack, drop dead.

American soldiers get out of the trench, fleeing the attack.

French battery on the position, the guns.

US battery in position, the guns.

Emperor Wilhelm II on the front, German soldiers rewards iron crosses.

American General J. Pershing awards US soldiers and officers.

Greece, Thessaloniki front.

French General awards Order of the Legion of Honor Serbian officers.

French General thanked the French officer for the service (thrice kisses).

English gun firing with a disguised grid position, gun crew.

The battlefield explosions.

French soldiers fleeing the attack.

English King George V awards Scottish hand, there are: the Queen Mary, the British officers.

The field goes British tank MK V, British soldiers are fleeing the attack.

The field of battle, the big bang, fly clods.

English King George V awards widows at the front, the Queen Mary shakes hands widows next General Lord Plumer with a list in his hand.

Heavy gun on w / e platform, camouflaged netting, there are a number American artillerymen.

The field of battle, explosions.

American soldiers enter the town, running on the road.

Heavy gun on w / e platform shot.

Destroyed houses, black smoke, destroyed the house.

American artillery, cannon shot.

British tank MK V slides down the slope of the ravine.

American soldiers are fleeing the attack.

French tank Renault FT-17 climbs up the hill, running to attack American soldiers.

The field drive through three tanks Renault FT-17, smoke.

The field in the smoke travels tank MK V. Tank Renault FT-17 passes through the ruined house.

French soldiers fleeing the attack.

Heavy guns on w / d platforms shots.

Railway bridge across the river, the explosions on the surface of water.

Heavy guns on w / d platforms, shots, explosions.

American artillery from the guns.

Heavy guns on w / e platform.

The field of battle, the big bang.

Through the smoke fleeing the attack American soldiers.

British Prime Minister Lloyd George rewards woman clothes pins to reward, she shakes her hand, pats on the cheek of the child.

American soldiers in the trenches.

Big Bang, fly clods.

French soldiers lay in the trench, explosion, smoke.

German soldiers in the trenches prepared for the attack, a shell falls into the trench, an explosion, the German soldiers on the stairs get out of the trench, an explosion.

German soldiers in the trenches, smoke.

German soldiers are fleeing the attack.


General view of the battlefield, the German soldiers fled into the attack, explosions.

France, in November 1918 on the building weighs poster in French «L'ARMISTICE» ( «The Truce"), are people.

Past the jubilant crowd pass, dancing, four French soldiers.

British soldier plays the accordion, the British sailor waving.

American soldiers waving their hats.

American soldiers fraternizing with German soldiers, shake hands.

An American soldier puts on his helmet of the German soldier, he wears a German soldier peakless cap, smoking a cigarette for two.

The American officer exchanged hats with a German officer, posing for newsreels, shaking hands.

Military cemetery, crosses on the graves.

The guns.

Split screen: 1920, events in the world..

Italian dictator Benito Mussolini made a speech from the balcony.

Split screen: 1920-30, weapons, military parades around the world..

USSR, Moscow.

The parade on Red Square.

IV Stalin on the platform of the mausoleum.

Split screen: a parade on Red Square.

Split screen: a parade of French troops.

Speaker from the rostrum of the French politician A. Briand.

The field passing cars on the French gusenichnokolesnom course, sitting in the back of the French soldiers.

Parade of French troops.


Pu Yi on horseback.

Split screen: military parade in Manchuria.

Split screen: events in India.

Mahatma Gandhi.

Split screen: parades, military equipment, ships at sea.

Speaker United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Split screen: military equipment, airplanes in the sky, warships.

Holland, Dorn.

Emperor Wilhelm II lays the wood.

Military cemetery, crosses on the graves.

The American officer, posing for newsreels, shaking hands.

Key words

War World, Germany, France, Great Britain, the USA, Greece, monarchs, personalities, awards, army, infantry, tanks, artillery, medicine, prisoners of war