Autumn. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


A documentary about Japan.

Japanese painting with a view of Mount Fuji and a flower chrysanthemum.

September in Japan, ripens the grapes.

In the greenhouse chrysanthemum bloom.

Japanese woman admires a flower.

Care hrizantenami, flowers collection.

Chrysanthemum Exhibition in Tokyo, three Japanese women in Kim and a man walking on the exhibition.

From chrysanthemums lined sketches, wooden sculpture of Japanese in a suit of fresh chrysanthemums.

At dusk, lights are lit, illuminating flower beds.

Bouquet of chrysanthemums next picture.

Arts arrangements in Japan, is a Japanese ikebana of chrysanthemums



Sports in the outdoor pool in Tokyo.

The game of water polo, jumping from the tower into the water, swimming competition.

Athletics competitions: pole vault, long, throwing the core, running.

Playing golf in the field.

Fight on bamboo swords, competitors wear protective masks, gloves, are fighting.

Massive employment of national judo, judo competitions.

Shooting RAPIDE

Key words

Germany, Japan, sightseeing, exhibition, flowers, art, women Germany, Japan, sports, swimming pool

Reel №2



Autumn scenery of Japan, driving on the road.

Everywhere is visible the famous mount Fuji.

National Park, tourists taking pictures of the view from MT.

There is a train, in a compartment of a Japanese family with a child, they go to the site, admiring the views.

An observation deck for tourists.

Tourists arrive on buses and cars.

Family is going to avtmobile into the mountains, passing by the group, perched on a picnic.

A hotel for tourists in the mountains in the national style.

Family out of the car, visits the restaurant.

The bus with tourists going to the mountain lake, on the horizon Fuji.

Tourists ride on a lake boat, sailboat, boats.

Rice fields is the harvest.

Obnalichivanie, sifting rice.

Peasant family resting in the field, the man pulling the strings, ringing bells, scaring the birds away from the rice, the box is stuffed.

A woman washes in the river linen

Key words

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