Shipbuilding. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Gerbert Briger v sotrudnichestve s Aljfonsom Pennarcem, Voljfgangom Cellerom, G.M.Kvanderom, F.V.Kronom /Herdert Briger,Alfons Pennarz,Wolfgang Zeller,H.M.Quander,F.W.Krohn

Reel №1


Turbulent flows of water, flowing fast mountain stream, a quiet creek in the field.

As the stream floats a paper boat.

The boy gets out of the water and ran to the house.

Near the house, his brothers carved model of the vessel.

The grandfather tells his grandchildren about the process of construction of vessels.

Loggers in the forest harvested building materials, sawing, chopping, clean timber.

The logs at the sawmill turn into plaque.

There is a train with lumber.

Miners extract coal.

The steel plant is the production of metal parts of the ship.

Construction of the ship at the shipyard.

Cranes are the details of the ship, is being assembled.

It emerges hull.

Production at the factory pipes, chains, anchors, screws.

Details of the vessel moving cable cars.

Workers at the rally on the occasion of completion of the work.

He speaks from the podium, on the side of the ship breaks up a bottle of champagne.

The ship is coming off the stocks under the cheers of the crowd

Key words

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Reel №2


Tools and equipment of the vessel.

Metallurguichesky factory, manufacturing pipes of different diameter masts.

Installation of a mast on the ship.

Riveters at work, welding plating.

Manufacturing of electrical equipment.

At the cable factory produce cables, wire, rope.

Women at the tables gather fans.

The crane carries a huge generator.

The manufacture of light bulbs


Interior trim of the vessel.

Painting interior walls.

Joiners work.

Manufacture of mirrors and their installation.

Manufacture of carpets and rugs, carpet laid on the floor.

The production of fabrics for tablecloths.

Skater is placed on the table.

The manufacture of Cutlery made of aluminium, spoons and forks on the table.

Glassblowers at work, manufacture of glassware and cups.

Utensils for the kitchen.

The provisions for the ship.

On the shelves are canned.

Agriculture provides meat, bread.


Herds of cows, sheep, pigs.

Animal carcasses are loaded onto the ship.

Loading operations at the port, the cranes carry boxes, bales, cars.

Is heard the whistle of a steamship, the passengers go on ladder on Board.

The radio operator in the cockpit, the captain on the deck, the engine room.

Ocean steamer goes in flight

Key words

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