Svalbard. (1920 - 1929)

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On the snow there are tents, a man preparing for a hike ski bags.

Pick up the load on the dogs up the hill.

Mountains covered with snow.

The river is ice drift.

Sunset over the mountains.

At the foot of the mountains in the lake ducks splashing.

On the rocks nesting birds.

Men in a boat, float, pushing ice floes poles.

Pure water.

On the ice floe is the polar bear.

Far away on the ice are two bears.

Bears swim.

To bear closely approaches a man with a gun, shooting.

Bear down, but then jumps up and Bezhta.

The hunter shoots again.

Two men dragged over the ice on the rope killed the bear.

Two carcasses raise the boat.

Drag killed a bear and her two cubs alive, pull them away from the mother ship in a boat.

Pick a bear on the lift to his full height, standing next to the carcass.

On the ice is a walrus.

Hunter shoots him

Key words

France, mountains, hunting, animals, birds, river, lake