Bees. (1920 - 1929)

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Bees collect pollen.


The bees in the hive.

Transportation hives at an apiary year.

The larvae of bees.

Bees filled with honey, honeycomb.

Types of bees.

Bees in weight.

Labor / Worker / bee, queen bee, the drone.

Bees in honeycomb

Key words

Germany, insects

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Bee on a human hand.

Bees on hand harvested proboscis some sweet substance.


Beekeepers at work.

The bees in the hive.

Swarm of bees.

Shaking off the "wild" bee hive.

Collection of bees shovel.

Pumping honey.

Honeycombs with honey.

The larvae of bees.

Driving produce honey bee and its separation from the body bees

Key words

Germany, insects, food