The Battle of the Somme (1920-1929)

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United Kingdom.

Preparation of operation from 25 to 30 June 1916 g.

Diviziya ready for action.

Soldiers, horses.


Platoons bedfordtsev, suffolktsev.

A battalion of the Royal Scottish shooters perform maneuvers on the eve of the attack

United Kingdom.

City streets.

Peredzhvizhenie soldiers in columns.

The infantry, the horsemen.

Farmers at work near the front line.

Horses at the Watering cavalry.

An officer with chanterelles

United Kingdom.

Training ammunition across the front line.

Ammunition sklodirovannye terrain.

Equipment hidden from the enemy batteries.

Unloading boxes of shells.

Major-General appeals to the Lancashire shooter.

He toured the formation of soldiers.

Soldiers for the campaign

United Kingdom.

British guns firing on enemy positions.

Preparation tools.

Cannon strelyaet.6-inch howitzers firing at German positions in Mametsa area.

Cloud breaks.

Canadian guns firing on German positions DOT.Oblaka shrapnel from explosions of shrapnel over the German positions

United Kingdom.

Londoners and Scots East Yorkshire to speak, to take place in the trenches.

Priest of Manchester is a Mass for the soldiers.

Preparing bombs, called "plume pudding" designed to destroy the barbed wire.

Charging these mortar bombs.

The bombardment of German positions from 9.2-inch howitzers.

Dalneboynoe gun suggest the German positions.

The gun shoots.

Bubbles breaks

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Reel №2

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United Kingdom.

Dinner soldiers.

They are facing the camera.

They dine, drink tea, smoke.

The bombardment of German positions from the 12-inch howitzers.

Type of projectile.

They are charged in the gun.

Aiming howitzers.

The gun shoots

United Kingdom.

The new battalion of the Royal uorvikshirtsev moves into the trenches.

Battalion uorchestertsev attaches to the rifle scissors for cutting barbed wire enemy.

Solldaty are on the road.

Special shells, TN. "Flying pigs" are preparing for the upcoming battle.

The gun fires a projectile that.

Field battery takes captured German trench.

The dead horse

United Kingdom.

The Royal Marine Artillery shelling German positions so-called "grandmothers" -15-inch howitzers.

Type of projectile.

The shell on a special crane lifted for charging "grandmother."

Aiming "grandmother."

Cannon leads shelling German positions

Velikobritaniya.1 July 1916 g.

Utro attack.

View of the battlefield.

Lancashire battalion waiting for instructions, then moves to the forefront.

Bombers replenish ammunition.

The bombardment of German positions with mortars.

The Royal Engineers prepared position for the approaching troops.

Preparation of machine guns to fight.

The explosions of shrapnel over the German positions

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Reel №3

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United Kingdom.

Lancashire arrow occupy the road in a hollow in the "no man's land."

Uorvikshirtsy occupy the captured enemy trench.

Attack on a signal around the 16-mile front.

English Voicu under enemy fire, leaving the trenches and rush to the German positions.

One of the sectors of the front.

Soldiers in attack

United Kingdom.

British "Tommies" tolerate a wounded comrade.

Medics carried the wounded.

They were driven on trucks.

Lancashire battalion returned with the prisoners, are easily wounded, are seriously injured on a stretcher

United Kingdom.

The Royal Field Artillery moved to new positions.

Two advanced batteries led movement.

One of the unsuccessful German counterattacks in the area of ​​La Buassel

United Kingdom.

Captured British guns.

Captured German trenches.

The arrival of the British wounded.

Freed from the German trenches.

Wounded await inspection and care.

Loading the wounded in ambulances

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Reel №4

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United Kingdom.

British wounded and shell-shocked German prisoners.

The officer gives the Germans drink, and the soldier offers him a cigarette.

Withdrawal from the prisoners of various documents from the return them soldiers books.

Medics tray wounded.

The new batch of prisoners.

Processing lightly wounded.

A battalion of sappers manchestreskih sent to the captured German trench

United Kingdom.

The Germans were shelling the British position.

Destroyed by fire the Germans British trench.

Clean the battlefield from snipers and hidden machine-gun nests.

Prisoners and wounded, found the so-called "military police" in the "no man's" land.

Prisoners awaiting transportation to the rear.

Destroyed by fire of the English artillery German trenches between Frikurom and Mametsem

United Kingdom.

Email "catching up" devonshirtsev during combat.

Killed by the Germans.

Selection of corpses.

Preparation of pits for burial

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Reel №5

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Consequences of British artillery bombardment.

Battered German trench.

Funnels of shells and mines.

Destroyed German fortifications in Frikure.

Work Battalion Duke of Cornwall Light Brigade road repairs

United Kingdom.

Types Mamets destroyed village.

Home uliua.

The ruins of houses.

Captured Germans guns near La Buassel

United Kingdom.

Lancashire arrow after the battle on vacation.

Gathering on the roll.

Royal arrows, occupied private toilet.

Essex Regiment soldiers to clean at the source.

Roll Marines.

Cleaning guns.

Group gunners on the battlefield.

Return 8-inch howitzers and prepare it for the next battle.

Soldiers in front of the camera.

German prisoners being prepared for shipment to England.

Battles of the Somme Map

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