Hitler over Germany (1930-1939)

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Germaniya.15 July 1932.

Preparation for the launch of the aircraft "Liftfanze".

Fuhrer goes to smoletu.

The aircraft in the sky, clouds.

Hitler in the aircraft cabin, looking out the window.

Svrhu: river, town and village.

Aircraft over Berlin.

A break in the flight to the ground.

Again off.

The meeting Hitler at the airport.

Hitler made a speech in front of the public and the military

Key words

Germany, aviation, Hitler, airport, population, troops

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Crowds of people.

The orchestra, flags.

Hitler said it that does not still believe in a bright future, but the sun rises over Germany.

Hitler was on a boat floating on the river, close to Himmler.

On the banks are residents and throw flowers into the water.

Hitler ashore in Osterburg, Gede it meets two thousand people.

This Hitler.

He rides in a car farther motorcade.

Laying flowers at the monument to those killed in the first world war.

Ride on the machines

Key words

Germany, river, water transport, Hitler, Himmler, orchestra, Gos.simvolika population, the laying of wreaths, monuments

Reel №3

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Hitler with children.

Hitler at the plane.

Marching schturmoviki.

Hitler on the balcony of the hotel.

Past the passing cars by the National Socialists.

Mounted police.

A military band.

With flags and standards of the workers and peasants marching, welcoming Hitler, which stands in an open car.

Hitler Youth.

Jubilant crowds.

Open car drives slowly through the crowd, which restrains the horse politsiya.150 thousands kenigsbergtsev listen to Hitler's speech.

Hitler is photographed with the common people and children.

Children give flowers to Hitler.

Hitler, on the plane

Key words

Germany, Hitler's visit, children, aviation, police, the population, the Nazis, Hitler Youth, workers, peasants, photo, orchestra, troops

Reel №4


Under the wing of the plane-Germany.

Gamburg.100 thousands listen to Hitler.

Again on the plane.

Path in Lüneburg.

Meeting with a huge crowd of residents in Hanover.

Hitler trays flowers.

Stadium Getingeme.

Boy brings Hitler a bouquet of flowers.


Goering, Hitler at the airport.

A trip to Breslau / Wroclaw / car.

The crowd welcomed Hitler.

Road to Waldenburg.

Women with children.

Carrying banners.

Children trays Hitler flowers.

Hitler gives autographs.


Crowds greeted Hitler.

Hitler's Speech at the stadium

Key words

Germany, Hitler, Goering, airport, cars, people, children, stadium, women Gos.simvolika, photos

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Stadium, sluschateli, Hitler's speech.

Procession columns SS.Rebenok clothing stormtrooper.

Speech by Hitler.

Women distribute food sldatam.

Nazis Columns at the stadium.

Hitler Travel around the city.

Ruhr oblat.

The meeting Hitler.

Rest day in Weimar.

Inspection Palace

Key words

Germany, Hitler, population, SS, children, women, men, the Nazis, the stadium

Reel №6


Port, the view from the window.

Hitler escorted residents.

Hitler razgovarivet with a woman and child.


Hitler on the airfield.

Aircraft over Germany.

This Hitler.


Sits plane, he is met by the Nazis column.

Again Hitler among children and residents.

Plane over Munich / Night Scene /.

Erfurt, the city stadium.

This Hitler.

Travel around the city.

Rows with the Nazis and the standard of flags

Key words

Germany, aviation, Hitler, people, children, the Nazis, Gos.simvolika population

Reel №7

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Hitler in the cabin.

View from above.


Destination Berlin.

Stadium, gymnastic exercises at the stadium workout SA.Nochnoy parts of the stadium.

On the podium, Hitler, Goering and others.

Plane over the Rhine.

Flying over Aachen

Key words

Germany, aviation, Hitler, stadium, sports, Goering, river

Reel №8

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Frankfurt am Main.

Refueling aircraft.

Residents of the town are waiting for Hitler.



The meeting with Hitler.

Hitler enters the aircraft.

People help the plane fly.

The shepherds herding sheep greet Hitler.

Flying over Germany continues

Key words

Germany visit, Hitler, airport, population, farmers, domestic animals

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