film Progress. (1940 - 1949)

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Reel №1

SShA.Metropoliten Museum, Museum of Modern Arts.

Sculpture, painting, photography, cinema.


Director of the Cinematheque-J.


Screening room, the staff look chronicle: Emperor Franz Joseph

SShA.Za table sit Louis Lumière, his "Tables Turned on the Gardener" -one of the first films


Cinema has a curious attraction, after a few years in the Hollywood film industry there is a whole city.

Map of Hollywood, the studio "Metro Goldwyn Mayer '/ MGM / etc. 30 thousand employees of the studio artists, costume designers, set designers.

Layouts, decorations, furniture museum, hours, phone numbers and other.

Fotoproby actress at the Screen Actors cards.

Shooting of the film "Gone with the Wind"

SShA.Nyu York.

One of the samples of the first films that do not have even the basis rasskaza.1903 1 year attempt by award-scene "boshe Train Robbery"

USA. "Journey to the Moon" Méliès, the moon shot hits the eye, travelers coming out of the shell.

Bathers Méliès. "The New York Hat" scene with Mary Pickford and Nayonelom Barrymore.

Scene from "Two suitors" Max Linder

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Reel №2

SShA.Stsenki of the first westerns with William Hart.

The first character vamp Theda Bara in the film "Crazy."

The first comedy - 1914.

Comedy Mack Sennett. "Tillie's Punctured Romance" with Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin in the film "An hour after midnight"

SSHA.1915 year holds a special place in the movie.

Appears Griffith film "Birth of a Nation" / crowd scenes. "

Lillian Gish.

Mary Garden in the film "Thais" .1921 year to "4vsadnika Apocalypse", Rudolph Valentino in the scene with the tango. "Robin Hood" with Douglas Fairbanks / 1922 /.

James Koyuze "Covered wagon"

SSHA.1925 year, "Big Parade" King Vidor on 1 World War / dispatch stage to the front, fighting /

SSHA.1927 year "Lot and the Devil" with Greta Garbo, the first passion. "Joan of Arc" Dreyer, the stage of preparation for the penalty, the actress Falconetti

SShA.Idet forward scientific thought in the field of cinema.

Forest conducts experiments on the recording and reproduction of sound.

In 1927, it appears the first sound film "The Jazz Singer" with Ol Johnson

SShA.Novy kinozrelischa-view animation.

Hero Mouse Mickey Mouse. "All Quiet on the Western Front"

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Reel №3

SShA.Stsena from "Cavalcade" / the funeral of Queen Victoria /. "Grand Illusion" Renoir / episode in the theater, singing "La Marseillaise" /.

Gobain Jean, Juliette Caretta.


Sesill DeMille for camera.


Buster Keaton and Mack Sennat studio

SShA.Uill Hayes, known for its "Code" Joe Brown / head of censorship /.

Walt Disney instilled an interest in animation

SShA.Skulpturki "Oscars", filmmakers received for his achievements in cinema. "Mr.

Smith Goes to Washington." "The Grapes of Wrath" by Steinbeck's novel, the scene from the movie. "The Dictator" Ch.


Charlie Chaplin on vacation with tenissnye racket.


Again Cinematheque screening room.

Strudniki look chronicle

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