Borinazh. (1933)

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Director: Joris Ivens,Genri Stork

Operators: Yu.Fogeljman

Reel №1


Mining district Borinage Belgium, known for its revolutionary traditions



Metrostroevtsy at work.

The arrival of the delegation from Belgium.

Meeting with the Belgian comrades at the table in the apartment of one of metrostroevtsev.

Presentation of one of stroitelnits subway.

Belgian fellow talks about his Borinage


SSSR.Shahtery at work.

Manual production of coal.

The accident at the mine.

Funeral of miners.

Newspaper reports about the disaster.

Mining village.

The apartment the young miner.

Mother says they received a salary.

Footage of severe living conditions of the miner.

Baby in cradle

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Reel №2


SSSR.Zabastovka in response to another pay cut.


Mounted police, reinforcements arrive.


Entering a state of war.

Arrival of military units.

General strike.

Remains of the barricades.

Tomb miner strike victims.

Suppression of speech.

The eviction of strikers from the apartments.

People are homeless living on the streets.

An unemployed miner begging.

Abandoned house boarded.

Check-skilled workers.

Family ejected into the street worker leaves the village


SSSR.Metrostreovka asks the question: how do Belgian miners are fighting eviction?

Belgian guest said on one attempt out, evicted when his comrades staged a sit flat.

The gendarmes left with nothing

Key words

Belgium, the USSR, mine, miners, strike, demonstration, rally, the police, the unemployed Belgium, the Soviet Union, strike, subway, construction, mine, miners

Reel №3


SSSR.Shahtery move into the barracks.

In the barracks.

Hygiene Museum.

Construction of the church next to the barracks.

Children in the barracks, miserable situation.

The sick and hungry children

Key words

USSR, miners, construction, church, poverty, children

Reel №4


On heaps.


The unemployed looking for fuel.

Go women carry sacks of charcoal collected at the waste heaps.

Unemployed miners.

Crowds of unemployed


SSSR.Belgiysky guest at the table is his story.

Demonstrations, organized by the Belgian Communist Party.

Speech is not meeting the Political Bureau of the Communist Party members.

Go down the street with a portrait of Mars Communists.

Striking miners joined the demonstrators.

Crowds of strikers at the mine gate.

go demonstrators


SSSR.Za table.

Speaker Soviet worker.

He remembers about life in pre-revolutionary mining town.

Mining town during the Soviet era.

Ride settlers.

Memorial hut: "There lived a miner capitalist Russia."

New SSSR.Belgiyskie and Soviet comrades farewell

Key words

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