Review Of Tobis No. 8. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Franc Shreder /Franz Schroder/ c uchastiem Zappa Hasselya,Gansa Mirendorfa,Tini Shnejder

Reel №1


By chief editor comes journalist, offers the material, but their conversation is interrupted by phone calls all the time and the arrival of the secretary.

Then they go to the screening room and start otsmotren stories.

Monkeys in cameras, one turns the knob, the other subjects.

Two bear the camera, one missing teeth in the handle unit


Shooting under water.

Two men fighting.

The winner of the loser missing hair, pulls out of the water, comes on the chest, at that poured water from his mouth.

The winner demonstrates muscles


On the gun carriages is a huge aquarium, a man eats a banana water


The man pulls out a big fish out of the water, feeding it with hands to his shoe crawling tortoise, he throws it back into the water

USA. Starting the indoor unit, like a missile into the water.

Spectators at the channel.

Opens the door, three men wearing lifejackets get out of the overturned vehicle


Riding on the water and land on a makeshift car-amphibian


A man in an old suit riding a small bike without pedals, her feet.

Vintage bicycles with one huge and a second small wheels.

Man jumps on the big wheel, pedals


Overcoming a steep hill on a motorcycle.

Athletes are trying to enter the top, fall


Vintage typography / staging /, in the form of metal is poured to cast the font.

Modern printing house.

Typewriting at the cash register of letters.

Woman typing.

The print newspapers are newspapers sheets


A man on the old machine sews book.

The second shows a huge book, the page opens


The young man with the device on the shoulders, which lifts his hat when meeting with friends


Fighting in the ring two monkeys.

The home team is watching them, looked after during the break between rounds


Woman-operator in the stadium takes athletes.

Athlete runs to the camera operator flips over.

The players simulate the game, run up to the woman and dropping it in the heat of battle


Women show off their legs


Men washing windows on skyscrapers


A pair of acrobats dancing on the height of a skyscraper on the board, launched from the roof, they do acrobatics


The man tries on a girl a ring on a toe.

Sitting girl in a swimsuit with rings on feet


Girls working at the telegraph office, using videos to send messages from department to department


Men race on rollers on the scene with an inclined plane.

One of them falls for a side to the audience.

The total drop


Racing on the sand on the car oddly shaped


Dancing Elephant, dressed in hat, glasses and false beard


The berth is a gun on her muzzle comes a man in tights, climb into the vent.

Shot out of a cannon, male flies out, it falls in water

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