Germany, my Germany (1920-1929)

Footage №68245, 4 parts, black-white
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Military operations in the forest.

On a steep rocky side of the hill the soldiers dragged a weapon.

A view of the field, the soldiers in the attack.


Soldiers with guns, gunner.

Caterpillars of the tank.

Tank runs into the trench.

Tank at the strip with barbed wire.

Shooting from guns.

enemy troops.

Street of the city.

The wagons.

At the position: During the break the French reading letters from home, repairing shoes.

French troops in the offensive.

Shoot German guns.

Infantry occurs.

The French in the trenches.

The Germans in the hopper before opening fire.

on the battlefield Type: attack breaks.



French soldiers are attacked with grenades.

Attack of German infantry.

The French retreat.

View of the top field of battle.

German soldiers close up.

The explosion killed the soldiers.

German sailor with flag does not give up.

cruiser View.


On the deck crew.

The explosion, burning ship.


In the engine room.

Boats with icy ropes.

cruiser View.

View of the British cruiser VMS.Nemetskaya submarine.

War submarines: a view of the water surface, it can be seen the periscope, submarine floats.

Marine trying to get through the mines placed.

Explosions at sea.

The ships are firing on submarines.

Flooded sailboat.

The squadron in the sea.

The cruiser fires

Key words

Germany, World War 1, soldiers, weapons, tanks, post, army, explosion, sea, navy, Gos.simvolika fire

Reel №4

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