The big trip. (1936)

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Director: Gans Hajnc fon Allershtejn

Operators: S.Vajngertner,Shliht

Reel №1


Expeditionary film about the voyage of the German cruiser "Karlsruz" to the shores of North and South America.

Cruiser "Karlsruz" is preparing to sail into the Atlantic October 2, 1934.

The deck structure of the sailors, the captain passes.

Flag Raising.

The captain gives the command by telephone.

The engine room, engine start


Map with the route.

Azores, a view of the beach.

The port and the city.

Naval officers on the streets.

Under the arch of a bridge in the teens sit and play dice, pedestrians walking on the street.

The men at a football match.

The boy throws the ball in play, the fans.

The picture after the game on the memory.

Military exercises on the ship.

The team on the deck with guns on their shoulders.

At the command of the sailors flee to places prepared cannon to fight, carry ammunition.

On deck caught a small shark, pulls out of the mouth of the fish.

The sailors on the beach, swim under a waterfall in a lake.

The sailors on the deck in the same T-shirts and shorts.

Learn to knit knots.

The ship crosses the equator.

The shield hang various posters.

So, Admiral, commander greets him.

Costumed men.

Neptune and his entourage.

Smeared with shoe polish sailor tries to smear everyone.

The orchestra.

Comic ceremony over beginners, they are washed, shaved, forced to drink sea water, bathe in the pool, make the climb through the tarpaulin tube

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Reel №2

There is a cruiser.


Rio de Janeiro, the street is a command of the cruiser in service, an orchestra.

The ceremony sounds fascist anthem.

A man holding a ship's bell, puts it.

To adhere cruiser boats with children on board.

Guests are treated to compote, followed by lunch.

Marshiruyuet squad of sailors through the city, accompanied by their women.

On the bus, the men go to the German settlement in Brazil-Blumenthal.

They joyfully greeted the locals, children pull his hands in a Nazi salute.

Worth squad with the standard of the local fascists, give the report the ship's captain.

Veterans of the German Army talking to the sailors.

Meeting with the children at school.

Parade of sailors.

Dancing in the meadow with the girls.

Demonstration Brazilian fascists "green shirts" in honor of the "Karlsruhe".

Residents sailors cruiser escorted the train


City of Montevideo, capital of Uruguay.

Sandy beaches, vacationers en shore.

The sailors on the unloading is carried bales, boxes, Christmas tree in the barrels.

Christmas party on board the cruiser.

The sailors are considering parcel from Germany, lighting candles.

Christmas dinner at the table.

A squad of German teenagers in a militarized form of coming on board, they are greeted by Santa Claus with gifts

Key words

Brazil, the city, the Navy, the soldiers, the women, the orchestra, the Nazis, Gos.simvolika, population, children, veterans, youth, entertainment, parade, demonstration, railroad Germany, Navy, festivals, youth, the Nazis

Reel №3


The German colony in Uruguay.

Cows on the farm work, their chases boy on the horse.


German farming family and their farm.

Seeing the cruiser Montevideo.

German seaplane takes off from water

The passage through the Strait of Magellan, hilly coast, snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Cruiser off Chile.

Hitler Youth Camp, there are tents.

Morning, girls are prepared for breakfast sandwiches.

The sailors in the German settlement in Chile.

Raising flags, buglers and drummers played.

Interview with folk dancing.

Go Hitlerjugend troops with flags.

Opening of the monument to the founder of the German colony in Chile Bernardo Philippi, buried in an urn address future generations


Arriving in Peru.

City Callao.

On the cruiser pick up the boxes, suitable boat.

An honor guard welcomed the President of Peru, visited the cruiser

Key words

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Reel №4


Lima, Peru.

The street goes trolley, equestrian monument in building traffic.

Parade of German sailors in Lima, ahead of going orkestr.

PNRM. on top of the mountains, tunnels and mountain roads.

Archaeologists working in the area, once owned by the Incas.

An archaeologist cleans bones, skull


cruiser View at night, sailors sleep in hammocks on the deck.

Ship's bell ringing in the morning.

The men get up, clean hammocks.

The officer checks the operation.

The sailors wash, shave, engaged in physical culture and sports.

The doctor checks the state of health of the sailors

Key words

Germany, city, urban transport, the parade, the Navy, the orchestra, mountains, roads, archaeologists Germany, navy, soldiers, generals, sports, medicine

Reel №5


On the cruiser military exercises with a torpedo.

Sport activities on the ship.

Running with tied legs, running with potato in a spoon, relay with pins-bottles.

Steeplechase from wall bars, barrels of water and ropes.

Competitions sewing canvas, vdevayut thread a needle.

Jokingly contest dostavaniya candles mouth of a barrel of seawater.

The men are trying to bite off Sosikov tied on a string, not helping himself with his hands.

Tug of War two teams.

The orchestra of wind instruments

Key words

Germany, Navy, sports, men, entertainment, band

Reel №6


Map, equatorial line.

Cruiser in Colombia.

City Buenaventura.

PNRM. on huts covered with palm leaves, the locals.

In the port there is a trade bananas, trader offers women a different little things.

Cowboys charge revolvers, riding horses.

On the street is a card game for money


The sailors are resting on the vessel.

Ahoy sailor hangs laundry.

Ship laundry, irons sailor shape.

Military exercises at sea.

Sailors wearing lifejackets sit in a boat, rowing, then back to the ship.

Captain paves the way on the map.

Officers look into sextants.

The sailor at the helm

Key words

Germany, city, population, trade, women, port, plants, money, entertainment Germany, navy, sea, exercises, commanders, soldiers, military equipment

Reel №7

Arriving in San Francisco.

Flag at the stern of the cruiser.

Vessels in the port of San Francisco, PNRM. around town.

The men marching down the street, played by an orchestra.

The traffic goes tram.

Festive costume demonstration in the city, riding cars, decorated with flowers.

USA flag. nurses coming on board the cruiser.

People waving from the pier.

In the sky, the airship floats

The northernmost point of the trip, the city of Vancouver, PNRM. the city, a lot of high-rise buildings.


On the pier a huge number of people, the police have to regulate the movement of the crowd.

Cruiser in the sea, he is accompanied by dolphins

Key words

US city Gos.simvolika, transportation, urban, men, festival, demonstration, cars, flowers, navy, medicine, population, ballooning Canada, Navy, sea, city, people, police, marine animals

Reel №8


To cruiser suitable tanker "Hansa".

The sailors on the cruiser carry and connect hoses, attach buoys and lead the hose to the "Hansa", is receiving fuel.

Skip cruiser through the Panama Canal locks.

Types of channels.

The American channel protection, are American guards.

Military tents, SShA.Prohod flag through the gateway


Way back cruisers.

Sailors run balloons.

Study anti-aircraft gunfire.

Guns are preparing for battle.

The radioman in headphones.

Shoot the ship's guns.

Military exercises in gas masks.

After okonyachaniya teaching sailors drayat guns removed and stained ship pipe obnavlyayut inscription on the buoy.

Matrosylazyat on the ropes in the break snack sandwiches


Map of Europe, Vigo item Ispaniya.

PNRM. Vigo from the sea.

Meeting with the cruiser "Emden".

The boat with the captain of the "Emden" arrives at the "Karlsruhe".

Competition teams in rowing and sailing.

Cruiser Team on deck, the captain keeps it.

The flag at the stern.

Close-up of a Nazi flag

Key words

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