The country is the 10th muse №2. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Dunin-Bredshnajder Vitoljd. Dunin-Bredsznajder Witold


The film is a popular lecture on sound in film. On the chair goes lecturer. It will go about implementing screenplay Chords of love. There was a time - a lecturer declares, in the face of which the authors of the film ridiculed opponents of cinema sound - when the movie was dumb. The word did not It made no difference. Important was the facial expression, gesture of the actor. On the screen, a lecturer alternate footage showing one of the moments of the shooting. Operators of a movie camera, Actors prepare for shooting. Clapper, goes shooting. At the table, the two men playing checkers, the girl helps the boy. The hero, a composer writes music for the table. There comes a woman, composer embraces her and kisses. Shooting finished. Lecturer appears again: It was a wonderful period of talented young actors playing perfectly. According to the text of the script made titles, which are then inserted into the already finished shooting the movie. But it was only as long as the film was dumb. In 1929 the year everything changed. In the movie, came the unknown people who did everything that they want, no one without asking permission. Near the lecturer It appears at the department of young people who are not particularly polite displaces it from the pulpit and continues: The sound in the film - it's a whole lot of secrets and unexpected surprises. The first and most important our problem - it photographs sound. He tells in detail about the technique of the case shows the scheme and then as result of the work - a soundtrack to the film. Then, on the screen is one of the moments of the shooting of the film sound

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Poland, the movie shooting