Bear hunting in Romania №8894. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Valjter Lekebush /Walter Leckebusch/

Operators: A.O.Vejtcenberg, I.F.Sikhart

Reel №1


In the vicinity of the Romanian village in the mountains there was a dangerous bear, destroying the sheep.

Grazing flock, the shepherds are sleeping in the hut.

Bear steals the flock, sheep missing, lifts it.

One of the shepherds hurry to the village with a message about the bear.

The mayor calls the hunters.

The village mayor, a man reads the order of the raid on the bear and reward.

Hunters with dogs and the people sent into the woods.

The farmer notices movement in the brush, but it turns out to be a wild boar.

In the forest, in a clearing burns branch deer, lynx lurking on a tree.

Lan runs away from the bear and lynx

Key words

Romania, animals, pets, hunting, hunters, forest farmers

Reel №2


Hunters with dogs are on the trail of a bear.

Dogs are pursuing a bear.

Rangers and residents shouting chase the beast.

Sitting in ambush young hunter kills a bear-aimed shot.

All are suitable for the carcass, congratulated hand, he puts his hat fir twig.

Bear carcass tied to a stick and transferred to the village.

Holiday in the village for the occasion.

Playing folk orchestra, dancing couples.

They sit at the table hunters, drink beer.

The young hunter portrayed tanned bearskin with muzzle

Key words

Romania, animals, pets, hunting, hunters, festivals, holidays, the orchestra, the peasants, entertainment