Joseph Brodsky (2002)

Documentary №68378, 1 film, duration: 0:26:19
Production: MASTER
Director:Vasiljev A.
Screenwriters:Shevcov I.
Camera operators:Kokusev E.
Sound mixer:Konyushenko D.


Joseph Brodsky's story about himself and his life. The film is based on interviews with the poet, archival newsreel footage and photographs

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Chronicle of the 1990s - poet Joseph Brodsky on stage at the microphone with a notebook, reading poetry.

Sky with clouds, Baltic marshes, sea, algae.


Petersburg, the canal, the stone embankment, bridges, views of the city, St.

Isaac's Cathedral, etc.

The water washes the granite of the embankment, images of photos with views and sights of the city appear.

View of the facade of the Muruzi house (taken from different angles).

Memorial plaque with Brodsky's name on the house.

View of the Muruzi house and the Transfiguration Cathedral.

Panorama of the iron gates, chains at the cathedral.

B/w photo of the house.

The door opens, the camera moves up the stairs, enters the former communal apartment, the Brodsky room.

Panorama of the room, furniture, interior, grand piano.

There is a small portable TV on the table - Brodsky's interview is shown on it.

Large - fragments of Brodsky's interview on a small TV, a panorama of the walls of the room.

Photos of Brodsky's parents.

Photo of the Brodsky room.

View of the Brodsky room.

Chronicle of 1987 - presentation of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Joseph Brodsky, a banquet of Nobel laureates and guests in the company of the Swedish royal family.

Chronicle of the 1990s - Brodsky in a restaurant, gives an interview.

Photo of the diploma of the Nobel Prize laureate (in the name of Brodsky).

Photo of Brodsky next to the King and Queen of Sweden.

Says Brodsky.

Chronicle of the 1980s-1990s - Brodsky abroad, in the USA, at home, in his office, walking along the embankment, typing, Brodsky leaves the house, walks along New York Street, views of New York, large - Brodsky's face.

Photo - Brodsky near his home in Leningrad, against the background of the Transfiguration Cathedral.

View of the cathedral from the balcony of the Brodsky room, panorama of the room.

Photo of Brodsky.

Brodsky's room.

Different photos - Brodsky, his friends.

Brodsky's room, a small portable TV on the table - there is an interview with Brodsky.

Says Brodsky.

Various photos - Brodsky in exile in the Arkhangelsk region, village, houses, cows, etc.

In the photos - Joseph Brodsky and writer Igor Efimov.

Photo of the name of the settlement of the link - "Norenskoye", wooden houses.

Photo - Brodsky in exile, in his room, at the table.

Various Photos of young Brodsky, with friends, women.

Says Brodsky.

Chronicle of the 1990s - poet Joseph Brodsky on stage at the microphone with a notebook, reading poetry.

Chronicle of the 1990s - Brodsky with his wife Maria Sozzani in Venice.


Petersburg, embankment view, houses.

Chronicle of the 1990s - Brodsky with his wife Maria Sozzani in Venice.

Brodsky is reading poetry at a table in a street cafe on the embankment.

Says Brodsky.

Brodsky in group photos.

The photos taken by Brodsky show his friends.

Says Brodsky.


Petersburg, entrance courtyard, panorama of the building.

Says Brodsky.

Chronicle of the 1990s - Brodsky reads poetry from the stage, forgets the poem, starts again, forgets again, jokes in English, then a book of poems is handed to him.

Photos of the young Brodsky.

Chronicle of the 1990s - Brodsky on stage at the microphone, smiling, leaving.

San Michele Island near Venice - view of the cemetery.

The grave of Sergei Diaghilev.

The grave of the composer Igor Stravinsky.

There is a group of people standing near the grave of Joseph Brodsky.

Key words

Poetry, poems, emigration


Brodskij I. A. - russkij i amerikanskij poet, esseist, dramaturg i perevodchik

Calendar: 1990 1987

Locations: St. Petersburg [814] Sweden [211] USA [851] New York [856] Venice [966]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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