The sons of Russia.The second film "Lone Star Evstigney Fomin" (2012)

Documentary №68405, 1 film, duration: 0:25:47
Production: MASTER
Director:Golubev A.
Screenwriters:Golubev A.
Camera operators:Yorkin M.
Anouncers:Yaroslavcev A.
Sound producer:Brus V.


The second film documentary Novels "The Sons of Russia" dedicated to the famous Russian composer of the XVIII century Evstigney Fomin. His work was not accepted by Catherine II and the royal court. For many years the composer's name was forgotten. And only in the middle of the XX century music Fomina is back in Russia. After all, the light extinguished stars are always reaches the ground ...

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The photos show Venice, an antique clock.

Photography of the starry sky, galaxies, nebulae.

The painting by the artist Belsky "Astronomy Allegory".

The image of the planet.

Miniature of the horologist of the Duke of Berry "The Man with the signs of the Zodiac".

The starry sky.

Portrait of the composer Yevstigney Fomin.


Petersburg, the embankment.

The canals of St.


Ripples on the river, reflection in the water.

New Holland in St.


An old b/w drawing of soldiers with a cannon.

Various paintings and drawings - soldiers, battles of the time of Peter I. Neva Embankment, in the frame of the sphinx on a pedestal.

Decoration in the form of a winged lion sculpture on the granite embankment.

The old b/w photo shows the Imperial Academy of Arts in St.


Academy class, in the frame of the sculpture.

Portrait of the artist Vladimir Borovikovsky.

The painting depicts St.

Petersburg, Kazan Cathedral.

The painting depicts the Orlov brothers.

Portrait of Daria Derzhavina by Borovikovsky.

Rostral columns in St.

Petersburg on the spit of Vasilievsky Island.

Sculptures, various elements on the columns.

Portrait of G. Alymova by Levitsky.

In the frame is an ancient harpsichord of the 18th century with a painting (museum exhibit).

Borovikovsky, portrait of the Gagarin sisters.

Pavlovsky Palace in St.

Petersburg, panorama of the hall, galleries, balconies.

There is a violin on the sheet music.

The photo shows the St.

Petersburg Academy of Arts named after Ilya Repin.

Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St.

Petersburg, view from the canal.

The golden dome of the temple, the cross.

An ancient geographical map, Italy in the frame.

Paintings by S. Shchedrin "View in Sorrento", "Veranda wrapped in grapes".

The city of Bologna in Italy.

Portrait of Padre Giovanni Martini.

Portrait of the composer Gluck.

Portrait of the composer Yommelli.

Portrait of the composer Mozart.

Views of Bologna.

An old map.

The city of Bologna.

Still life with books.

The painting by the artist S. Shchedrin "New Rome.

The Castle of the Holy Angel."

Bryullov's painting "Italian Noon".

The painting by the artist Matveev "View of Rome.

The Colosseum."

Shchedrin's painting "Terrace by the sea".

The portrait shows the composer Jean-Baptiste Lully.

Large - violin.

Portrait of the composer Yevstigney Fomin.

A painting by the artist Cleto Luzzi.

There are notes in the frame.

Old books on the table, a candle in a candlestick.

An ancient carriage with a coachman in a wig and four horses is driving through a snowy field, through the forest.

The barrier, in the frame of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Portrait of Catherine II. The title page of the book "The Works of Empress Catherine II".

The painting depicts Russian soldiers on a hill.

Painting by A. Ryabushkin "Volga Vseslavevich".

The picture shows the fleet on the Neva River.

The hall of the Opera house in Monte Carlo.

Ceremonial portrait of Empress Catherine II. The engraving is the opening of the monument to Peter I (The Bronze Horseman).

Portrait of Queen Marie Antoinette of France at the harpsichord.

Views of winter St.


Evening, winter, illuminated terrace of the house, windows.

The mansion is in the frame.

Panorama of a burning candle.

The artist Tishbein, self-portrait with his wife at the harpsichord.

The keys of the harpsichord.

Oranienbaum Park, autumn.

The front room of the palace.

Close-up - a panorama of the walls with stucco and paintings.

Sculptural patterns on the walls.

Painted walls near the ceiling, paintings on the walls, etc.

Large -crystal details of the chandelier, an angel drawing in the frame.

Painting on the walls of the palace.

Portrait of Count Pyotr Sheremetev.

Portrait of Ekaterina Arsenyeva by Borovikovsky.

Portrait of Chancellor Golovkin by Nikitin.

Portrait of Demidov by Levitsky.

Musicians in antique costumes and wigs play the harpsichord and other musical instruments.

There are notes in the frame.

Pietro Longhi's painting "The Carnival of Venice".

Still life with a clock and a rose.

Museum exhibits - harpsichord, painting.

The painting by the artist Menzel "Concert in Sans Souci".

Winter, a snow-covered field, a sleigh with two horses riding.

Ceremonial portrait of Empress Catherine II. Autumn, St.

Petersburg, Summer Garden.

A sculptural head on the fence.

The painting by the artist Sverchkov "Troika".

The painting by the artist Korzukhin "Return from the city".

The painting by the artist Afonin "Morning of the Serafimo-Diveevskaya Lavra".

The painting "Baptism".

Vasnetsov's painting "On arable land.


A park, a pond, a bank of bracken.

A path in the park, fir trees.

A duckweed pond, a small bridge.

View of the pond.

Water is pouring out of a broken jug (spring).

Tsarskoye Selo, park, sculpture "Girl with a jug".

The paths of the park, a sculpture of a girl on a stone.

Park, meadow, autumn trees.

A squirrel on a branch.

The rich decoration of the rooms of the palace.

Peterhof, the Grand Palace, golden statues, paintings on the walls.

The faces of the statues.

The grand staircase.

Painting on the ceiling (panorama).

Ceremonial portrait of Empress Catherine II. The blue room of the palace.

The painting depicts Lomonosov and Catherine II. Pietro Longhi's painting "The Dentist".

Forest landscape.

The artist Yaroshenko, the painting "The Peasant".

The artist Bogdanov-Belsky, the painting "A new fairy tale".

The painting depicts an elderly wanderer.

Winter landscape with huts.

Fragments from a b/ w feature film - in the frame winter, peasants, stable.

Makovsky's painting "The Driver".

Korzukhin's painting "Bachelorette Party".

Kramskoy's painting "The Miller".

Forest landscape.

Makovsky's painting "Yuletide divination". fragments from a b/w feature film - winter is in the frame, a sleigh drawn by horses is riding.

Makovsky's painting "Peasant Children".

A painting, a rustic landscape.

The artist Venetsianov, the painting "The Sleeping Shepherd Boy".

Polenov's painting "Moscow Courtyard".

The artist is Forty, the painting "Fishermen".

The painting shows a girl lying in the grass.

Tropinin's painting "Lace Maker".

The painting by the artist Alekseev "Red Square in Moscow".

Argunov's painting "Portrait of an unknown woman in a Russian costume".

The Great Gatchina Palace.

Palace Park, duckweed pond.

Portrait of the fabulist Ivan Krylov.

The title page of the book "The works of I. A. Krylov".

Ancient engravings on the theme of the conquest of Indian lands by the Spaniards.

An ancient geographical map.

The painting depicts Spanish conquistadors and Indians.

B/w drawings and engravings - a sailing ship, battles of the Spaniards and Indians.

A painting by the artist Moroni (portrait of a man).

The painting depicts Indian women.

An ancient engraving on the theme of the conquest of Indian lands by the Spaniards.

Velasquez's painting "The Lady with the Fan".

Jacobi's painting "Buffoons at the court of Empress Anna Ioannovna".

The painting depicts a sailing ship at the pier.

The title page of the opera "The Americans".

South America, the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu.

Still life with a basket of flowers.

The Aztec Sun Stone is in the frame.

The Mayan Pyramid in Mexico.

Picture - Indians on boats sailing to the ship.

Portrait of Infanta Maria Theresa.

Goya's painting "Umbrella".

Velasquez's painting "Venus in front of the mirror".

Chest of drawers on carved legs with paintings.

Portrait of Krylov.

The picture shows a library.

The painting shows Christopher Columbus landing on the shores of America.

The b/w engraving shows American Indians.

Patersen's painting "View of St.


Torture boots, shackles, chains.

The casemates of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

The painting depicts the execution of Yemelyan Pugachev.

Tsarskoye Selo, park, pond, stairs of the palace.

The drawing shows the Cameron Gallery in Tsarskoye Selo.


Tsarskoye Selo, park, pond, autumn landscapes.

The bridge.

Reflection in the water.

The opera "The Americans", text by roles.

The Royal Opera House in Stockholm, in the frame of the hall, boxes, ceiling paintings, etc.

The photos show fragments from operas, plays, etc.

The title page of the Opera Don Juan.

Views of Prague.

The clock in Prague on the Old Town Square.

Portrait of Mozart.

The photo shows fragments from the opera.

The picture shows the street of the city.

In the frame of Peterhof, park, sculptures.

Ancient Greek drawing.

A sculptural panel.

The statue of Orpheus with a lyre.

Tauric Chersonesos, ruins.

Sculpture "Boy with an eagle".

Portrait of the playwright Yakov Knyazhnin.

In the frame, musicians in wigs and vintage costumes.

Autumn, yellow foliage, pond.

Yellow leaves flutter in the wind.

Park, pond, autumn landscapes.

Ancient Greek floor mosaic "Theseus and the Minotaur".

Antique sculpture in the grotto.

The painting shows Orpheus and Eurydice.

An antique chandelier.

A room of the palace, a table in the frame, candlesticks and a clock.

A room in the palace, with a harp in the center.

A large mirror in a gilded frame on the wall.

Painting on the ceiling.

The sofa is in a niche, under a canopy.

A black vase on a pedestal.

Painting on the walls (panorama).

Poussin's painting "The Poet's Inspiration".

The title page is "The collected works of Yakov Knyazhnin".

Portrait of actor Ivan Dmitrievsky.

The gate and fence of the Summer Garden.

Summer garden.

The drawing shows views of St.


Summer garden, benches, sculptures.

Autumn in the Summer Garden.

Bas-relief with horsemen.

An illustration by Gustave Dore.

The painting shows Orpheus and Eurydice.

Poussin's painting "The Kingdom of Flora".

The ancient Greek temple of the Parthenon.

Ancient Greek drawings.

Claude Lorrain, Bayou Bay.

Ancient Greek drawings on amphorae.

Jacques-Louis David, "Paris and Elena".

The painting shows Greek ruins.

Pavlovsky Park, the garden of Empress Maria Feodorovna, in the frame of sculptures, paths, benches, etc.

A panorama of flower beds.

A butterfly on a flower.

B/w drawing - the kingdom of Hades, Styx.

Moreau's painting "Oedipus and the Sphinx".



Petersburg, canal, sunset.

Evening, Kazan Cathedral.

Reflection in the water.

The engraving shows centaurs.

The drawing shows Orpheus and Eurydice.

The sculpture "Laocoon and his sons".

Sculptural ancient Greek masks.

Poussin's painting "Bacchanalia".

Panorama of the bas-relief.

Bouguereau's painting "Orestes pursued by the Erinii".

The Watts painting.

Ancient Greek golden masks (comedy and tragedy).

Large - the keys of the harpsichord.

Notes on the harpsichord, a candle is burning.

Large - the feet walk on the floor, climb the stairs.

Key words

Music, composer, views of St.
Petersburg, fine art, Russian artists, painting, paintings, parks, palaces

Locations: St. Petersburg [814]

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823] Autumn [826]

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