rebuild Moscow (2012)

Documentary №68422, 1 film, duration: 0:25:28
Production: MASTER
Director:Voronov N.
Screenwriters:Voronov N.
Camera operators:Mavletdinov I.
Sound producer:Brus V.


In the 20 -21 century, Moscow has undergone renovation three: The first was caused by the imperial ambitions and demanded to give the city a monumental, solemn appearance, symbolizing the triumph of socialism. The second - "Khrushchev" - was caused by the necessity of the construction of mass housing. And finally, the third held in the past twenty years, has embodied in the architecture of the "explosion" of the wild, cynical capitalism. The film traces the history of the reconstruction of Moscow and trying to match their social and historical significance.

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama on a b/w photo - in the frame of old Moscow, the center, the Kremlin, the Moskva River, etc.

Chronicle of the 1900s - winter, Moscow, people on the street, sleigh drivers, shopping malls, a fish seller in the market, carriages on the road, a procession at the temple, mass celebrations, an ice rink, etc.

The chronicle of 1917 - A train passes, an orchestra plays, people on the platform.

Says Professor Evgeny Viktorovich MARHI Ass.

In the frame of a b/w photo of the beginning of the 20th century - houses in Moscow, destroyed buildings.

Says E. V. Ass.

Chronicle of the 30-40s - Moscow, new districts, streets, buildings, cars in the frame, urban transport.

The b/w photos show various architectural projects, sketches of the new Moscow.

Chronicle of the 30-40s - Moscow, bridge construction, Crimean Bridge, view of the Moskva River, Kremlin, Stone Bridge.

B/w film - in the frame of the Palace of Soviets, the bridge, the river, planes fly past the huge statue of Lenin in the sky.

B/w photos of old pre-revolutionary Moscow, old houses, streets, architecture in the frame.

Says E. V. Ass.

Chronicle of the 30s - houses are demolished in Moscow, explosions, debris of old buildings are shown, an excavator is working, etc.

B/w photos - demolished houses, ruins, construction plan (1935), etc.

Chronicle of the 30s - Moscow, Tverskaya Street, old buildings are being demolished in the center of Moscow, passage through the center, the building of the Central Union on Myasnitskaya Street, various buildings in the constructivist style, trolleybuses, a river, people on boats, residential multi-storey buildings (view from the window of the house to the courtyard and the square below).

Chronicle of the 30s - Moscow, travel around the city, modern houses in the frame, a view from the window to the street (trams, cars, pedestrians in the frame), Tverskaya Street (Gorky Street), etc.

Says the artist Nikas Safonov.

Chronicle of the 30-40s - Stalin's monumental houses, high-rise buildings, housewarming, people moving to a new apartment in a car with their belongings, A. Laktionov's painting "Moving to a new apartment".

Says E. V. Ass.

Chronicle of the 30s - streets of Moscow, a tram passes, modern houses, squares, night Moscow, fountains, crowds of people on the streets, high-rise buildings in the frame, fountains at VDNKH, etc.

Chronicle of the 20-30s - Moscow, cabbies, cars, a tram passing along the street, old buildings in the frame, people on the streets of the city, traffic.

Chronicle of the 20s - cabbies on their faces, cars, pedestrians.

Chronicle of the 30s - trams, traffic, people on the streets of the city.

In the frame of the document is a decree on the construction of the subway in Moscow (1932).

B/w photos - construction of the metro in Moscow.

The letter "M" (metro) is flashing.

Says E. V. Ass.

Chronicle of the 30-40s - meters in Moscow, trains, platforms, people at the station, on the escalator, an employee of the subway in uniform on the platform at the train, people in the subway train carriage, the train leaves the tunnel (view from the driver's cabin), Partizanskaya metro station (lobby, sculptures), platforms and lobbies of various metro stations, the entrance to the Sverdlov Square metro station (Teatralnaya), the building of the Arbatskaya metro station, the pavilion of the Dynamo metro station.

Says E. V. Ass.

B/w photos - lobbies of the metro station "Mayakovskaya", "Kropotkinskaya".

B/w photos - construction of high-rise buildings in Moscow.

Says E. V. Ass.

Diplomas are in the frame, layouts in the office of E. V. Assa.

Says E. V. Ass.

B/w photos - construction of high-rise buildings in Moscow.

Modern Moscow, our days, high-rise buildings, city center, Moscow River, Moscow State University building.

Moscow, passage along Tverskaya Street.

There are various architectural elements on buildings in the frame - columns, stucco, bay windows, etc.

Panorama of various buildings in the center of Moscow.

Fountain in the park.

Panorama of b/w photography - Moscow of the 40s and 50s.

Portrait of Stalin.

Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev is in the photo.

Chronicle of the 60s - Moscow, center, ul.

Gorky, people on the streets, traffic, old wooden houses on the outskirts of Moscow, new buildings under construction in the frame.

Chronicle of the 60s - five-storey Khrushchevki, construction of panel houses, construction site, builders are working, in the frame there is a bathroom in Khrushchev, the facade of a five-storey apartment building.

Says E. V. Ass.

Chronicle of the 60s - an apartment, a living room, a set table, a family preparing to welcome guests, apartment residents looking out of the window, a panorama of the facade of an 8-storey apartment building, housewarming, happy residents at the house.

Drawings - streets and houses of old Moscow, boulevards, temples, etc.

Chronicle of 1991 - in the frame of Boris Yeltsin.

B/w photos from 1991 - people at a rally with posters, barricades, tanks, protesters, etc., Chubais with vouchers, the Rossiya Hotel, etc.

Says architect Sergey Alexandrovich Skuratov.

Circular panorama of the facades of buildings (taken from bottom to top).

Says Skuratov.

In the frame, Skuratov's diplomas are on the wall.

Says Skuratov.

Modern buildings of Moscow are in the frame.

Driving around the city, there are two modern high-rise buildings in the frame.

Various office buildings, business centers, etc., a lot of glass and metal in the design.

The building of the Moscow International House of Music.

Panorama of modern residential buildings.

Nikas Safronov speaks.

Says E. V. Ass.

Says Skuratov.

Panorama of the Moscow City building complex.

Photo shoot on the embankment - a girl in the image of an angel with black wings against the backdrop of high-rise buildings in Moscow City.

There is a photographer in the frame.

Panorama of the Moscow City high-rise.

The Stalin high-rise on Novy Arbat is in the frame.

Modern buildings in Moscow, residential buildings and offices.

Decorative elements on buildings, various metal structures.

In the frame of the Moscow City high-rise.

Says Skuratov.

Travel through the center of Moscow.

Nikas Safronov speaks.

Passage along Tverskaya Street.

Says Skuratov.

Passage along Tverskaya Street.

Key words

Architecture, construction, pre-revolutionary Moscow, Moscow metro, metro, Stalinist Empire, skyscrapers, Khrushchev, Moscow City, Tverskaya Street


Safonov N. - sovetskij i rossijskij hudozhnik Ass E. V. - sovetskij i rossijskij arhitektor i hudozhnik, osnovatelj i rektor arhitekturnoj shkoli MARSh, professor MARHI Eljcin B. N. - sovetskij i rossijskij partijnij, gosudarstvennij i politicheskij deyatelj, pervij vsenarodno izbrannij Prezident RF

Calendar: 1900 1917 1930-1940 1920 1960 1991

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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