Sight 27.09.1996 (1996)

Telecast №68533, 1 part, duration: 0:41:32
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The story of man's salvation from the sunken barge.

Shooting September 15, 1996: rescue team is searching for.

Fragments of an interview with Vyacheslav Nazarenko, Vladimir Kirillov Progress.

Saved Oleg Rudenko with the team.

The anniversary of the events of September in Moscow.

Shooting September 23, 1993 at the White House: the people at the barricades.

The man gives the interview-family message.

Interview with Grigory Yavlinsky about the riots.

Night rally.

Ideological disputes in the streets.

Unrest at Metro Barrikadnaya September 29, 1993.

The procession from the church Yelokhovsky October 3, 1993.

Participants of the rally.

People build a barricade.

The parallels with the current situation in Yerevan.

Shooting September 20, 1996 in Yerevan concert of Charles Aznavour.

Types of Yerevan.

Demonstrations and riots in the streets.

Alexander Lyubimov and Shavarsh Karapetyan discussed the situation in Yerevan.

The border between Ukraine and Russia, Uspenskoye village, family house Dobronogovyh divided by a state border in half.

Dobronogovy and their families tell about the features of village life.

Hiking people from Russia to Ukraine and back.

The position of the Assumption comment representative of the MFA of Ukraine Anton Buteyko and Konstantin Zatulin.

Comments Sh.


Alexander Lyubimov says feat Shavarsh Karapetyan to save people from drowning trolley.

Hero tells of life after the end of his sports career.

Leading read out a letter of rescuers: people are not paid for their work.

Discussion of why a secret service employees remembered only when they are needed.

Filming in October 1993 at the White House, on his participation in the riots says Anatoly Khizhnyak.

A.Hizhnyak in the jungle.

A traveler said Alexey Kosulnikova about his trips to South America and Africa.

Reflections on good and evil on the example of the differences in the lives of African tribes.

A.Lyubimov talks about "White scarf" movement.

The video for the 1st International Competition Charity Foundation "Spark-view-ANTIAIDS".


Yavlinsky GA - Politician, doctor of economic sciences, writer and publicist. Alexy II (Riediger AM) - Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Sh Aznavour (Aznavuryan Sh.V.) - singer, composer, poet, writer, actor and diplomat. Karapetyan Sh.V. - Soviet athlete in the discipline diving record holder and champion of the USSR, Europe and the world, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, honorary president of the Russian Association of diving. Buteyko AD - Ukrainian politician, an international lawyer, translator, diplomat. KF Zatulin - Russian politician, Director of the Institute of CIS countries. Khizhnyak A. - anthropologist, member of the Association of free travel, the head of the Department of distant expeditions of the Russian Geographical Society.

Calendar: 09.1993-10.1993 09.1996

Locations: Kamchatka Krai [760] Moscow [820] Yerevan [982] Ukraine [229] Russia [1]

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