A Blue Flame of the World. (1971)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Grigorev R.

Operators: Baykov V., Tsitron V.

Anouncers: Khlebnikov A.


The film is about the Exhibition "Intergas-70" and the XI International Gas Congress which took place in the Kremlin Palace of Congress.

Historical background

June 9, 1970 in Moscow, opened the Eleventh International Congress of gas. On June 8 in VDNH opened an international exhibition "Intergas-70.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. Kremlin. Opening of the XI International Congress of the gas in the Hall of Columns. Speakers: Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR MT Efremov, AN Kosygin, the Minister of Gas Industry AK Kortunov, Trofimuk, Paton, foreign representatives: Chefis (Italy), Anza (Japan), Nosikas (USA) and others. Participants geologist Yu Erve. Exploration for gas-bearing areas in Tyumen. The car on the track in the tundra. Yu Erve flying in an airplane, riding in the car. Snow-covered taiga. Boreholes. Opening of the exhibition "Intergaz-70" at the Exhibition of achievements of the national economy. Opens MT Efremov. Stands AK Kortunov. Shoots cinematographer. Members of Congress at the exhibition. The acquaintance with Moscow, in the cabin of the aircraft flying in gas fields. Delegates to the craft: Shebelinka - Ukraine, Gazli, Central Asia - Center, sections of the gas pipeline in Georgia, Armenia, Samarkand. Farewell banquet participants.

Reel №1

Kotelnicheskaya Quay - LS. with a / t

The overall plan of the Kremlin.

According to the Kremlin are members of Congress, are included in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses - MS., LS.

Members of Congress talk on the sidelines - different.

The flags of the participating countries of the international exhibition "Intergas-70."

The opening of the exhibition at ENEA "Intergas-70", with the participation of 214 companies from seventeen countries.

Exhibitors welcome Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers, MT Efremov and Gas Industry of the USSR Minister AK Kortunov.

MT Efremov cuts the ribbon - MS.

Gathered at the opening of the exhibition include the pavilion, visiting the exhibits - MS., LS. (PNRM.).

Participants in the International Forum on the sidelines of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses talk about international cooperation in the gas industry: CEO Company "Ruhrgas" Mr.

Shelberg (Germany), President of "Annie" (the national oil and gas company in Italy), Mr Chefis, president of the Japan Gas Association, Mr.

Anza (synchronous ) - CU., MS.

Working tape - CU.

Cameraman with a camera - CU.

Applaud members of Congress gathered in the hall - LS. (PNRM.).

President of the International Gas Union, Deputy Minister of the Gas Industry of the USSR, Comrade Sorokin opens eleventh International Gas Congress.

Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers MT Yefremov reads greeting Congress of the Prime Minister of the USSR AN Kosygin.

The report "Natural Gas Industry of the Soviet Union" acts USSR Gas Industry Minister AK Kortunov.

Map of main gas pipelines of the USSR - LS., CU.MS., PNRM.

Speakers: Comrade Odvarka (Czechoslovakia), Mr.

Anza (Japan), Mr Nosikas (USA), academician BE Paton (the Soviet Union), Mr Chefis (Italy) - CU.

Plenary session in the House of Unions.

The meeting participants perform, listen, write - different.

The report "Natural Gas Siberia" acts Academician Andrei Alekseevich Trofimuk - MS.CU.

In the hall - the Hero of Socialist Labor geologist Yuri G. Erve - CU.

Tyumen Region, January 1967 - Erve.

B / W newsreel:

Head of the Central Geological Survey of Tomsk, Lenin Prize JG Erve in helicopter cockpit - CU.

Helicopter over the taiga - LS.

Convoy Geologists scouts on the road - LS.

JG Erve in cab cars - CU.

Snow-covered taiga - MS.

A drilling rig in the new gas-bearing area - LS. (Helicopter).

An operator at the control - MS.

Geologist on the phone in the room, the window burst - MS.

The snowy plains are tractors - LS.

Explosion - LS.

They run deer - LS.

In the air, a helicopter with a tube - MS., LS.

Helicopter lands, taxis.

From a helicopter driven tube.

Work on the northern section of the pipeline: laying pipes and winding - LS., MS.


Exhibition "Intergas-70."

Soviet equipment building columns.

The current model of Pipelayer - CU. (PNRM.).

Models of equipment for the construction of gas pipelines from large pipes - in the open air ENEA.

Powerful rotary excavator trench easily develop even in the permafrost.

Cleaning and insulation machines - MS.CU.

Experts from Finland, the Netherlands, England and others familiar with Soviet technology.

Through the pipe with a diameter of 2.5 m are girls - CU.

Reel №2

Exhibition "Intergas-70," Soviet equipment: model of a section of fishing Gazley in Uzbekistan control room - operators at the controls, the layout of compressor stations, gas turbine compressor system GGC-10 layout insulated underground storage of liquefied gases - MS., CU.

Demonstration of the French original, automatic guided "sleeves" for transshipment of liquefied gas from storage on ships and tanks - MS., CU.

Samples of pipe company "Manesman" (Germany), and ball valves of Borsig-Hartman for gas mains (Germany) - LS., MS.

Turbines with a capacity of 25,000 kilowatts of Italian company "Fiat» - CU.

Christmas tree of the American firm "Kamerton» - CU., MS.

Soviet and foreign experts visiting the exhibits - MS., CU.

Various equipment for kitchens: Dutch designs; Soviet-made stove with provision for barbecue lovers, portable apparatus for shepherds in the field, gas stoves Polish association "Universal", the Hungarian gas fireplaces - different.

At the closing session of the congress on "The gas in the world of tomorrow" acts George Robert, a prominent public figure in France in charge of natural gas, elected the new president of the International Gas Union - CU.

Album illustrating report - pictures, photos - MS., CU.

Members of Congress are considering album.

Members of Congress applauded - MS.

Interview on the sidelines of Mrs.

Ottilinger, a board member of the Austrian Petroleum Directorate - CU. (Synchronously in Russian).

Members of Congress stand near the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, walking in the Kremlin - LS.


Ottilinger - CU.

Tsar Cannon - CU. (Zoom), LS.

Dome of the cathedral - MS. (Zoom).

Kutuzov Avenue, Arch of Triumph - LS.

Bolshoi Theatre - LS.

Gorky Street - MS. (PNRM.).

Flying aircraft - CU.

Members of Congress in the cabin - MS., CU.

Shebalinsky gas field in Ukraine - LS. (PNRM.).

Congress participants in the fishery - MS., CU.

Portion of the gas pipeline in Georgia - crosses the river - LS., PNRM.

Underground gas storage facility near Yerevan (Armenia).

Delegation gas industry goes past the valve.

Mosque Samarkand (Uzbek SSR).

Gas workers inspect architectural monuments and gas field Gazley, from starting out giant gas pipeline Bukhara-Ural and Central Asia-Center.

Guests visiting the premises equipment.

Farewell party congress participants and banquet at CBC.

Congress participants talk to each other, raise toasts - CU., MS.