Towards the Shores Of Maklay. (1971)

Documentary №7006, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:01
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Rusanov P.
Screenwriters:Pochevalov L., Rusanov P.
Camera operators:Rusanov P.
Anouncers:Khmara L.


About the voyage of the scientific research vessel "Vityaz" ["Knight"] towards the shores of distant tropical islands of the Pacific ocean.

Temporary description:

The scientific expedition of the Soviet research vessel "Vityaz" in New Guinea. The vessel "Vityaz" in the Pacific Ocean en route to its destination. The expedition landed on the coast of New Guinea, establish an obelisk in memory of his stay in New Guinea, the Russian scientist and explorer NN Miklukho-Maclay. Drawings, page diary N. Maclay, postage stamps depicting NN Miklukho-Maclay. Landscapes of New Guinea. Residents of New Guinea - the Papuans are learning to drive a tractor, play football, selling bananas. Santa Claus brings Christmas gifts to the Papuans. Papuan village, the residents cook on the fire: boiled bananas, coconut. City of Leningrad, the building of the Institute of Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences named after NN Miklukho-Maclay. Exhibits of the Ethnographic Museum on the presence of NN Maclay on New Guinea.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A general panorama of the map of the Pacific Ocean, islands and the island of New Guinea.

A panorama of a smooth surface of the Pacific Ocean; waves are only spreading from therunning vessel.

A panorama of small islands - atolls with tropical vegetation.

The Soviet research vessel “Vityaz” is going towards the far tropical islands in the ocean.

Waves with white horses in the ocean.

The “Vityaz” forecastle.

The captain is in the deck-house by the map.

Scientific expedition members are on the vessel forecastle and on the deck looking at the oncoming coast through the field-glasses, looking through a book by the Russian scientist and traveller Miklukho-Maklay.

Pictures made by the Russian researcher - "Volcano" and others.

A volcanic island in the ocean.

A panorama of the coasts of New Guinea - one of the largest islands in the world.

A panorama of the title-page of the book by Nikolay Miklukho-Maklay: “Bereg Maklaya Na Novoy Gvinee” [“Maklay's Coast in New Guinea, 1871-72, 1876-77”].

The book is closing; the cover of the book from the collected works by Miklukho-Maklay, a panorama of the printed portrait of the author on the cover.

A portrait of young N. N. Miklukho-Maklay.

A picture of the corvette “Vityaz” by which N. N. Miklukho-Maklay arrived in New Guinea from the city of St.

Petersburg in September, 1871.

The Soviet vessel “Vityaz” is ancoring at the coast of New Guinea.

Dropping the anchor and hoisting the flags.

Meeting on the deck.

Papuans, indigenes of New Guinea, are sailing up on self-made boats to the ship “Vityaz”, Papuans are welcoming the vessel crew of the vessel and expedition members, offering coconuts to the visitors.

Vessel crew members and expedition members the together with a group of Papuans are going to the Maklay Coast on the motor boat; landing.

Expedition members are installing an obelisk with the memorial plate: "In memory of disembarkation of the Russian scientist at this coast from the corvette “Vityaz in 1871” at the place where the Maklay's hut was.

Papuans are watching.

The Captain of the “Vityaz” is presenting an axe to the Papuans.

A portrait of Miklukho-Maklay.

A drawing of Miklukho-Maklay’s hut.

A self-made boat on the sandy shore.

A panorama of palms along the coast.

A panorama of the impassable jungle, tropical flora, lianas.

A panorama of New Guinea landscapes.

A panorama of palm trees and comas of palm trees.

Papuans – men.

Pages of Miklukho-Maklay’s diary with the text, drawings, and dictionary.

The Papuans’ heads - men and women - drawn by Maklay.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Young Papuans are during the lesson - sitting under the tree, listening to the teacher, reading

Young men are learning to drive a tractor (a Soviet guy is helping them); playing football (barefoot).

Papuan women are standing at the tree and carrying loads on the “yokes”.

The Papuan in a skirt is standing at the white-haired boy.

A plane is flying by over the jungle.

Small-sized vessels in the port.

Unloading of bags from the motor ship.

Papuans - men and women- are selling bananas from the boats to the members of the crew of the vessel at anchorage.

A foreign vessel is entering the harbour.

A general panorama of the city of Laia (European style) - buildings, streets, traffic of cars and motorcyclists; people in the streets, there are a lot of Europeans.

A Papuan in the car, he is smiling.

Celebration of Christmas: tree branches are decorated with multi-coloured balls, Santa Claus is handing out Christmas gifts to the Papuans – the children and the grown-ups.

Children with the gifts.

Santa Claus is departing by motor truck.

Palm trees along the road.

Men are mowing a grass with machetes.

A Papuan is wiping sweat off his forehead.

A boy is carrying a coconut.

A Papuan village.

A woman is cooking on the campfire.

Coconuts, bananas are boiling in the kettle.

A man is cutting up a coconut with the axe, cutting the pulp out with a knife.

Inhabitants of the Papuan village - men, women, children.

A woman with a boy named Maklay.

A photo: Miklukho-Maklay with a young Papuan.

A large panorama of Maklay’s diary pages.

The stamp issued in honour of Miklukho-Maklay; the stamp on the envelope.

A general panorama of the city of Sydney (shot from the sea).

A huge bridge.

A general panorama of a street.

A photo of ill Miklukho-Maklay.

A general panorama of the Neva River Quay in the city of Leningrad, waves are lapping against the footsteps.

A building.

The signboard: “Ethnography Institute named after Miklukho-Maklay”.

A general panorama of the Ethnography Museum halls with exhibits - Miklukho-Maklay’s collections.

A large panorama of Papuan instruments of labour.

Waxwork – Papuans.

Cartoons devoted Miklukho-Maklay’s stay in New Guinea.

The sculptural bust of Miklukho-Maklay in the Museum hall.

The albatross is hovering in the sky.

A photo of Miklukho-Maklay during the last years of his life.

A general panorama of the Ocean (evening).

Palm trees on the coast (evening).

The Soviet vessel “Vityaz” in the ocean (evening).

An expedition member of the is waving his hand (evening).

Children-Papuans on the coast (evening).

The vessel forecastle (evening).

A volcanic island in the Ocean (evening).

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