A Poem About the working Class. (1971)

Documentary №7047, 6 parts, duration: 0:52:16, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Tikhonov V.
Screenwriters:Oshanin L., Rychkov B.N.
Camera operators:Akkuratov E., Maksimov L.
Anouncers:Khmara L.
Text authors:Oshanin L.


About the difficult way, about the main stages in the working class history.

Temporary description:

Leningrad. Kirov Plant. Working dynasty Promahovyh at work. Photos of family Promahovyh. Teachers NE and GE Promahovy are lessons in school. Production processes in the shops of the Kirov factory, including assembly of tractors. Images from the film "Youth of Maxim. Personnel chronicles the different years on Putilov. Personnel Chronicle on SM Kirov. Work U. Zakirov tells about the Kirov (synchronously). Personnel chronicles the first five periods, the Second World War, including: manufacture of shells, build tanks at the Kirov factory. Leningrad. Streets, squares, embankments, buildings, bridges. The boy and girl walking down the street. Seeing the army E. Promahova. Vocational school of the Kirov Factory. Students in the classroom, practice. Contest of skill. Awarding of the Kirov Plant, Order of the October Revolution. GV Romanov gives the order.

Reel №1

On the difficult road, the main stages in the history of the working class.

Close-ups of people who work in various professions in different parts of the economy: steelworkers, miners, riggers high altitude, crane operators, drillers, petroleum, chemistry, weavers, spinners, collectors cars on the assembly lines, construction workers, loggers.

Works Sledgehammer - close-up.

Dump on the ceiling of the river drops a stone with the inscription: "We are on the shoulder any obstacles."

Close-up, spilling metal - panorama.

Crane takes out an electric furnace heated slabs and feeds them to the mill - A panorama.

Large groups, flows are shifts in different cities of the country.

Winter and summer.

Workers are open passes through the checkpoint of the Leningrad Kirov Plant - medium, large plans.

Wall brick multistory building Kirov plant with an inscription on it: "Not in the history of the revolutionary movement in Russia, a point where there would be heard the mighty name of Putilov workers - Sergei Kirov Mironovich - panorama from the wall to the checkpoint.

The plaque on the factory: "In December 1894 the Kirov Plant (former Putilov) came Lenin to get acquainted with the life and work of the working people of the largest enterprises in the country.

12 (25, New Style), 1917, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin spoke at the rally 20000th workers Putilov and Putilov Shipyard with a report on the current situation "- close-up.

In a group of workers of the Kirov factory is Evgeny Shots - a former locksmith, now master of galvanizing plant, the son of Ivan Promahova distributors, met at the plant of Lenin.

Photographic portraits of young EI Promahova, the current head of the dynasty Promahovyh.

Photoportrait IA Promahova who came to the plant (1900).

Photo Promahovyh family - Ivan and children.

EI Shots in the shop at work - close-up.

Wife Yevgeny Ivanovich - Natalia Evdokimovna, the former village teacher from the village of Don Podkolodnovki in the class in the classroom with the children.

Photo portrait of a young NE Promahovoy - close-up.

Promahovyh daughter Galya - a teacher - a lesson in class.

Son Promahovyh - Valentin, fitter sixth level in the shop at work at the bench - medium, large plans.

Younger son Promahovyh Eugene - mechanic - working for the machine - close-up.

Older sister Evgeny, Promahova Olga, who has worked at the plant 40 years (25 of them at the main line) - panorama from the face in his hands, close-up.

Hands of an elderly working woman - close-up.

Reel №2

The main conveyor Leningrad Kirov Plant, young fitters, boys and girls-build powerful tractor "K-700" - a common, medium, large plans.

On the shop floor are the master galvanizing plant Evgeny Shots and his friend, the foreman fitter Konstantin Govorushin, talking.

Stills from the film "The Youth of Maxim" with movie stars and N. B. Chirkova Kibardina (Workers strike, working out at the demonstration with the song "Varshavyanka" crackdown on demonstrators by the police).

Putilov factory building (historic footage).

Decree: "Since Alexey Putilov to call the Commission of Inquiry of the Petrograd Soviet of Workers' Deputies on time did not come, the Council of People's Commissars decrees confiscated in favor of the Russian Republic of movable and immovable property of Alexei Ivanovich Putilov."

Signature on the decree: The Chairman of the CPC Ulyanov (Lenin) - close-up.

Historic newsreel:

Shop Putilov factory "Red Putilovets" in the first years of Soviet power - the general plan.

From the shop goes first Soviet locomotive - panorama of the plan.

Passing the first Soviet car - the average plan.

Of the factory "Red Putilovets" leaves first Soviet tractor.

Soviet tractors on parade - panorama of.

Speech by the Kirov to the working people of Leningrad (synchronous): "The proletariat of our great country stoshestidesyatimillionnoy firmly took up the plight of millions of Soviet Union.

The proletariat of our country, the head of which is the best of the lot - the party of our Leninist Bolsheviks, be able to ensure the victory. "

Cheering workers - an outline

(30 years) The first tractors in the Soviet countryside, peasants enthusiastically greeted them.

Working 25-thousanders sent by the Communist Party to rebuild the village on socialist lines, one of whom was Ivan Shots, get on the train.

Locomotive comes with a poster: "The assault on the reorganization of agriculture" - close-up.

Putilov first tractor in the countryside - farmers demonstration with banners and flags are going through the village, passing in front of the tractor.

Photo of the party committee of the CPSU (b) plant "Red Putilovets" first convocation, which was a member of the SM Kirov.

SM Kirov (30 years) - close-up.

Former secretary of the Party branch plant Usman Zakirov, composed with SM Kirov at the party account, tells SM Kirov, on his visit to the plant, on his advice in the party leadership of the concern for public property (synchronously).

Footage of the 30s:

SM Kirov among workers.

Working at work at the import of machines - big plans.

Working in the classroom literacy classes and study, to learn to read technical circles and managing the factory equipment.

Skilled workers at work on the machines of domestic production - close-ups.

Smokestacks - an outline.

Miner with jackhammer working in the mine - close-up.

Young people working on the construction of an industrial enterprise.

Construction of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine - medium, large plans.

Camel sniffs rails railway "Tursib" - close-up.

Workers go to the construction of the Dnieper.

A. Stakhanov worked in the coal mines of the Donbass - close-up.

Newspaper with a picture of one of the first Stakhanovite Leningrad Zababakhin Promahova, whose team in overtime led the assembly of the 10 machines for the Spanish Republic.

Pictures - team EI Promahova.

Reel №3

Celebrating at home Promahovyh birthday Zababakhin Promahova, born November 7, 1917, - the hosts and guests at the table.

A family friend says KV Govorushin congratulatory toast wishes happiness EI Promahovu and his family (synchronously).

Misses E. and his wife at the holiday table.

EI Shots with my sister and her son at the table.

Toast says frontline each EI Promahova (synchronously).

EI Shots crying at the memory of the war (November 7, 1970).

Photo Evgeniya Promahova - border guards, political officer, came into the fight against the Nazi invaders at dawn on 22 June 1941 at the river Horyn, where he was wounded, but continued to fight - close-up.

German bombers in the air with a swastika on the wings.

Bomb explosion on the ground.

Burning village - panorama of.

Street fighting Soviet soldiers with Nazis in Stalingrad.

Newspaper article entitled "Shots Fired: 66 years without a miss," the Commissioner Battalion EI Promahove, destroyed in close combat in the Black Mound 21 Nazis.

Panorama of the destroyed Embrace smoke Stalingrad, the battle for who was seriously wounded (considered killed) E. Shots (it found among the dead and saved surgeon Victor Stolbovoi).

The monument to the defenders of the motherland on Mamaev Hill - the main figure - "Motherland" - the average plan (winter).

Marble slab in the Pantheon with inscribed on it the names of the fallen in the battle of Stalingrad.

Panorama: The Eternal Flame at the Pantheon - the average plan.

EI Misses place in the Pantheon, facing the sculpture "The Motherland", goes on the mound.

Sculptural group memorial ensemble on Mamaev Hill, reliefs carved into a brick wall - close-up.

Photography - Olga Promahova with her fiance, then went to the front and died in battle for their country.

Olga Ivanovna's room Promahovoy - panorama of the interior.

Wall clock with the inscription on the plate OI Promahovoy from the collective departments of the factory.

Powered pendulum wall clock - close-up.

Portrait of young OI Promahovoy - close-up.

Panorama photo with OI Promahovoy its lowered working hands - close-up.

OI Promahova in the shop at work on the crane during the Great Patriotic War.

Assembling the tank in the shop of the Kirov plant in Leningrad blockade days - an outline (with the top point).

Aircraft assembly in the shop - panorama of the plan.

PNRM., Ruined roof factory floor - the general plan.

Women in the shop make shells - the average plan.

The wreckage of the fascist German aircraft - close-up.

Broken German military equipment.

In the workshop of the metallurgical plant in the oven seasoned German tank to the facility.

Motherland sculpture at the memorial Piskarevsky - the average plan.

OI Promahova on Piskarevsky lays a wreath at the monument.

Panorama of the monument, stands at the foot of a lonely woman - an outline (the top point).

Photo portrait of EI Promahova, Major, holder of two orders and six medals, four German commandant cities.

Family photo EI Promahova (postwar years) - close-up.

Reel №4

Motor tractor "K-700" is applied to the main conveyor of the Kirov factory - the average plan.

Young workers - young men and women at work on the main line (different build operation of the tractor).

OI Promahova youth in the shop, talking to the boys and girls.

Happy faces of young people - the workers of the Kirov factory (in the shop in working clothes).

Tractors assembled at the main line - panorama of.

Tractors go out of the shop into the courtyard (at night).

Leningrad - the general plan with the departure from the spire of the Admiralty and the Neva.

Seagull over the Neva Fall - the average plan.

Eugene Shots - fitter - with his bride Nadia worker blacksmith shop, a walk along the shore of the Neva, the city streets.

One of the channels in Leningrad - the general plan (late autumn).

Bridge across the Winter Canal.

Fontanka - the general plan (winter).

Sphinx on the waterfront - the average plan.

Young workers - young men and women of different professions fitters, steel workers, assemblers, machine builders, installers-altitude probes on wires (winter), the builders, the excavator, glassblower, operators control panel manufacturing, distributors, laboratory assistant, blast furnace in their areas of work - large plans.

Industrial landscape - the general plan, winter blizzard.

Issuance of smelting at the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine, steelmakers in the shop at work - big, medium plans.

Seeing the young "Kirov workers' military service in part, grew out of the squad which was created in 1918 from 48 Jan Fabricius Putilov workers, the station's parents, family, friends, girlfriends, friends, girlfriend escort boys.

Eugene Misses says goodbye to his mother, father, family, and the bride Nadia.


Reel №5

Production Hall Order of the Red Banner, vocational school № 42 named.

Vasi Alekseeva - the overall plan.

Vocational school students in the workshop at work at the machine - plumbing, turning - big plans.

Working boys, teenage girls - big plans.

Machines Kalinin, who graduated in vocational youth at Putilov.

The machine, which from 1896 to 1899. worked Mikhail Kalinin.

The plaque on the machine - close-up.

Footage chronicle:

Mikhail Kalinin appears rally team Kirov factory in 1939, when it handed over the plant state award (synchronous), talking with old "Kirov workers."

Portrait of Yuri Gagarin - the grandson of the Putilov worker.

Family photo Gagarin, the cosmonaut's mother, Anna graduated from vocational school Timofeevna Kirov factory.

A sign at the entrance to a vocational school of the Kirov factory "... vocational school № 42 ..." - close-up.

Graduates of the school - the Hero of Socialist Labor Boris Vorobyov and deputy of the Supreme Soviet, member of the World Peace Council Konstantin Govorushin - now working at the Kirov plant in the shop of the plant - close-up.

Young workers have graduated from vocational school № 42 of the work at the bench at the Kirov Plant.

Old worker Ousmane Zakirov says young people working at the Kirov plant, its varied interests, the high professional skills (synchronously).

A poster in the shop, "Hey contestants skill" - close-up.

Contest participants - young mechanics at work on its machines - close-up.

Clock showing the time of the competitors.

The members of the jury.

Worked Victor Olszewski (the second time he is one of the winners of the contest and at 23, got 5 level).

B. Olszewski talks about himself, about his profession, about plans for the future (synchronously).

The winners of the competition - the best turners, fitters best - B. Olszewski - fitter lekalschikom Valentin Shots - (6 digit) after the event - close-up.

EI Shots with their students in the workshop of the plant - medium, large plans.

Vocational school students at work at the machines - medium, large plans.

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Solemn ceremony of the Order of the October Revolution, the Kirov plant in 1970 for the successful implementation of the five-year plan - a general view of the hall, the hall is made banners plant, meeting participants toy applause welcome banner.

In the hall among other factory workers - Olga and Evgeny Promahovy.

First Secretary of the Party Committee of the Leningrad GV Romanov pins Order of the October Revolution to the flag of the plant.

Two Orders of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor Red Banner and the banner of the plant and layouts of these orders on the canvas in the back of the stage - medium, large plans.

Promahovy and others applauded.

Black-and-white newsreel:

Tall smokestacks.

Steel (Magnitogorsk) plant - the general plan of the industrial landscape.

Individual working times different professionals in enterprises and construction sites in the first five years.

Construction of the Fergana Canal - work diggers - medium, large plans.

People's militia in service before the decree in the fight against the Nazi invaders.

Soviet soldiers in the trenches at the front during World War II - a panorama, medium, close-up.

Teacher Galina Promahova in class is a geography lesson - the average plan.

Demonstration of workers of Leningrad November 7, 1970 - Panorama.

The column are working Kirov factory.

Misses E. and his family members who work at the Kirov plant, the demonstrators.

Banner "Labour record" Kirov workers "sneaked demonstrators.

A festive demonstration on Red Square in Moscow - the general plan

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