A Tale About a Horse.. (1971)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kiselev A.


The story of the beautiful and noble animal - a horse. The film shows the operation of the racetrack, sports training and competition, the stud farm life. In the film, there is no sound.

Different kinds of sports | Sporting events | Sports legends

Reel №1

Central Moscow Hippodrome (CMR), trotting races.

Jumping Competitions.

Flat race.

Winners go to the bleachers.

Congratulations to the winners.

Master jockey M.Kosenko.

Competitions Dressage, acts E.V.Petushkova.

Thoroughbred stallion Aniline, the champion of the USSR, Europe and the world, a leading manufacturer of stud farm "Sunrise".

The groom washes the feet of the horse after exercise. N.N.Nasibov with aniline.

Working days CME training athletes.

Over the field plane flies, the horse gallop.

The transport stream.

Carriage horses in the city.

Heavy in harness.

Along the path running trotters.

Eye horse.

Military Personnel Chronicle of different years: The troops are on the streets of the city, army convoys.

The detachment of cavalry.

Evacuation of the population.

The convoy got stuck in the snow during a blizzard.

People pull horses out of the water at the crossing.

Soldiers with a horse on a mountain trail, the horse falls.

Transportation of the wounded soldier with his friend in his arms.

Army convoy in winter.

The trunk of a birch.

Horse in the field.

A herd of grazing, horse riding on the grass.

Girl combs the bangs and a mane.

The boy cleans a horse.

A horse stands in the water near the shore.

Mares foals transferred across the river.

Blooming water lily.

Mare and foal standing in the water.

Horse at the watering.

Flowering herbs.

The herd grazes in a meadow.

Foal jumps up and runs to her mother.

Flowering grass silhouetted horses in the background.

The view from the window (the image is not in focus).

Fencing Levada.

Dirt, freezing.

The horse runs on the paddock.

Jockeys out in the field for a ride.

On the roof of the stable cat sits.

Spring drops.

Young leaves of the tree.

Mare with foal in a stall.

Mares with foals walk in Levadia.

Training of horses in a field.

The group of riders in the forest.

Athletes triathletes on the cross-country race.

Participants smooth race.

The herd at the watering. M.Kosenko on splints.

E.V.Petushkova in ashes. N.N.Nasibov with aniline.


Petushkova EV - Soviet athlete, twice world champion in dressage champion and Olympic medalist, Merited Master of Sports, coach, Cand. Nasibov, NN - Master-jockey, a multiple champion of the USSR and Europe, State trainer of racehorses.




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