The Stratosphere Arrow. (1971)

Documentary №7075, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:31
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Nebylickiy B.
Screenwriters:Agranovskiy A.
Camera operators:Khavchin A., Yatsun E.
Anouncers:Khmara L.


The film tells about the new Soviet supersonic Tu-144 aircraft manufacturers of the team.

Temporary description:

The test flight of a supersonic passenger plane TU-144 (1968 year). Tupolev and AATupolev meet the pilots at the airport after the first flight of the Tu-144. The crew of the Tu-144, who made his test: E. Yelyan commander, flight engineer Yuri Seliverstov, senior test engineer, W. Bender, co-pilot Kozlov. Production meeting on the results of tests of the plane. Verification tests in the Computer Center at the taping. Ground testing of units, parts, aircraft parts. The second test flight of the Tu-144, November 12, 1970. Designer of AATupolev with colleagues in the design office. Preparation of the Tu-144 to the International Aeronautics and Space Salon in Paris. Tupolev, AA Tupolev aircraft with crew members discuss the upcoming flight abroad. Flight of the Tu-144, the In Moscow Paris International Air Show at.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Hand aircraft with a pencil drawing on paper sketch conceived of aircraft - close-up.

Model of the future aircraft "Tu-144" is tested in the laboratory at supersonic speed - close-up.

Verification of the model on the nature of the flow - close-up.

The first drawing of the future aircraft - close-up.

Aircraft designers, scientists in the design office at the drawing of the Tu-144.

The first flight of a supersonic passenger plane "Tu-144", held on December 31, 1968 - the plane at the airport - close-up.

General Designer, twice Hero of Socialist Labor Andrei Tupolev and his son - the Chief Designer of "Tu-144" Alexei Tupolev, at the airport during the first test flight of a new car.

The first takeoff - panorama of.

Cockpit - the average plan.

Plane "looks up" - a new part (in flight).

"Tu-144" in flight.

Commander Edward Yelyan in a special suit for supersonic flight at the controls of the aircraft - close-up.

Tu-144 comes in to land.

Tupolev, AATupolev other at the airport watching the flight and landing.

E. Yelyan commander, flight engineer Yuri Seliverstov, senior test engineer Vladimir Bender, co-pilot Mikhail Kozlov at the airport after the first test flight.

Tupolev, AATupolev other crew congratulated on the successful completion of the flight, the crew congratulates creators aircraft.

Repeated test flights of the Tu-144 - different plans.

Yelyan E., Kozlov, V. Bender, Yu Seliverstov in special suits during flights - big plans.

The flight crew and discuss the behavior of the ship dismantled in flights (synchronously).

Flight schedules Tu-144.

Computer Centre, KB; calculation goes supersonic speed aircraft, studied records of flight tests.

Electronic machines work, people.

The test wing in the lab - panorama.

The second "sacrifice" a giant copy of the aircraft - the Tu-144, is designed to work "prochnistov" to study the reliability of the design - the overall plan.

Measuring the load on the wing - large, medium plans.

The test panel under load - large, medium plans.

The test temperature and the outer wall of the aircraft cabin.

Cabin with simulators of passengers during the test aircraft.

Work devices, people during the test Tu-144.

Test alarms, control gear - several different plans.

General view of the plant.

The Tu-144 in the disassembly.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Tu-144 in the air at supersonic speed test track, on November 12, 1970 - the general plan.

E. Yelyan commander at the helm (large) reported to the command post on the ground speed aircraft - two thousand 430 kilometers per hour (synchronously).

Duty at the control is in talks with the crew of the Tu-144, located in a test flight (synchronously).

Kozlov, V. Bender, Yu Seliverstov in the cockpit during the flight test (all in special costumes) - large, medium plans.

Tu-144 comes in to land.

In the design office AATupolev and other designers discuss the results of the tests - a few plans.

In lofting shop designers, engineers calculations are to improve production of copies.

Draftsman deals drawing on the metal.

The machine handles a large part of aircraft - wing panels with high accuracy.

Operating handle the smallest detail of the aircraft with the use of a magnifying glass.

Production samples Tu-144 assembly plant - general view.

Aviation workers for assembly of aircraft, their equipment.

Workers prepare the Tu-144 for the first flight abroad, in Paris, at the Salon International Aeronautics and Space.

Tupolev aircraft designers and a group of workers who prepared the plane for exhibition in the shop talking to them (simultaneously).

Chief Designer AATupolev answers questions Tupolev aircraft's readiness for flight tickets (synchronously).

Bender Engineer answers questions in an interview with AA Tupolev (synchronously).

AATupolev talking to workers on the shop floor (synchronously).

"Tu-144" on the airfield - panorama of the plan.

Trial planting of passengers on "Tu-144".

Trial demonstration of passenger service on board the Tu-144: passengers in their seats, a flight attendant welcomes passengers (synchronously), gives them breakfast.

Passengers have breakfast in the cabin - large, medium plans (dramatization).

E. Yelyan in the cockpit asks for permission to take off on a flight to Paris (synchronously).

Attendant gives permission to take off (synchronously).

Tu-144 takes off (on the device) - close-up.

Tu-144 in the air, climb above the clouds, flying over the clouds - the overall plan.

Movie №0

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