The working Moscow At the Communist Subotnik. (1971)

Documentary №7088, 1 part, duration: 0:09:53, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Burashova G.
Camera operators:Maksimov L., Oshurkov M.
Text authors:Belikov V.


The film is dedicated to the Communist Subotnik in Moscow on 17 April, 1971.

Temporary description:

The film is dedicated communist Saturday in Moscow on April 17, 1971: Muscovites are at a volunteer, a meeting in the depot of the Moscow-sorting. Production processes at the plant "Serp i Molot" Moscow's house-building plant, the plant "Red Proletarian", in the greenhouses of the farm "Moscow" on its car factory. Lenin Komsomol Moscow Watch Factory, one of the textile enterprises in the furniture factory. The work of students of Moscow universities to improvement of the city.

Reel №1

View of Moscow from Lenin Hills.

Marx Avenue past the House of Unions, the State Planning Commission and the hotel "Moscow" passing traffic - MS.

Muscovites go to communist Saturday - MS.

The flags on the wall - MS.

Entrance to the depot "Moscow-sorting", the door plaque with the inscription: "Here on 12 April and 10 May 1919, the first Communist Saturdays, called VI Lenin great beginning »- CU.

A plaque installed at the engine, repaired the first communist Saturday - CU.

Workers rally depot "Moscow-sorting» - LS.

At the rally, party secretary performs depot VS Dobychin (synchronously) - LS., MS.

Listen to workers - CU., MS.

Open-hearth plant factory "Hammer and Sickle» - LS.

The stove work, Hero of Socialist Labor V. steelworker Klyuev and his henchmen LG V. Spiridonov and Lukyanov - MS., CU.

The shop is factory team Klyuyev, smelt a day communist Saturday 10 tons of steel over the plan - MS.

Pouring out of the furnace, molten steel - MS.

The shop of the Moscow House Building kombanata № 1 team members drummer communist labor NG Nikamova discuss plans for manufacturing jobs - CU., MS.

Finished panel houses in stock plant production - LS., CU.

A crane moves panel houses - MS.

Crane at work - MS.

Construction of residential houses in the area Chertanovo: crane lifts the panel house, builder direct the crane welder - CU., MS.

The residential area - MS., LS.

The shop Moscow Printing "Red Proletarian" printers work with products coming off the printing press - MS., LS.

A worker puts printing brochures "Materials XXIV Congress of the CPSU" - different.

View of the Moscow Kremlin and the Great Stone Bridge - LS.

Moscow Street, decorated with flags.

Trolley rides - MS.

Installers are repairing the wiring on a lamppost in front of the Central Exhibition Hall - MS.

Workers work in the streets of the capital - plant trees and shrubs, dig lawns - MS., CU.

Crane lifts a tree lying in the back of a truck - MS.

Work in greenhouses farm "Moscow" - the workers put onions, watering seedlings.

A man carries a box of radishes, a woman collects cucumbers cucumbers in boxes - different.

Cleaning up at the Moscow furniture-assembly plant № 1 in


Masters and Kozlov Barannikov collect cabinets, and on the conveyor master Smirnov amassing product - MS., CU.

Weavers working at a machine manufacturing plant them.

Sverdlov - Bodrikova T., Nikolaev, Gulyaev - MS., CU.

The shop TCI brakovschitsa S. Mill Klopova checks tape fabric, converging from the machine - MS.

The shop of the Moscow knitting mill running brigade.

XXIV Congress of the CPSU - MS., CU.

Assembly shop stoves Moscow refrigerator factory - workers collect plates - different.

Workers of the Second Moscow Watch Factory assembled watches on an assembly line - MS., CU.

Poster on Saturdays, in the shop of auto plant them.

Lenin Komsomol - CU.

Pipeline, which brings together car "Moskvich» - LS ..

Automobile Workers collect motor - MS.

Assembly shop of the plant.

First secretary of the Komsomol EM Tyazhelnikov.

E.Tyazhelnikov says communist Saturday (synchronous) - CU., MS.

On the assembly line - cars "Moskvich» - MS.

In the lead car driver sits - fitter deliverer AZLK Yuri Samoilov - MS.

Column "Muscovites" goes down the street - LS.

Pass master Logunov team of repairmen depot "Moscow - Sorting» - MS.

Passing refurbished locomotive - LS.

Work on the cart wheeling books - Miscellaneous

Shop furniture factory - LS.

Hang fabric - CU., PNRM.

In stock are refrigerators - MS., LS.

Hours in boxes - CU.

Are the cars - LS.

Building electromechanical plant them.

VI Lenin, Lenin statue, the plant - LS.

Pushkin Square, Gorky Street, the building of the newspaper "Izvestia".

The streets of Moscow passes transport; pedestrians are - different.

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