Sight 08/03/1988 (1988)

Telecast №70902, 1 part, duration: 1:29:26
Anchor:Tatjyana Drubich, Galina Kalashnikova

Reel №1

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Videoanketa "What do you need for happiness?", People on the street to answer questions.

Maly Theatre actress Elena Gogoleva gives an interview about the role of love in the life of a woman (video).

Actress Tatyana Kalashnikova Galina Drubich and journalist in the studio talking about the fate and problems of modern women.

Teleconference: The journalist Oksana Pushkin on Kalininskokom Prospekt in Moscow conducts a survey among men and women on the topic: "How to make a woman happy?".

Oksana Pushkina speaks in "Blue trolley" with psychologists Gilten Svetlana and Sergei Khrustalev groups of open communication and socio-psychological training.

Guest studio, international journalist Irina Lagunin of the female journalist and the role of women in the modern world.

Video chronicles: female weightlifters to workout in the gym.

Women's fights in the ring.

Women soldiers Iranian army during the drill and tactical exercises.

Fashion show for plus size women.

Woman shoots a machine gun.

Irina Lagunin says about women in men's professions.

Director of the office of airline "Panameriken" in Moscow Jennifer Young gives an interview about working with the Soviet women (movie).

The secretary of the Komsomol Lyudmila Shvetsova talks about his work in the Komsomol, the Young Communist League of current problems.

Shvetsova says about the problems of modern men.

The plot of the large family of Jordan from Leningrad.

The mother of the family Lyudmila Jordan talks about the life of the family, he tells about the problems of large families.

Video chronicles: children playing, sitting on the carpet.

Jordan Family in the kitchen at the dining table.

Guests of the program - the editor in chief of the weekly "Family" Sergei Abramov and the Head of the Main Department of therapeutic and preventive care for children and mothers Vladimir Alekseev discussed in a story about a large family studio.

Abramov spoke about the problems of modern families with many children, the role of the Soviet Children's Fund in addressing these issues.

Alex says about the priority of the issue of protection of motherhood and childhood, the issue of orphans in the USSR and family planning.

Nurse Nadia Khusainova talks about his service in Afghanistan, said about the changed outlook on life.

Photos Khusainova in critical aircraft.

Khusainova with her young son in her arms.

Guest program - artistic director of the theater "Satyricon" Konstantin Raikin said changes in the repertory and new productions.

Raikin reads a monologue, written with his father - AI Raikin.

Female stylist Vladimir Yartsev on the workplace talks about fashion in hairdressing, and the necessity of issuing the magazine on the art of hairdressing in the USSR.

Report from the Kalinin Prospekt: ​​psychologists "Blue trolley" talk about human loneliness issues, women in the family and ways to overcome them.

Psychologists talk about the benefits of group social and psychological assistance.


Gogolev Elena - theater and film actress Drubich Tatiana Lyusenovna - theater and film actress, a doctor Lyudmila Shvetsova - state and political figure Konstantin Raikin Arkadevich - film and theater actor, director

Calendar: 08/03/1988

Locations: Moscow [820]

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