Kuleshov effect. (1969)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Rajtburt S.

Script writers: Konopleva A.

Operators: Tartakov P., Kaznin A.

Composers: Mihajlov D.

Other authors: Roginskaya N.


The film is dedicated to the creative activity and methods of the famous film director Lev Kuleshov.

Persons of arts | Movie | Directed by movie

Reel №1

Newsreel of 1968: film director Lev Kuleshov discusses with students questions of dramaturgy Brecht, reads a monologue from the play Brecht (synchronously).

Photo portraits of Kuleshov in his youth and old age.

Kuleshov talks about the main stages of his life and creative activity, about the beginning of work in the cinema and the first impressions from the filming of films (synchronously).

Fragment of a silent x / movie.

Photo directed by Bauer E.F. and Kuleshov while working at the Khanzhonkov studio.

Fragment x / movie "For happiness", in which Kuleshov performs one of the roles, behind the scenes Kuleshov's story about work on the role sounds (synchronously).

Kuleshov talks about his first film "Project engineer Priate" (synchronously), photos of scenes from the film.

Kuleshov talks about his experiments in cinema in the field of editing, creating the "Kuleshov effect" (synchronously).


Kuleshov Lev Vladimirovich - film director, silent movie actor





Reel №2

Newsreel of 1919: people go to look at the public opening of the relics of St.

Sergius of Radonezh April 11, 1919, behind the scenes Kuleshov's story about carrying out this survey sounds (synchronously).

People at the gate of the monastery.

Hieromonk Jonah reveals relics, people at the entrance to the temple.

Expert Dr.

Popov examines the relics, the skull in the doctor's hand.

Photo of dissected relics.

Kuleshov recalls shooting newsreels during the Civil War, working together with cameraman E. Tisset, meeting with the actress Khokhlova AS and working together with her (synchronously).

Potres of Kuleshov in 1919.

Photos of Khokhlova A.S.

Newsreel May 1, 1920: laying a monument to Karl Marx at the Theater Square in Moscow.

Lenin V.I. during the laying of the monument.

Lenin signs a mortgage board.

Kameneva O.D. among the participants of the event.

Lenin talks with the participants of the event.

Workers establish a foundation stone at the site of the future monument.

Installation of a foundation board in the base of the monument.

Lenin puts the cement in the foundation of the monument.

Lenin speaks at a rally during the laying of the monument "Liberated Labor."

Fighting on the fronts of the Civil War, the cavalry are attacking, the machine-gunners are firing.

Photos of Kuleshov during the Civil War and shots from the propaganda film "The Red Front".

Writer Viktor Shklovsky tells of his acquaintance with Kuleshov (synchronously).

Photos of artists and film directors who studied at the Kuleshov Film Laboratory: Pudovkin V., Barnet B., Galadzhev, Vogel, Podobeda, Komarov, Obolensky L.

Photographs of films performed by students of Kuleshov.

Fragments of their x / movie "Extraordinary Adventures of Mr.

West in the Land of the Bolsheviks", shot by the team Kuleshov, behind the scenes Kuleshov's story about the plot of the film sounds (synchronously).


Lenin Vladimir Ilyich - state and political figure [841] Kameneva Olga Davidovna - a revolutionary figure


03/11/1919 05/01/1920


Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]



Political figures; Holidays; Religion; Russian civil war

Reel №3

Fragments of the x / movie "Extraordinary adventures of Mr.

West in the country of the Bolsheviks, behind the scenes Kuleshov's story about working on the film sounds (synchronously).

Fragments x / movie "According to the law" with the participation of Khokhlova, Pudovkin, Obolensky, behind the scenes Kuleshov's story about the shooting of the film, the performers of roles and the work of the operator Kuznetsov (synchronously).

Photos of Mayakovsky VV

Cover of the poem by Mayakovsky "Ok!" with dedicatory inscription Kuleshov.

Portrait of Mayakovsky, photographs of Mayakovsky with the artist Rodchenko and Kuleshov in the 1920s.

Khokhlov in the film Kuleshov "Journalist."

Reel №4

Fragments x / movie "Journalist", shot Kuleshov, with Khokhlova in the title role, behind the scenes sounds Kuleshov's story about the attitude of film critics to the film (synchronously).

Writer Viktor Shklovsky speaks about patience in life and art, about the contemporaries evaluation of films "Under the Law" and "journalist" (synchronously).

Photos of Kuleshov on the set of the sound film Horizon, portraits of actors Batalov N., Dmitrieva K., behind the scenes Kuleshov's memories of the beginning of work in sound cinema sound (synchronously).

Fragments of the x / movie "Great Comforter."

Reel №5

Fragments of the short stories "Real Life" and "Happy End" from the sound / movie "Great Comforter", shot by Kuleshov, behind the scenes Kuleshov's story about the film sounds (synchronously).

Photos Kuleshov at the wheel of a car and a motorcycle, behind the scenes Kuleshov's story about his love to driving a car, about participation in car racing, a trip through Malye Kara-Kum sounds (synchronously).

Fragments of the x / movie "Siberians."

Photos Kuleshov with writer Arkady Gaidar, behind the scenes sounds Kuleshov's story about friendship and teamwork with Gaidar over the script of the film "Oath of Timur" (synchronously).

View of the last page of the script with the autograph of Arkady Gaidar.

Photo of Arkady Gaidar.

Reel №6

Photo of the writing-table of film director Sergei Eisenstein, the text of his letter to Kuleshov.

Photographs of Eisenstein, behind the scenes Kuleshov's story about meetings with him sounds (synchronously).

Newsreel second 1946-1948: Eisenstein in the admissions committee VGIK, next to sit Khokhlova AS, Kuleshov LV.

Eisenstein's face.

Eisenstein and Kuleshov in the admissions committee.

Writer Viktor Shklovsky about the role of Eisenstein and Kuleshov in creating VGIK and Russian cinematography (synchronously).

Newsreel of the 1960s: Kuleshov during the lesson on acting, students play the stage, Kuleshov makes remarks.

Kuleshov says about the need to do in life, as much as possible, about happiness in work (synchronously).

Newsreel of 1965: view of the hall of the 1st Congress of Soviet Film Makers (top).

Kuleshov is given the floor to open the congress.

Kuleshov delivers a speech from the rostrum of the Congress.

Photos of Kuleshov in the 1960s.


Eisenstein Sergey Mikhailovich - director of the theater and cinema Kuleshov Lev Vladimirovich - film director, silent movie actor Khokhlova Alexandra Sergeevna - actress of cinema


1946-1948 1965 1960s


Moscow [820]

Film actors; Education