Sight 05.12.1997 (1997)

Telecast №70943, 1 part, duration: 0:50:04
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov, Sergej Bodrov

Reel №1

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News of the explosion in the mine Ziryanovsk December 2, 1997.

Miner sends details of the accident Alexei Kosulnikova phone.

The funeral of the dead miners.

Videopismo from Ryazan: 300 parachutists, coupling in free fall, a new Guinness record.

What will happen with the army sport in the future?

Contacting members of the Central Sports and Parachute Club (SCPC): Alexander Beloglazov Sergei Shkuropat and Zinaida Kuritsyna talk about the government's decision to privatize and sell the club building.

Fragment of the program "The View" of December 27, 1996: The miners are trading in the market.

Filming December 3, 1997: Interview with Kireevsk residents that over the past year, nothing has changed.

The new method of dealing with non-payment of wages: the miners are turning to the courts.

Filming on Vladimirovskaya mine December 10, 1996: miners gather for a rally.

The rally in the center of Tula.

The head of the strike committee Nikolai Afanasievich Bunyakin and other miners talk about cuts, unpaid wages, leaving people to work in the capital.

Visiting program director of the museum "Yasnaya Polyana" Vladimir Tolstoy.

Talk about the cultural situation in the country.

The lack of state funding.

Removing protection from cultural institutions.

Prospects for the closing of a number of museums and libraries.

Filming in Yasnaya November 16, 1993: Boris Yeltsin's visit.

V.I.Tolstoy talks about continuity of generations.

Excerpts programs involving the national team and the janitor Bukashkin "CHajf".

Meeting with musicians Bukashkin in November: A Memoir of joint tea parties and rock festivals.

Discussion topics burial of the remains of the imperial family.

Rehearsal group.

Bukashkin continues to paint the garage.

V.I.Tolstoy talks about reviving the traditions of Yasnaya Polyana.

Congress of Writers on the day of birth of Leo Tolstoy.

Creation Association "provincial museums".

Announcement of Oksana Pushkina's program "Women's History" featuring Lima Vajkule.

V.I.Tolstoy the pros and cons of living in the province and in the capital.

Museum Director responds to questions from the audience.

Polygamist from the Sverdlovsk region: the story of the farmer's family Vladimir Marina.

The two wives and 14 children - a lot or a little, from the point of view of modernity.

V.I.Tolstoy talks about his family.


Beloglazov AV - Honored Master of sports of international class, honored coach of the USSR and the Russian Federation, head coach of the national team of Russia on parachute acrobatics, consultant-expert of the International Federation of Aeronautics and skydiving community. Shkuropat SV - Honored Master of Sports, Honored Worker of Physical Culture, Honored coach of Russia on parachute spot. Kuritsyna ZM - Master of sports of international class in parachute jumping, international referee, senior trainer-teacher SCPC. Tolstoy VI - Journalist, writer, director of the Museum-Estate "Yasnaya Polyana", Honored Worker of Culture of Russia. Boris Yeltsin - Statesman and politician, the first president of the Russian Federation. Shahrin VV - Rock musician, composer, poet, writer, actor, leader of the group "CHajf" public figure. Runners VS - Guitarist, poet, composer, one of the founders of "CHajf" group. Vajkule LS - Latvian pop singer, actress and social activist.

Calendar: 16/11/1993 28.04.1995 23.02.1996 30.08.1996 10.12.1996 27.12.1996 11.1997 03.12.1997

Locations: Kemerovo region [780] Ryazan region [799] Tula region [808] Yekaterinburg [886] Sverdlovsk region [803]

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