Sight 27.12.1996 (1996)

Telecast №70974, 1 part, duration: 0:42:10
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov

Reel №1

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Alexander Lyubimov at the mine "Vladimirovskaya" in Kireyevske.

Fragment of the program "The View" on December 10, 1996: The miners have sent a rally in Tula.

Order from Tula: vladimirovtsev the rally did not start.

Miners in Kireevsk district administration.

The rally in the center of Tula.

The head of the strike committee Nikolai Bunyakin and other miners talk about cuts, unpaid wages, leaving people to work in Moscow, and the futility of rallies.

Sergey Shmykov conducts a tour of the city.

Families of miners traded in the market.

The hunger strike of school teachers number 6.

Meeting with the teachers of the miners.

On the situation in the school, says the chairman of the trade union committee Maria Rostislavova Svetlana Kuprina teacher, deputy director Nina Nikonov.

Teacher Elena Borisova miners meeting said about the prospects of school closures due to unprofitability of teaching children in provincial towns.

Children have emotional support teachers.

Announcement of the program the following issues:

The story of the life of the Trans-Baikal Military District, where as a result of reducing the number of troops along the border with China is increasing the number of dead cities.

Families of military personnel live without water, no heating, no security.

Children have to go to school in the winter for 5 kilometers.

Miner Igor Kaladze about trying to engage in trade.

Trading is no longer bringing benefit due to lower purchasing power of the population.

Guest Vyacheslav Malezhik: no matter what to be - a miner, or a musician, in such situations, everyone loses.

V.E.Malezhik sings "Song of Friendship" ( "I miss the old Moscow").

Miners sing an old miner's song.

Filming in Donetsk in December 1996: Meeting of the miners in the store cafe after work, to discuss the situation at the mine.

Stills July obschedonetskoy strikes on roads and railways

Continuation of the discussion at the store: why young people do not want to take the baton from the elders.

The loss of prestige of certain professions as a result of the harsh conditions and unpaid wages.

Mine MIKalinin: a representative of the independent miners' union and chairman Nicholas Kamentsev shahtkoma Igor Mikheyev about why people do not have faith in the unions.

The effects of restructuring, or why two unions on the same shaft.

Assistant Director Anatoly ROMs on the phased closure of the mine.

The workers recognized that they were ready to go to steal.

Former miner Gennady Sukachev: it is better to starve than work as a janitor.

Alexander Lyubimov says the transfer of New Year's gifts from the crew of the "look" and miners Kireevsky orphanage.

V.E.Malezhik sings "Well, to tell fortunes, well, to tell fortunes."

Announcement of New Year's edition of the program "Name That Tune".


Malezhik VE - Singer, poet, composer, Honored Artist of Russia.

Calendar: 12.1996 07/03/1996 10.07.1996

Locations: Tula region [808] Ukraine [229]

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