Sight 24.11.1995 (1995)

Telecast №70995, 1 part, duration: 0:54:11
Production: VID
Director:Sergej Kurakin
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov
Camera operators:Kirill Kornilov, Konstantin Kryakov, Igorj Mihajlov, Sergej Pluzhnikov, Iljya Papernov
Other authors:Iljyas Bogatirev, Aleksej Kosuljnikov, Sergej Holodnij

Reel №1

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Video chronicle: Grozny November 27, 1994.

Burned and burned armored vehicles on the streets of the city.

An alleged Russian mercenary in the Mozdok city hospital gives an interview about his injury, refuses to give his address and surname.

Alexander Lyubimov speaks about Russian mercenaries who fought in Chechnya on the side of the opposition in November 1994.

The plot of the "Party of the Visny Fools".

Video chronicle: views of Mr.

Vyazniki in the Vladimir region, behind the scenes, the correspondent asks people questions about the "Party of Fools" (synchronously).

Types of the market in Vyazniki.

The founder of the party, a resident of Vyaznikov, Anatoly Mochalov, rides a bicycle to a meeting of the party cell.

Mochalov agitates on the market of urban residents to join the "Party of Fools".

Mochalov represents the new members of his party.

Party members discuss and give characteristics to leaders of other political parties.

Mochalov and his wife Tamara at home talk about political persecution by the authorities in the late 70-ies.

The guest of the program, Major Vyacheslav Izmailov, speaks about the appeal of young people and sending them to the war in Chechnya, who died in Chechnya, the moral severity of communication with the parents of the dead soldiers.

Izmaylov speaks about the lack of public funds for the funeral of the deceased and the allocation of money by private and commercial structures.

Izmailov talks about the reasons for his voluntary departure to serve in Chechnya, the need for correct behavior in relation to the local population.

Video chronicle: the exchange of a Russian girl Natasha (presumably - a major of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) to captured militants in the filtration camp of Grozny.

The faces of captured militants during the exchange, the participants in the exchange procedure give each other photos for memory.

The Minister for the Affairs of Nationalities of the Chechen Republic, Lema Dadaev, gives an interview about the negotiations with the field commanders and Natasha's exchange procedure.

Major Izmailov talks about the sending of recruits to Chechnya contrary to the demand of the Minister of Defense.

The representative of the General Staff of the Airborne Forces, Colonel Ivan Komar, gives an interview about the measures taken to provide medical assistance and further treatment for Captain Zobov, wounded in Chechnya, conferring on him the title of Hero of Russia.

Major Izmailov in the studio tells one of the episodes of his service in Afghanistan, speaks about the need to distinguish peaceful people from militants, recalls his fellow Caucasian natives.

The plot of the artists working in Grozny.

Video chronicle: paintings written by one of the artists, the artist's story about his work in the war sounds behind the scenes.

Artists Abu and Ali at home.

Ali talks about his latest work, demonstrates it.

Ali and Abu buy books at the bazaar in Grozny.

Ali and Abu visiting his teacher Vsevolod Semyonovich Grigoriev.

Grigoriev tells about the situation in Grozny in November 1994, his impressions of the destroyed city in March 1995 (synchronously).

Grigoriev speaks about the theme of the war in children's drawings, demonstrates a sketch of the scenery for the play.


Dadaev Lema Mukhadinovich - statesman and politician

Calendar: 11.21.1995

Locations: Moscow [820]

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