Sight 06/14/1996 (1996)

Telecast №71082, 1 part, duration: 0:42:03
Production: VID
Director:Sergej Kuraikn
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov
Camera operators:Konstantin Kryakov, Igorj Mihajlov
Composers:Elena Dedinskaya
Other authors:Aleksandr Kuprin, Aleksej Kosuljnikov, Yuliya Vodzakovskaya, Sergej Kushnerev

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Video chronicle: the consequences of the terrorist act in the Moscow metro station "Tulskaya" on June 11, 1996.

Firefighters and police at the scene.

Type of part of the tunnel.

FSB officers examine the place of the explosion in the car.

Collection of physical evidence at the site of the explosion.

General view of the station.

The guest of the program, Lieutenant-General Alexander Lebed, speaks about possible causes, perpetrators, the criminal background of the terrorist act and attempts on the representatives of the administration of various levels.

Alexander Lebed talks about the need to end political squabbles in the country.

The plot of the capture of a kindergarten in Minsk.

Assistant educator Anna Livantsova tells about the actions of the Minsk terrorist.

Photos of Alexander Zyulkov, who seized the children, the story of his actions sounds behind the scenes (synchronously).

Children and a teacher of one of the groups of the kindergarten.

Sister Zyulkova Larissa gives an interview about the reasons that pushed her brother to criminal activities.

Speech therapist Natalia Sakina talks about Zyulkova's actions, saving children and neutralizing the terrorist by the Belarusian KGB (synchronously).

The window through which children were taken out, voice-over recording of negotiations with the terrorist sounds behind the scenes (synchronously).

Zyulkova's ex-wife Zhanna and his son Ruslan are giving an interview about possible causes of the terrorist act committed by Zyulkov and his previous life.

Neutralization of Zyulkov by KGB officers, behind the scenes a dictaphone recording of the talks sounds (synchronously).

A fragment of the "Vzglyad" program of June 23, 1995, about the capture of a hospital in Budyonnovsk by terrorists under the command of Basayev.

Video chronicle: one of the hostages speaks on the phone with his mother.

The chairman of the FSB, Sergei Stepashin, talks about taking the necessary measures to release the hostages.

Interior Minister Viktor Yerin and President Yeltsin talk about the actions of special forces during the events in Budennovsk.

Minister of Defense Pavel Grachev speaks about the missed opportunity to achieve the best result during the special operation.

Out of the hospital are released women.

Meeting of the released hostages leaving the bus.

The guest of the program, the head doctor of the Budennovsk hospital Anatoly Skvortsov, speaks of his activities as a parliamentarian during the events in Budennovsk, negotiations with terrorists.

Alexander Lebed talks about the causes of terrorist acts and the war in Chechnya, the "Afghan syndrome", the fault of state structures in the ongoing events and the need to change the direction of national domestic policy.

Alexander Lebed speaks of the lack of unity of command in the army.

Continuation of the story about Captain Victor Mychko.

Video chronicle: wounded Russian prisoners of war in the basement of the presidential palace in Grozny, in January 1995, among them - Mychko, behind the scenes a story about the service Mychko in Chechnya sounds (synchronously).

The journalist Elena Petrova bandages the wounded.

Mylchko gives an interview about being in captivity.

Mychko and his wife Elena at a bus stop in Moscow meet the Ukrainian journalist Elena Petrov.

Elena Petrova talks about her work in Grozny in January 1995 (synchronously).

Mychko and his daughter Zhenya in her arms.

The ceremony of the baptism of Zhenya Mychko.


Yeltsin Boris Nikolayevich - statesman and politician Lebed Alexander Ivanovich - statesman and politician, military leader Stepashin Sergey Vadimovich - state and political figure Grachev Pavel Sergeevich - statesman, military leader Erin Viktor Fedorovich - statesman

Calendar: 06/14/1996

Locations: Moscow [820]

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