Conflict of Zhirinovsky VV And Nemtsov B.E. During the filming of the telecast (1995)

Footage №71163, 1 footage, duration: 0:21:58

Scene №1 Conflict of Zhirinovsky VV And Nemtsov B.E. During the filming of the telecast

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Chairman of the LDPR Zhirinovsky VV And accompanying persons go to the studio to participate in the TV program "One on One".

Make-up artist Nemtsov B.E. To the record in the telecast, Nemtsov's face (large).

Zhirinovsky and presenter Alexander Lyubimov in the studio before the broadcast.

Nemtsov enters the studio, greets the presenter.

The participants of the telecast are getting ready for the air.

Sound engineers behind the console, Nemtsov behind the glass studio, behind the scenes Lyubimov announces the beginning of the transfer, presents the guests (synchronously).

The faces of the staff of the studio, recording the transfer, behind the scenes the voice of Zhirinovsky, speaking of the events in Budennovsk (sounds synchronous).

ORT channel staff are watching from the hardware behind the discussion of Zhirinovsky and Nemtsov, which is off-screen.

Participants transfer for the glass studio, the general view of the studio during the recording.

Zhirinovsky behind the glass studio, the kind of sound engineer's console.

Nemtsov and Zhirinovsky on the screens of the monitors argue about the events in Budennovsk.

Employees of the ORT channel in the studio are watching the screens of monitors.

Nemtsov on the monitor screen with the magazine "Playboy" in his hands.

Zhirinovsky splashes a glass of juice into Nemtsov's face, Lyubimov tries to calm them down.

Zhirinovsky at the exit from the studio tries to hit one of the accompanying Nemtsov.

Nemtsov and Zhirinovsky insult each other after the end of the broadcast (on the screens of monitors).

Zhirinovsky continues to argue, around the staff are ORT channel (through the glass).

Zhirinovsky and Lyubimov argue in the corridor on elevated tones, the operator shoots sports on a video camera.

The view of one of the corridors "Ostankino" at the end of the corridor continues the dispute between Zhirinovsky and Lyubimov about the causes of the incident with Nemtsov (synchronously).

Zhirinovsky and his entourage go into the elevator.

Zhirinovsky in the street says goodbye to his employees, sits in the car and leaves.

Nemtsov, his entourage and ORT channel staff in the studio are scanning the material for the transfer, the face of Nemtsov (large).

The view of the table, filled with juice, a broken glass on the table, behind the scenes the voices of Nemtsov and Zhirinovsky in the recording sound (synchronously).

Nemtsov sits next to the monitor, which broadcast the recording of the telecast.

Nemtsov leaves the studio after viewing.


Zhirinovsky Vladimir Volfovich - politician Nemtsov Boris Efimovich - statesman and politician

Calendar: 1995

Locations: Moscow [820]

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