Everyone floats and floats clouds (2001)

Documentary №71165, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:33
Production: Kazan newsreel studio
Director:G. Kokov
Screenwriters:I. Kokov
Camera operators:E. Gabdrahmanov
Anouncers:N. Ignashov
Sound producer:A. Vorobjev
Music designer:V. Korablev
Other authors:N. Shamsutdinov, E. Krajnova, K. Kornilova


The film tells about the life and works of Tatar poet and writer, Hassan Tufan.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The iron gate in the wall, from the gate out of the man.

Clouds in the sky.

The view from the window of the passenger train.

View of the minaret of a mosque in Kazan.

The types of the Kazan Kremlin.

View of the building of Kazan state University (top).

Girls talking on the street.

The view of the building of the University.

Mean streets of Kazan, the people on the streets.

View of the pedestrian overpass at the railway station.

People go to train.

The poet Khasan Tufan was looking out the window of the car, the views from the window of the car.

Portraits of Hassan Tufan in his youth, covers of books of his poems.

The picture Tufan with Bitter A. M. and members of the Union of Soviet Writers.

Stand with photos and books in the Museum Hassan Tufan.

The building of the former madrasah in Ufa, where he studied under Hasan Tufan.

Portrait Seyhzade Babic, with whom studied together Khasan Tufan.

Photos of Tufan in his student years.

The Chairman of the Union of writers of the Republic of Tatarstan F. G. galimullin talks about the contribution of Hasan Tufan Tatar poetry, about his works, the role of Tufan in the development of Tatar poetry (synchronously).

Photos of Tufan in his youth.

Horse harnesses on the wall of the log house.

The parents and relatives of Tufan.

Portraits of the parents of Tufan.

A woman collects water from a well.

The view of the Museum Hassan Tufan in the village of Old Kiremet, grows near birch.

Portrait Of Tufan.

Panorama of a village street, where is located the house-Museum of Tufan.

An employee of the Museum tells one of authors of the film about the life of Tufan, reads the memories of his family, shows the photos in the album.

The author of the movie flipping through the book Tufan during a visit to its Museum.

The interiors of the Museum of Tufan, Tufan portraits and his wife on the wall.

The author of the film in the Museum at the table studying manuscripts of poems by Tufan.

Types village house and garden in the summer.

Photo Hassan Tufan.

Wrist hour Tufan.

A hammer, a scalpel, a spoon lying on the table.

Photograph of the pillars of Tatar schoolchildren in the 1920-ies.

Prison photo by Tufan.

Poet, writer Mustai Karim says about his first meeting with Hasan Tufan in 1956 in Kazan, after the return of Tufan from exile, his love for literature and poetry (synchronously).


Galimullin Foat Galimullovich -- Tatar literary critic, public and cultural figure Karim Mustaj (Karimov Mustafa Safich) -- Bashkir poet, writer, playwright

Calendar: 2001

Locations: The Republic of Tatarstan [752]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the winter forest, the scenes are poems by Tufan (synchronously).

Winter landscapes.

The trunks of old trees.

The Picture Tufan.

State counselor for political Affairs at the President of the Republic of Tatarstan R. S. Khakimov said of his father, Hassan Tufan, on the nature of the poet and his world (synchronously).

the author of the film walks in the winter woods.

Steps of a spiral staircase.

View of the telescope, the author of the film and the Observatory at the telescope.

Photo of the night sky.

View of the house in which he lived, Hassan Tufan.

Portrait Tufan on his Desk.

Production processes in the printing.

View of the Presidium of the solemn meeting in honor of the 80th anniversary of Hasan Tufan.

Hasan Tufan listening to congratulations in his address.

Tufan accepts congratulations and gifts.

The participants in the ceremony standing ovation.

Those members of the Presidium, the woman gives Tufan a bouquet of flowers.

People in the audience applauded.

Tufan speaks from the podium, thanked for the congratulations.

Faces of women.

Meeting Tufan with students.

The faces of the girls.

Pioneer makes a welcome to the Tufan, reads his poems.

The Face Of The Tufan.

Students during class.

View of one of the Central streets of Kazan.

Photos of Tufan in old age.

Winter landscape, passing the man in the sleigh.

Species native village Tufan Old Kiremet winter.

Flowers in pots on the windowsill.

Birch in the snow.

Passing skiers.

Ground wind is blowing.

Panorama of the construction of a school.

Masons at work.

The nurses in the hospital put the baby to sleep.

The view of the administration building.

Tufan plays on the lute.

Winter landscapes.

Panorama of birch wood.

The interior of a room by Tufan, glasses on the table.

Family photos and newsreel Hassan Tufan.

Tufan is playing with his grandson in table hockey.

Faces of Tufan and his grandson.

Photos Of Tufan.


Hasán Tufán (Guljzizin-Hazratov-Kusinov Hisbulla Fahrievich) -- Tatar poet and writer Hakimov Rafailj Sibgatovich -- politician, philosopher, historian

Calendar: 2001

Locations: The Republic of Tatarstan [752]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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