Problems of the release of prisoners in Chechnya (1995-1997)

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Scene №1 Problems of the release of prisoners in Chechnya

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Cars are driving up to a farmhouse.

The social worker leaves the car.

Panorama of a burned wooden house.

Social workers give handbags with food and things to an elderly woman who suffered from a fire.

An elderly woman, the mother of a soldier who was captured in Chechnya, in the courtyard of a burnt house.

Assistant Cossack ataman Pyotr Kosov is walking along Kislovodsk street.

Kosov examines the paintings for sale.

Kosov with people is at the entrance to the library.

View of part of the city park.

Kosov at home puts the cassette in the VCR.

Kosov talks about his stay on the territory of Chechnya and activities to find and release captured Russian servicemen, talks about contacts With the field commander Isa Madaev (synchronously), on the TV screen - Kosov in the Cossack uniform, a video chronicle of Kosovo's stay in Chechnya.

Isa Madaev talks about his meetings with Peter Kosov and about joint activities for the exchange of prisoners of war, about the peculiarities of keeping prisoners of war.

Kosov comments on the video chronicle of the transfer of captured Russian soldiers to their parents and their stay in Chechnya (synchronously).

Madaev at home demonstrates the lists of freed prisoners, proposes measures for their release.

Kosov speaks about the difficulties that arose in the search for and the release of prisoners in Chechnya.

Kosov before the TV screen continues to comment on the video chronicle (synchronously).

Video chronicle: the captured Russian soldiers leave the premises, are built in the courtyard in a line.

Faces of mothers who watch video chronicles.

Persons of prisoners of war liberated with the help of Kosovo.

Commandant of the Shali prison in front of the prisoners.

The mother of the deceased prisoner of war Sheludkov.

The representative of the Republic of Bashkortostan Renat Aminov talks with Maskhadov AA.

Kosov in the street of Kislovodsk.

Kosov at home said that some Cossack atamans did not understand his activities to release prisoners of war, the difficulties of communicating with the parents of captured soldiers (synchronously).


Maskhadov Aslan Alievich - Chechen politician, military leader

Calendar: 1995-1997

Locations: The Chechen Republic [756] Rostov region [798]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

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