A Friend Brought Up by You. (1972)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.

Script writers: Igonina N.

Operators: Silenko M.


The film is about the love of nature, animals, on a training platform for the dogs at DOSAAF, where children and adolescents learn to educate their own pets. In the film, there is no sound.

Childhood and youth

Reel №1

East European Shepherd.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

Black Russian Terrier.


Scottish sheepdog collie.


East Siberian Laika.

German dog.



Dogs with owners on the training site DOSAAF. People with dogs on leashes are running on the track.

Dog training jump.

Woman with dog on the obstacle course.

The boy crawls under the net, a dog running around.

She teaches the dog to crawl on the boom.

Dog with a host jump barrier.

Dog with owner climb the stairs.

The instructor teaches girl to command gestures.

Group teaching teams "stand", "lie", "Sit".

Guys praise pets.

Education aportirovke.

The group goes through the log.

Hosts help dogs.

Education overcoming obstacles.

A boy with a puppy going up and down the stairs.

Dogs jumping over high barriers.

Dog owners are on the boom.

Joint jumping over hurdles.

People with dogs running around on the stairs.

Collie jumping over a log with dogs standing on it.

He shepherds holding a bag in his mouth.

Dogs with owners on the burning obstacle.

Testing Team "Defend," "Bite!" Shepherd taught to find items by smell.

Jumping over the ditch.

Capture "trespassers."

Border post.

Border guards with a dog riding in the truck.

Footprints in the border strip.

Explore a shepherd, a dog takes a trace.

Dog shepherd gathers and drives the herd.

The cows cross the river.

Because the house faces a blind man.

Guide dogs carries a bag.

Man with a dog crossing the street.

Dog nanny watching the child and playing with him.

The child eating an apple and dog treats.

Child and puppy together eating ice cream.

Girl with a collie.

Dog licks owner's face.

Little girl with Moscow watchdog.

A man with a Great Dane.

On the track runs Miniature Pinscher (Miniature Pinscher).

Fox terrier barking on leashes.

She puts on Collie collar with medals.

Man with collie.

Exhibitors, dog-medalists with their masters in the ranks.

The inscription on the tape.

The owner keeps the boxer of the front legs.

Doberman with medals.


A cross between a terrier.


Boxer in panama.

Karelian Bear Dog.


Moscow guard.