Our region № 21 "Pilots of the Baltic" (1975)

Newsreel №71595, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:08
Production: LSDF


Special issue "Pilots of the Baltic". Awarding veteran pilots to the 30th anniversary of Victory, military film library, veterans' memories, today's Baltic pilots.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Awarding military pilots with orders.

Portraits of pilots.

An amphibious plane is flying.

Landing of a jet plane.

Night landing of a jet plane.

Communication antennas are working.

Chronicle of the 1941 war.

Pilots receive a mission for a combat mission.

Planes take off and fly over the Irben Strait.

Enemy ships are visible at sea.

Bombers attack ships.

The torpedo is floating towards the ship.

Explosion on the ship.

Panorama of the Kogul field airfield.

Colonel Preobrazhensky discusses with his pilots the bombing of Berlin in 1941.

Navigator Kotlov tells about the bombing of Berlin.

A plane is flying in the night sky.

Bombs attached to an airplane.

Bombing of the city.

Captain Kozlov's crew takes seats on the plane.

Portraits of crew members.

The reconnaissance plane is taxiing to the start.

Negotiations with the dispatcher.


The flight director monitors the aircraft.

The crew is in flight.

Chronicle of the war of 1941-1944.

Aerial battles over Lake Ladoga.

Cars are carrying cargo to besieged Leningrad.

Former military pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, Captain Kaberov.

Kaberov lifts parachutists into the sky.

Parachutists in the sky near Novgorod.

Kaberov discusses jumping with parachutists.

The pilots run to the helicopter in alarm.

A flight of helicopters takes to the air.

The submarine plunges into the sea.

The submarine raises the periscope.

Helicopters are flying over the sea.

The helicopter navigator discovers a submarine.

Buoys are being dropped into the sea.

The detected submarine floats up.

The helicopters are returning to the airfield.

Key words


Calendar: 1941-1944

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Chronicle of the war of 1941-1945.

Colonel Rakov is flying out on a combat mission.

Planes are bombing the enemy.

A book of memories written by the pilot Rakov.

Pilots attack enemy ships.

The plane returns to the airfield.

Awarding of Colonel Rakov.

Interview with the pilot Rakov.

Night flights of jet planes.

Preparing the aircraft for flight.

Anikushin's crew is heading to the plane.

The technician's report on the readiness of the aircraft.

Pilots on ejection seats are loaded into the plane.

Portraits of pilots from Anikushin's crew.

Pilots wear masks.

The antenna is working.

A jet bomber is taxiing for takeoff.

Flight director.


The plane takes off.

The plane is flying over the sea.

The navigator plots the route.

A ship is sailing on the sea.

The flight director gives the go-ahead to land.

Landing of the aircraft at the airport.

The coast of the Baltic Sea.

Pilot Anikushin walks with his wife along the embankment.

Key words


Calendar: 1941-1945

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