The US President in the Soviet Union.. (1972)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E., Makhnach L.

Operators: Bgancev I., Kiselev V., Khodyakov V.

Text writers: Ilinskiy V.


About stay in the Soviet Union, U.S. President Richard Nixon and his wife.

Historical background

May 22, 1972 on an official visit to the Soviet Union arrived for talks U.S. President Richard Nixon.

Foreign policy


Temporary description

Moscow. Nikolai Podgorny, Kosygin and other meet U.S. President Richard Nixon and his wife P. Nixon at Vnukovo airport. Nixon talks with General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev at the Kremlin, and members of the U.S. delegation William Rogers, Henry Kissinger, the representatives of the Soviet leaders Nikolai Podgorny, Gromyko are present at the interview. Members of the U.S. delegation to journalists at the Foreign Press Center in the hotel "Intourist". Nixon and Nikolai Podgorny signed a cooperation agreement. Nixon lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin Wall. Representatives of the Soviet and American governments - William Rogers, BV Petrovsky, Warner and C. Types of streets in Moscow. Richard Nixon, his wife and other officials present at the play "Swan Lake" at the Bolshoi Theatre. Soloists of the Bolshoi Ballet and A. N. Bessmertnova Godunov dancing on stage. Nixon lays a wreath at the Monument to Piskarevsky while traveling in Leningrad, examines the Pavlovsk Palace. Nixon visiting the sights of the Kremlin, appears on television (synchronously). Nixon and P. Nixon talks with Soviet cosmonauts at the reception in the St. George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, and make a sightseeing trip in Kiev, talk with the President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR AP Lyashko and First Secretary of the Communist Party Vladimir Shcherbitsky at a reception in the building of the Council of Ministers. Nixon, P. Nixon, see the sights, the Kiev: Saint Sophia Cathedral, a monument to Boris Khmelnitsky, there is a concert in Kyiv Palace of Pioneers.

Reel №1

Moscow - an outline of a tall building.

Embankment of the Moscow River from the Kremlin - general plans.

Panorama of the towers of the Kremlin - the overall plan.

Meeting room in the Grand Kremlin Palace - open door of the hall, the hall panorama; negotiating table - the average, the overall plan.

Decorated with the state flags of the USSR and the USA - the overall plan.

Vnukovo airport of the capital - are Muscovites, met U.S. President - the general plan.

Reporters and cameramen at the airport - a general, average plans.

Landing aircraft the U.S. President - a common, medium, large plans.

At the airport Nixon met President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR NV Podgorny, Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers AN Kosygin, First Deputy Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers KT Mazur and DS Polanski, the Chairman of the RSFSR Council of Ministers, MS Solomentsev and other officials - general plans.

The ramp down: U.S. President Richard Nixon and his wife Patricia Nixon and accompanying persons of the President - U.S. Secretary of State William Rogers, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, Henry Kissinger, Assistant to the President Flenigan, Deputy State Secretary Hillenbrand - total, average plans.

The heads of government bypassed the guard of honor, take report from the commander of the guard, Richard Nixon bows his head at the flag - a common, average plans.

Wave the flag of the USSR and the USA, the orchestra plays the U.S. national anthem and the Soviet Union - the average, the overall plan.

Richard Nixon, his wife and their attendants welcome greeted them citizens of Moscow - a common, average plans.

Passes the guard of honor, the heads of government a parade of honor - the overall plan.

The car with the U.S. President, accompanied by the honorary escort passes on Leninsky Prospekt, enters the Kremlin, passing on the Square of the Kremlin - general, A panorama.

State flags of the Soviet Union and the United States Richard Nixon's residence in the Kremlin - the average plan.

Interior cabinet Nixon in the Kremlin - a common, average plans.

Car near the residence of Richard Nixon - the average plan.

In the hall consists of members of the Soviet government - the general plan.

Nixon and his wife and entourage enter the hall talks.

Nixon and his wife greet LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin and other public figures - average plans.

LI Brezhnev greeting W. Rogers, Kissinger and others, accompanied the president faces - the average plan.

William Rogers talks to AA Gromyko, with NS Patolichev - average plans.

Meeting room - average panorama.

Kremlin stars - the average plan.

Flowering trees in the Kremlin - the average plan.

May 23. Soviet-American talks in the Kremlin - the negotiations hall includes Soviet and American statesmen - general plans.

On the Soviet side in the negotiations involved: LI Brezhnev, NV Podgorny, AN Kosygin, AA Gromyko, KT Mazurov, NS Patolichev and other officials - the general plan.

On the U.S. side in the talks involved: Richard Nixon, William Rogers, Henry Kissinger and other officials - the general plan.

The heads of government are seated at the table - the general plan.

The room photo shoot - and kinoreportery - the average plan.

Correspondents out of the meeting room, closed the door of the hall - the average plan.

Reel №2

International Press Center in Moscow hotel "Intourist" - Correspondent at work - medium, large plans.

Hall Press Center - the general plan.

Stands head of the press center AM Zamyatin with yet another report on the status of the Soviet-American negotiations - a large, common plans.

Appears to reporters the White House Office of the Press Ziegler - close-up.

Correspondents listen, ask questions, write - large, medium plans.

Moscow Kremlin - the average plan (shot from the top point).

In negotiations hall includes NV Podgorny, Richard Nixon and accompanying representatives of the Soviet Union and the United States - the overall plan.

NV Podgorny and Richard Nixon signed the first Soviet-American agreement on cooperation in the field of environmental protection - a common, medium, large plans.

Red Square - the average, the overall plan (shot from different angles.)

Panorama from the Kremlin wall at the grave of the Unknown Soldier - the overall plan.

Laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by Richard Nixon - medium, large plans.

Wreath with the inscription in English - close-up.

Flowering branches of apple trees, lilacs, flowering trees in the streets and squares of Moscow - large, medium plans.

A little girl running around the Square, runs up to his mother, kissed her - the average plan.

Children run to school - middle distance.

The building of the 42nd Moscow school in Cheryomushki, which are taught in English - panorama.

Class during a lesson - panorama.


Patricia Nixon in the classroom during class - close-up.

Boy reading in English (simultaneous) - close-up.

Girl with headphones, a microphone view - close-up.

Students go - medium, large plans.

MSU - the average plan.

Patricia Nixon in Moscow University with Rector Academician IG Peter's - the average plan.

Correspondents shoot meeting with IG P. Nixon Peter's - the average plan.

Academician IG Peter talks to PA Nixon - close-up.

MSU Library - an outline.

Students in the library - medium, large plans.

P. Nixon considers the book - close-up.

P. Nixon thanks IG Petrovsky for the reception and for the gift (simultaneously in English) - the average plan.

Moscow Kremlin - the general plan (shot across the Moscow River).

AN Kosygin and Richard Nixon signed in the Kremlin, the agreement on cooperation in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes - the average plan.

Reporters, photographers and film in the meeting room - average, common, big plans.

Minister of Health BV Peter and U.S. Secretary of State William Rogers signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of medical science and health care - the average plan.

Chairman of the State Committee of the Council of Ministers for Science and Technology, VA Kirillin and U.S. Secretary of State William Rogers signed an agreement on cooperation in science and technology - a common, big plans.

Commander of the Navy of the USSR Admiral SG Pots and U.S. Marine Minister Warner signed an agreement on prevention of incidents at sea, and the airspace above it - a common, big plans.

During the signing of the agreement in the hall there are U.S. Secretary of State William Rogers, Defense Minister Marshal AA Grechko, USSR Foreign Minister AA Gromyko and other officials - A panorama.

Press center - the overall plan.

LM stands Zamyatin - the general plan.

Correspondents are asked - medium, large plans.

Typist at work - a large pan.

Presidium of the press conference - the average plan.

With comments on signed agreements to foreign journalists at the press conference are: the Minister of Health BV Peter, vice-president of the USSR Academy MD Millionaires, the Minister of Culture of the USSR EA Furtseva, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Moscow City Council, VF Crafts - the average plan.

In the hall of the press center there are figures of the Soviet government, science, and culture.

Correspondents talk, stand at the bookstall - close-up.

Press Center - appearance.

Reel №3

Reel №4

Park in Pavlovsk near Leningrad - the general plan.

Pavlovsk Palace - the overall plan.

Nixon car pulls up to the palace - a large, common plans.

Nixon greets the staff Pavlovsk Museum - the average plan.

Pavlovsk Palace rooms, chandeliers, paintings, other furniture rooms of the palace - medium, large plans.

Nixon tour of the halls of the palace - the average plan.

Nixon makes impressions in the book of honorable guests - large, medium plans.

Moscow Kremlin - the average plan (shot from left).

Assumption Cathedral in the Kremlin - the overall plan.

Tsar Cannon - the average plan.

Tsar Bell - the average plan.

Facets - General, A panorama.

George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace - general, large panorama ..

Blue room - a common, average plans.

Red Lounge - the average plan.

Chandeliers in the halls of the Palace - A panorama.

Patricia Nixon in the Armory - medium, large plans.

Monomakh's cap - a large pan.

Gold jewelry - big plans.

Vintage jewelry - close-up.

Gold Ingots - medium, large plans.

Yakut diamonds - the average plan.

Crown and other jewelry made of precious metals and precious stones - big plans.

Second Watch Factory shop - workers for assembly hours - panorama of the total plan.

Mrs. P. Nixon in the shop of the plant - panorama.

Clock - balalaika, presented Mrs.

Nixon - big plans.

P. Nixon considers Souvenir "samovar" - close-up.

Ostankino Tower - the general plan.

Nixon's speech on national television (simultaneously in English)

- Medium, large plans.

American and Soviet journalists watching the Nixon speech on TV - large, medium, general plans.

Hands that write performance in a notebook - medium, large plans.

May 29.

Kremlin - the overall plan.

In the room to sign the agreement includes Richard Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev - the overall plan.

LI Brezhnev and Richard Nixon signed the document "Principles of Relations between the USSR and the United States" - the average plan.

Present at the signing of statesmen USSR and the USA, the Soviet and American journalists, cameramen - the average plan.

Reel №5

In St George's Hall are LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin, NV Podgorny, Mr.

Nixon and their party - the average plan.

Reception at St George's Hall in honor of Mr. and Mrs.

Nixon - in the entry hall guests - the average plan.

Comrade pass.

BN Ponomarev, A. Pelshe, MS Solomintsev - panorama.

Mrs. and Mr.

Nixon greet with the audience - the average plan.

Nixon talks to cosmonauts V. Nikolayeva-Tereshkova, GT Shore, A. Nikolaev - panorama.

Laid tables in the hall, the flowers on the table - the average plan.

Carnations - close-up.

Nixon and NV Podgorny at the airport are along the guard of honor - a common, big plans.

Head of the guard gave a report NV Podgorny and Richard Nixon - the average plan.

Mrs. and Mr.

Nixon say goodbye to the members of the Soviet government and escort them Muscovites - the general plan.

Ms. and Mr.

Nixon and escort them suitable person to the aircraft, P. and Richard Nixon up the ramp, waving seeing off - the average, the overall plan.

The plane was taxiing to the runway - a panorama, impact on the national flag of the USSR and the USA, the overall plan.

Kiev - flowering chestnuts on the streets - big, medium plans.

Mosaic on the wall of the house - large, medium plans.

Street of the quarter, Khreschatyk, Kiev area - the average plan.

Cars passing by President Richard Nixon, accompanied by escort of honor - a common, panorama of.

The Presidium of the Supreme Council of Ukraine - the overall plan.

PI Nixon and their party at a reception in their honor at the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic - the guests walk up the stairs, enter the room - average plans.

Guests are greeted President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR AP Lyashko, first secretary of the Communist Party of Ukraine V. Shcherbitsky and other officials - the average plan.

Nixon and his party lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the "Park of Eternal Glory" - an honor guard at the tomb, the panorama of the delegation - a common, average plans.

The eternal flame at the tomb - close-up,

People on the streets of Kiev - medium, large plans.

The people at the bookstall, the panorama from books to men who read books - medium, large plans.

The girl with flowers - medium, large plans.

Baby with toys - close-up.

Children in wheelchairs - panorama.

A man takes the child out of the stroller - the average plan.

View of the Dnieper - the overall plan.

Bohdan Khmelnytsky Statue - close-up.

Hagia Sophia - a common, average plans.

Visit the American delegation of St.

Sophia Cathedral - the general plan.

Inside view of the cathedral - the iconostasis, icons, frescoes, dome - large, medium plans.

Palace of Pioneers - the overall plan.

Children dance Hopak on stage - close-up.

The audience - close-up.

Applaud pioneers - close-up.

Kindergarten in Kyiv - children playing on the floor - the overall plan.


Nixon was in kindergarten - the average plan.

Ukrainian national dishes on the table - close-up.


Nixon at the table - the children are treated to her dumplings - medium, large plans.

Nixon and his entourage at the airport - the average plan.