Havana in the days of the XIV World Festival of Youth and Students (1997)

Footage №72273, 1 footage, duration: 0:36:11
Production: VID

Scene №1 Havana in the days of the XIV World Festival of Youth and Students

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Havana, a rickshaw is passing along the street.


The dilapidated houses.

A woman hangs a flag out the window.


Children on the street, a girl on homemade rollers.

A trip around the city (shooting from the car).

Pedestrians and transport.

Unfinished building.

Flag on the top platform.

The girl is looking down from the balcony.

A man smokes on the balcony and waves to the operator.

Girl with a notebook.

An elderly woman smokes.

Entrance to the entrance.

Electricity meters.

People go down the stairs.

The boy is shaved in the barbershop.


The barber is cutting a man.

The woman writes under a carbon paper.

Portrait of Fidel Castro.

Workers of the sewing studio.

Traffic on the road.

The janitor sweeps the street.

The man is reading the ad.

Children play volleyball.

Portrait of Ernesto Che Guevara on the wall of the house.


On the balcony, clothes are dried.

Workers are sitting on the sidewalk.

Children in front of the camera.

The musicians rehearse.

The soloist talks about the band in a mixture of English and Spanish.

Coil tape recorder and film.

People at the entrance.

Passers-by on the street.

Father combs his son.

A woman is buying coffee.

Street trading.

A man looks out of the door.

Women on the street.

The men are knocking at the door.

People repair the car, check the motor.

Truck driver.

Taxi near the house.

Participants of the festival are going to a rally.

Trade tent.

Undercode timecode.

A man stands in support of Africa (in English, with the participation of an interpreter in Spanish).

The faces of the assembled.

Sergei Bodrov leaves the signature under the appeal and tries to talk with the Arab.

Interview with a girl from Germany about the reasons for participating in the festival; Further the girl on a mix of Russian and English languages ​​tells about the activity of her Party, on trips to Russia and Belarus, on anti-imperialist activity, on differences in views of the inhabitants of Western and Eastern Germany.

Interview with Alexei, the continuation of the discussion of the anti-imperialist theme, the cult of Che Guevara's personality in Latin American countries, the political system of Russia and its position in the world;  Touches on the relationship between what is happening in Russia and in Cuba, the USSR's mistakes in relations with Cuba and the likelihood of the next festival in Russia.

The beginning of the interview with the Russian living in Cuba: Andrew talks about life in Havana and the possibility of returning to Russia.


Bodrov S.S. - actor, director, screenwriter, TV presenter.

Calendar: 07/29/1997-05.08.1997

Locations: Havana [912]

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