The Trasure of Samotlor.. (1972)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zenyakin A.

Script writers: Bogatko S., Zenyakin A.

Operators: Artseulov O., Gorbatskiy V.


About how a former "dead lake" Samotlor was turning into the oil pearl of the country.

Temporary description

Oil production from the field Samotlor in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area (Western Siberia). Transportation machinery and equipment. Installing the rig by helicopter. Work drillers. Welders working on construction of the pipeline. Construction of residential houses in the town of Nizhnevartovsk oil. The new highway built in the area of Samotlor.

Reel №1

About turning the once "dead lake" Samotlor oil in the pearl of the country.

City view from the window - the average plan.

Group of female painters, looking out the window - the general plan.

The inscription on the frosted window "Masha.

Ufa. "

Girls listen to the song - close-ups.

Girls work - painted windows, etc. - large, panorama of a house on the street of the city - the general plan (shot from above).

Burning oil torch in the snow against the taiga (fire) - panorama.


Spurting oil - the overall plan.

Holiday opening hole.

Oilers hug, shake their comrade - medium, large plans.

Geologist in the plane - close-up.

Taiga (filmed from a helicopter) - an outline.

The explosion at the Lake - the average, the overall plan.

Blasters at work - medium, large panorama.

Taiga - the average plan (removed from the all-terrain vehicle).

The roads in the forest - an outline (helicopter).

Rig - A panorama (shot down).

Drillers at work - the average plan.

Working part drill - close-up.

Famous drillers - Povk Stepan, Ruslan Vinibaev (Mishebaev), Gennady Levin - close-ups.

Drillers pass - the average plan.

The new invention, which arose in a swamp, and off-road: the oil derrick and hovercraft - an outline (on the rig hanging icicles).

ATVs come in the snow at night - panorama.

Tractor slump - a common, average plans.

Pull tractor - the average plan.

Tractor rides - the average plan.

Construction of the pipeline: welding - a common, average plans; winding pipe insulation - close-up.

Oil pipe plant - the general plan.

The road to Lake Samotlor - the general plan (helicopter).

Lake Samotlor, under which is the largest oil field, an artificial island in the middle of the lake - the general plan (helicopter).

Lake Samotlor - the average plan.

Raised tractor bog lake - panorama.

Preheat the tractor - the average plan.

Oil on the lake - panorama.

Winter landscapes taiga - a common, average plans.

Tractor, snow-covered - the average plan.

A man skis - the general plan.

A geologist: a man with a measuring device - close-up, a woman with a theodolite - the general plan.

Smiling girl - close-up of the face.

Flower in the cab of the truck - close-up.

The driver behind the wheel - close-up.

Is the helicopter pilot (outside) - the average plan.

Flying helicopter - panorama.

ATV goes - A panorama.

Installation work on the oil rig - an outline (below).

The rise towers - large, medium plans.

Drove tractor - the overall plan.

Tractor at the tower - the general plan.

View of the village of oil: the trees, the houses, the smoke from the pipes - the general plan.

Pass youths have drawers, boxes, etc. (relocation) - panorama.

Window of the house - close-up, departure.

Other windows, one is a kerosene lamp, growing onions in a pot (in the house), the other plastic toy - big plans.

Laundry hanging on a rope - an average plan.

Angle wooden frame - close-up.

Rosy-cheeked children in fur hats (summer) with a dog - big plans.

Deer Head - big plans.

Lit a torch - the average plan.

They run a reindeer sleigh - panorama.

Helicopter lands - the average plan.

Dogs run - panorama.

The rise towers by helicopter - the average plan.

Close-ups of the pilots.

The road sweeps blizzard (filmed from a helicopter).

Tower, snow clouds covering the sun - the general plan.

Frozen ladder drill - the general plan.

Drillers set pipe - different plans.

Hero of Socialist Labor Levin, who set his team record-Union sinking deep wells, and other drillers at work - different plans.

Drillers face - close-up

Twisted tube - close-up.

Flashlight on the rig (shot through a blizzard) - the average plan.

Working on a ladder, a blizzard sweeps - the general plan.

House dining room - the average plan.

Antenna - A panorama.

Cafeteria workers prepare and carry food - overall plan.

Levin and other drillers have dinner in the dining room - large, medium plans.

Landscape of snowy taiga - panorama.

Landing cargo aircraft "Antey" - panorama.

Unloaded from the aircraft cabin, tractor - different plans.

Fly Plane - A panorama.

Taiga - an outline from a helicopter.

Flying helicopter - the overall plan.

Pilot in the cockpit of the helicopter - the average plan.

The helicopter flies over a loaded tower - panorama.

Drillers at work - different plans.

Construction of the pipeline - the welders at work - a large, common plans.

Winding pipe insulation - close-up.

Pipeline by passing tractor - a common, panorama of.

The flame on the tube - the average plan.

Masters speed welding brothers Pivovarova at work - big, medium plans.

Reel №2

Installation in the shop of the factory automatic metering and monitoring wells ("Satellite"), which will control the 60 million tons of oil - panorama.

The appearance of the installation (on the street).

Welding in the shop - the average plan.

Technician installs electronic equipment - different plans.

Board-to-wire - A panorama.

Printed letters - close-up.

Punched tape moves in the electronic car - close-up.

Engineer and manager at the console - the general plan.

The number buttons on the remote control - A panorama.

Electronic installation - A panorama.

Levin and other oil companies - close-up.

Levine team passes on the street - the average plan.

View of the city of Nizhnevartovsk: new house, snow - panorama.

Go girl-builders - the overall plan.

Along the street are people: women with children (on a sled, in a wheelchair, etc.), men (one is high boots), a boy with a plate, girls with portfolios and others.

Faces of the girls in fur hats - close-up.

Passing children on bicycles - the overall plan.

Baby feet in the boots - A panorama.

Close-up of a baby.

House, is reflected in the windows of the sunset - a large, common plans.

Children's drawings: "City Building", "Let there always be sunshine", "Rushes reindeer sleigh", helicopter, tractor pulling tower, Lake Samotlor - close-up.

Children paint - close-ups of persons.

Watching girls pioneers - Close-up of persons.

Forums - A panorama (multrabota).

Pointer with the inscription "Samotlor - Oil Pearl country" - the overall plan.

Snowy road - an outline (with motion).

The driver behind the wheel - the average plan.

On the way, passing cars with cargo, ATVs - different plans.

The transportation of the pipe - the general plan (with traffic).

The Road - A panorama (helicopter).

Various plans of the road in the forest.

Pilot with a slide rule in the cockpit - the average plan.

Evening plan road, passing cars with their headlights - the general plan (helicopter), panorama.